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North America has some of the greatest hunting and some of the finest game animals found anywhere in the world. Hunting opportunities in North America are tremendous and vary greatly from whitetail hunting in Eastern hardwood forests to elk hunting in high alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains to mule deer in the deserts of Sonora to muskox in the Canadian Arctic. The success of North America’s wildlife management is attributed to the “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,” which relies on money generated by hunters, through licenses and a surcharge on the purchase of hunting gear, for the funding required to conserve and maintain game animals. Under this model, game animals in North America have made a tremendous comeback over the past century and thrive throughout the continent in record numbers today. Because hunting in North America is managed at the state and provincial level, hunting methods, traditions, ethics, and laws are different from one region to another. For example, black bears may be legally hunted over bait in some states and provinces, are hunted with dogs in others, and can be legally taken only by spot-and-stalk in others. It’s crucial to study the laws and regulations of the state or province you are hunting in. Wildlife agencies in each state and province generally have excellent, detailed websites where the information may be found.

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Mountain Caribou Hunt

Mountain Caribou Hunt Canada

Without a doubt our Mountain Caribou hunt is among the best in B.C. They can be hunted as Single Species or We can add them onto most of our hunts. In September the Caribou come from miles around to rut in our area. Hunters wishing to primarily target caribou can expect to see 300+ in a normal hunt. Even as an add on to our Moose hunts most hunters see between 30 – 50+ a day. Bulls harvested during the rut average between 320-380 honest B&C points with a couple bulls close to or exceeding 400 mark each year. Most of our bulls have beautiful white manes, with white markings often running all the way back to the hip. The success rate on our Caribou hunts is usually 100% and even as an add on to a moose hunt most hunters take both animals. Caribou are hunted by horseback and a few by Backpack for the right client; we typically ride to several vantage points each day until we find a bull that you like. In the meantime we will see lots of these amazing animals which will often come within 30 yards of our horses, making for some great photo opportunities. If Harvest fees are required you will need to pay these BEFORE you go to camp. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (Certified Bank, or Cash only) In the past we have had issue with this and trusting some (what we thought) were solid guys. Sorry for the inconvenience. 2 x 1 Price $15,500 May 1st the year of the hunt final balance is due.

Trip duration: 10 days

Trip available on: 20 August 2018 15 October 2018

$13,000 for 1 hunter
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Brooks Range Dall Sheep Hunt

Brooks Range Dall Sheep Hunt United States

Tag: $850 for non-resident, $1,100 for non-resident aliens Charter fee: $2000 payable to the Air Charter company in Cold Foot Hunters may also take Grizzly on a trophy fee basis ($7500) plus tag fee, Tag: $1000 for non-residents, $1300 for non-resident aliens Hunters may take Caribou on a trophy fee basis ($4500) plus tag fee of $650 for non-residents, $850 for non-resident aliens Hunters may take Wolf at no charge plus tag fee Tag: $60 for non-residents, $100 for non-resident Aliens HUNT DATES: August 7 - 19 and August 19 -30 Your trip begins with you flying to Anchorage, and then onto Fairbanks. Once in Fairbanks you will fly on a regularly scheduled flight with Air Arctic or Wrights Air to Cold Foot. When you arrive in Cold Foot you will be met either by me or the staff of Coyote Air (they will have all of your information). Coyote Air will then fly you to my hunt area with me and my Assistant Guide, or I will already be in the hunt area waiting to meet you.

Trip duration: 10 days

Trip available on: 7 August 2018 30 August 2018

$16,500 for 1 hunter
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Rifle Elk & Deer-Draw & OTC tag, Unit 22

Rifle Elk & Deer-Draw & OTC tag, Unit 22 United States

Western Outdoor Adventures, is proud to offer you, some of the best elk hunting in Northwest Colorado in GMU Units 11 Northwest Colorado (The White River National Forest & Flat Top Wilderness Area) is famous for one of the largest herds of elk in North America. All of our elk hunts is fair chase only. Our Elk Hunting Areas from Deep in the timber to our private land,we try to provide you with superb big game hunting opportunities. Our elk hunt tags are easy to get with two seasons being OTC and two seasons being a draw tag with zero points and even at a second choice. So if your looking for a reasonable price and a respectable hunt, then this is your place. Note: Bull elk licenses are over the counter for 2nd and 3rd seasons. If you were born on or after January 1, 1949, you must have a hunter education card or certificate before applying for or purchasing a license in Colorado. No lodging, hunting about 1000 acres of private ground and access to state public ground behind our ground, about 5000 acres 1st Rifle Season (Elk Only) October 13th thru October 17th 2nd Rifle Season (Deer & Elk Season) October 20th thru October 24th 3rd Rifle Season (Deer & Elk Season) November 3rd thru November 7th 4th Rifle Season (Elk Only) November 14th thru November 18th MINIMUM 2 HUNTERS BUT NO MORE THAN 6 TO A GROUP

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 13 October 2018 18 November 2018

$2,000 for 1 hunter
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