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What is cancellation hunt?

Cancellation hunts are usually the best bargains on the market, especially when it comes to hunts that are in high demand, like dangerous game or mountain hunts.

The hunt was cancelled

Such trips are usually planned and booked a year or two in advance, and a non-refundable deposit is required. However, many situations (including births, marriages, health issues and promotions) may occur between booking and the hunt date, and cause hunters to cancel their hunt.

Outfitter is looking for a replacement

Meanwhile, outfitters invest a lot of money and effort into preparation for the hunts. The deposit may not cover this investment, and almost certainly won't compensate for lost profit. Therefore, the outfitter needs to find a replacement hunter quickly, and the usual practice is to discount the hunt to the amount of the deposit.

Better deal for you!

Sometimes you can expect an even better deal. Cancellation hunts provides hunters an opportunity to hunt iconic species like mountain sheep, buffalo and leopard, Alaskan brown bears, within their budget.

Why hunt Cancellation? All hunts (21)

In any case, a cancellation hunt is a win for the client without any loss of quality. It's important to note that the discounts are provided by outfitters, not by, and are actually part of our Best Price Guarantee.

Trophy Rifle Deer Hunt - 12+- Food Plots

Trophy Rifle Deer Hunt - 12+- Food Plots United States

Our enjoyment comes from managing land w/ 12+ food plots. Hunt in tower blinds (4), ladder stands on most food plots and ground blinds. The cabin, which is free to use, is on a nice clover food plot in case someone likes to sleep in, is elderly or gets sick. Even after you book, if you live close enough, you are welcome to come to the Buffalo Kentucky area and let me give you a 25 minutes tour of the property on the Ranger. There is a 125 inch buck minimum rule with no does to be shot at during this trophy buck hunting time. So we don't beat you up, there is a $200 self-imposed fine for accidentally shooting a small buck, it can happen. With food plots, the property hunts 4 comfortably for good stand rotation, but I DON'T mix strangers in with you on the property or at the cabin. Upon booking, whether you can take the tour or not, I'll mail you out maps of where the trails are, the food plots, whats in each food plots, where the ladder stand and elevated blinds are, where to field dress deer, etc. We don't walk you to your stands or cook food for you. The work has been done, now you just need to hunt! If you prefer company of outfitters and guides, they are an excellent resource and offer wonderful cooked food, but that's just not what we offer. Now if only one of my competitors would cook me some food for saying that in these ads!

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 20 Nov 2020 23 Nov 2020

$1,900 for 1 hunter
Red Stag New Zealand

Red Stag New Zealand New Zealand

We have one availability for noted dates. Package includes best Red Stag up to 410 inches, Last year our hunter took a 423 Inch Stag being end of season. Hunter may add additional animals.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 27 Jul 2020 31 Jul 2020

$7,425 for 1 hunter and 1 guest
$500 Turkey, CANCELATION 3 days/nights

$500 Turkey, CANCELATION 3 days/nights United States

SEASON OPENER CANCELLATION HUNT ON 400+ ACRES. IGNORE ALL OTHER ADVERTISING - THIS IS DIFFERENT LAND. OUT OF STATE HUNTERS CANNOT BUY A LICENSE, BUT IN-STATE HUNTERS CAN. OUT-OF-STATE PEOPLE MUST ALREADY HAVE HAD THEIR LICENSES PURCHASED. 2 bird limit per hunter. Email to confirm availability. Very limited and we do not mix strangers. Year-round deer management property. 100% wooded except for the 13+ food plots 1/4 acre to 3 acres in size. Only you and your party would be on the property and at camp. Free use of cabin or stay in a $55 per night motel that has running water. We have gas lights, gas heat, gas cook stove, but no water. You get to use an outhouse! Bunk beds, pullout coach, tables, etc. Flat screen/DVD player if you bring a quiet generator. ____ 125 inch minimum buck rule in effect. No does to be shot during this hunt (too easy) All hunts have a 2 person minimum to book. You can hunt as a single, but you must pay for the cost of 2 hunters. Upon booking, you'll be sent a map of all trails, locations to each food plots, whats in each food plot, where corn auto feeders and stands are, etc. You may bring a 4-wheeler to pull your deer out to where we field dress deer, but there is a deer cart at the cabin to use. Deer cabin is free to use. Has gas lights, gas heat, gas cook stove but you get to use an outhouse! No running water. Has bunkbeds and a pullout couch. Only you and your hunting buddy(s) will be We do both Spring and Fall kill plots which will include: soybeans, cereal rye, oat, winterwheat, brasscias/turnips, alfalfa, clover, chicory, etc. Food is not cooked or offered nor do we walk you to your stands. The work has been put in and it's your job to hunt.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 18 Apr 2020 20 Apr 2020

$400 for 1 hunter

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