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North America has some of the greatest hunting and some of the finest game animals found anywhere in the world. Hunting opportunities in North America are tremendous and vary greatly from whitetail hunting in Eastern hardwood forests to elk hunting in high alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains to mule deer in the deserts of Sonora to muskox in the Canadian Arctic. The success of North America’s wildlife management is attributed to the “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,” which relies on money generated by hunters, through licenses and a surcharge on the purchase of hunting gear, for the funding required to conserve and maintain game animals. Under this model, game animals in North America have made a tremendous comeback over the past century and thrive throughout the continent in record numbers today. Because hunting in North America is managed at the state and provincial level, hunting methods, traditions, ethics, and laws are different from one region to another. For example, black bears may be legally hunted over bait in some states and provinces, are hunted with dogs in others, and can be legally taken only by spot-and-stalk in others. It’s crucial to study the laws and regulations of the state or province you are hunting in. Wildlife agencies in each state and province generally have excellent, detailed websites where the information may be found.

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Diver & Sea Duck Layout Hunt

Diver & Sea Duck Layout Hunt United States

All Field and Sea Duck Hunts are conducted 7 Days a Week in New York State. Birds targeted for hunt: Brant, Old Squaw, Scoter (Common, White Wing and Surf), Eiders, Redhead, Broadbill, Buffleheads, Canvasbacks, Mergansers and Goldeneye. Full day hunt begins ½ hour before sunrise to 2:30 pm (or until limits are met.) Wounded Warrior Excursion: Ever so grateful to the sacrifices our service personnel have given, we are honored to host our Wounded Warriors. We extend a 25% discount to any Wounded Warrior that desires to hunt with us. We consider it an honor to have them with us. (We do require Proof of Service in order to extend this discount) Equipment List: 10 or 12 Ga. Shotgun, with #4, #2 or BB steel shot only (required by law); Warm/Waterproof clothing and/or rain gear (parkas/pants); Gloves and boots (dull colored, brown, tan, or camo is preferable) Please no bright colors! We provide: Layout Shoots - Six (6) man 21 ft custom pontoon layout boat. Fully Loaded 2-man Water Works Legacy. Length: 12, Width: 82, Total Height: 12.5, Above Water Height: 7, Weight: 190 lbs. All to ensure your comfort. Lodging is optional at an additional cost and is not included in hunts. You are more than welcome to stay at our Elite hunting lodge.

Trip duration: 1 day

Trip available on: 24 November 2017 29 January 2018

$400 for 1 hunter
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Hawaiian Blackbuck Hunt (2 days)

Hawaiian Blackbuck Hunt (2 days) United States

Black buck was introduced to Molokai in the early 1970s as part of the safari they planned to make. They escaped the safari and is now wild on the western half of the island. Originally from India, as well as the axis deer, these animals thrived. Mature males turn almost pitch black the reason they call them Black bucks. These animals love the heat of the day so you can find them out in the open, and or on water holes. Bow hunting is also possible.

Trip duration: 2 days

Trip available on: 1 January 2017 31 December 2017

$3,500 for 1 hunter
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Special: Spring Brown or Grizzly Bear

Special: Spring Brown or Grizzly Bear United States

We do spot and stalk hunts as well as hunt over bait. We have taken two brown bears with skulls over 27 inches in the last few years. Many of our hunts are from comfortable cabins and can be combined with a black bear hunt in the spring.

Trip duration: 10 days

Trip available on: 1 April 2017 30 June 2017

$16,000 for 1 hunter
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