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About hunting in North America

North America has some of the greatest hunting and some of the finest game animals found anywhere in the world. Hunting opportunities in North America are tremendous and vary greatly from whitetail hunting in Eastern hardwood forests to elk hunting in high alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains to mule deer in the deserts of Sonora to muskox in the Canadian Arctic. The success of North America’s wildlife management is attributed to the “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,” which relies on money generated by hunters, through licenses and a surcharge on the purchase of hunting gear, for the funding required to conserve and maintain game animals. Under this model, game animals in North America have made a tremendous comeback over the past century and thrive throughout the continent in record numbers today. Because hunting in North America is managed at the state and provincial level, hunting methods, traditions, ethics, and laws are different from one region to another. For example, black bears may be legally hunted over bait in some states and provinces, are hunted with dogs in others, and can be legally taken only by spot-and-stalk in others. It’s crucial to study the laws and regulations of the state or province you are hunting in. Wildlife agencies in each state and province generally have excellent, detailed websites where the information may be found.

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5 Day Rut Rifle Hunt, Nov 16-21 '18

5 Day Rut Rifle Hunt, Nov 16-21 '18 United States

Arriving the evening before you hunt. 5 full days of hunting a Kentucky Buck in the beautiful farm land and river bottoms of the Mississippi River. Fully Guided, Leave the morning after your last hunt. Fall Turkey tag can be purchased for a additional price.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 16 November 2018 21 November 2018

$3,000 for 1 hunter
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6 days Fall hunt

6 days Fall hunt Canada

Fantastic hunting for Canada geese, specks, snows and blues. In addition, ducks, sandhill cranes and upland birds round out the diverse bag our hunters experience. Limits 20 snows, 3 days possession 8 darks, 3 days possession 5 cranes, 3 days possession 8 ducks, 3 days possession 8 huns, 3 days possession 3 sharptail, 2 days possession

Trip duration: 6 days

Trip available on: 10 September 2018 31 October 2018

$3,800 for 1 hunter
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Free range all day Hog Hunt

Free range all day Hog Hunt United States

We offer free range hog hunts year round. 100% fair chase hunt! Property is over 8500 acres of pasture, hardwoods, scrub oak, palmetto thickets, scattered pines, sage grass fire lanes, old growth white oak, marsh and open fields. We have stands and blinds in high traffic areas and are baited regularly. Fair chase hunt with all the homework and heavy lifting already done. The property lends itself well to archery and muzzloading/shotgun and rifle hunts. All trips are conducted out of boats to get to and from hunting areas and stands. All day pricing for hog is $110 per person. Any soul aboard the vessel gets charged as regardless if they hunt or not. No trophy fees, no cleaning fees, no limits are imposed other than FWC rules and regulations must be followed. Hogs may be hunted all year with no license requirements. Please inquire for available dates.

Trip duration: 1 - 3 days

Trip available on: 3 March 2017 31 December 2017

$110 for 1 hunter
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