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Rifle hunting trips in North America ({{ totalTours }})

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Rifle hunting trips in North America 1406 hunts

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7 days

Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19 Mexico

Brocket deer is very similar to African duiker, weighting an approximate of 60 pounds and point horns that grow up to 9 inches. This animal is very shy and likes to hide, for this reason it is very hard to find and therefore to hunt. It is normally hunted close to the jungle where it can be spotted at distances up to 50 meters, also in places where it normally eats. Red brocket deer is smaller than the Brown, colors range from Maroon to Red, it can weight as much as 40 lbs (18 kg), he shows very sharp straight horns that grow up to 7 inches (15 cm). It is hunted mainly in spotting ranges or feeding places, specially in open areas with tall trees. Your day itinerary will be like the following: - You will wake up around 4-5:00 AM and have a light breakfast (coffee, orange juice, cereal and fruit). - After the morning hunt you will return to camp around 10-11:00 AM and have a complete breakfast, and before leaving camp for the afternoon hunt around 3-4:00 PM you will have snacks and refreshments. - You will return to camp around 7-8:00 PM for a full and relaxing dinner. Additional trophies that can be added to the hunt as extra: Cougar / Puma concolor - $3,000.00 Red brocket deer / Mazama Americana - $4,500.00 Gray brocket deer / Mazama Gauzobira - $3,000.00 Tropical white-tailed deer / Odocoileus virginianus yucatanensis - $3,000.00 Collar pecari / Pecari tajacu- $500.00 Sereque / Dasyprocta punctata - $300.00 Tepezcuincle / Agouti paca - $500.00 Coati / Nasua narica - $400.00 Ocellated turkey / Agriocharis ocellata - $1,000.00 Great curasaw / Crax rubra - $800.00 Crested guan / Penelope purpurascens - $700.00 Mancolon / Colinus nigrogularis - $250.00 Chacalaca / Ortalis vetula - $250.00 Mexican chukar / Crypturellus cinnamomeus - $250.00

Rifle Hunting High Seat Shotgun Hunting Stalking

Brown brocket deer

Package Trip Transfer Plains Game
Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19 Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19 Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19 Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19 Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 25 Mar 2020 31 May 2020

7 days

Spring Black Bear Hunt '20 British Columbia, Canada

Our goal is to take six hunters each season on a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 basis. This will keep pressure to a minimum and provides a more personalized hunt with the guide outfitter as your guide. This is a great hunt for excellent bears. The days are long and there are bears of all colours and sizes. The main method for hunting these big bruins is "spot and stalk". Allan has had great success this way and nothing is more exciting than harvesting a bear by this method. We hunt rifle or bow on approximately 3,700 square miles of area, in central British Columbia, Canada, giving us plenty of habitat to find bears. We like to keep our groups small, booking four hunters at a time, but will make exceptions for larger groups, if requested by the hunters. Bowhunters can arrange to have a bowhunting-only camp. Hunts are based on two hunters to one guide. One-on-one hunts or longer hunts are available. Please contact us to discuss your options. 7 day hunt. 1 day in/out, 5 days hunting. This is a fantastic spot and stalk hunt. You cannot go wrong. (Larger groups or non-hunters can be accommodated) Price DOES NOT include:  Hotel accommodation in Williams Lake prior to or after the completion of the hunt.    (This is sometimes necessary and advisable. Due to the remoteness of our camp, we do not pick up clients for afternoon or evening flights.  They will need to overnight in Williams Lake and we will pick them up in the morning and then make the trip out to camp during daylight hours.) $3000, second bear $1000 We would be willing to assess each request to see if we felt capable of fulfilling a disabled hunters needs.

Rifle Hunting Bow Hunting Stalking

Black bear

Package Trip Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Spring Black Bear Hunt '20 Spring Black Bear Hunt '20 Spring Black Bear Hunt '20 Spring Black Bear Hunt '20 Spring Black Bear Hunt '20
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter

2 reviews

Hunting season: 1 May 2020 30 Jun 2020

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