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Why can a hunt be offered at a reduced price?

Discounted hunts, like all hunts on our online marketplace, come directly from outfitters, with no middle man or extra cost.

Pre-season discounts

Some outfitters offer pre-season discounts to ensure they book enough hunters to cover operating costs, or they offer mid-season discounts after the target number have been met.

Over quota

Sometimes an outfitter sets their price according to the minimum quota they expect to get from regulatory agencies, and if the quota is actually higher than that, it allows them to offer a discount.

Free space

Or they might simply have a spot open they wish to fill or a last minute cancellation.

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Whether you're looking for whitetail deer hunting near home, or the best priced African safari, our discounted trips page is the place where you can usually find the lowest prices for hunting trips.

Why hunt Discounted?

In any case, a discounted hunt is a win for the client without any loss of quality. It's important to note that the discounts are provided by outfitters, not by, and are actually part of our Best Price Guarantee.

Hartmann's Zebra & Dik-dik Hunt

Hartmann's Zebra & Dik-dik Hunt Namibia

Namibia consists of exquisite natural habitat ranging from the mighty Namib Desert on the west bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the flaming red dunes of the Kalahari bordering Botswana in the east. The package includes 5 hunting days/6 nights ​​and two unique Namibian species: 1 X Hartman Zebra, 1 X Dik - Dik Please inquire for available dates.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2020 30 Nov 2020

Package price $3,890 for 6 days, 1 hunter
Fallow Buck Free range Private land

Fallow Buck Free range Private land New Zealand

We have arguably one of the premier free range hunting properties in New Zealand, and rival any in the world, exclusive to us this property has been managing the Fallow herd for 3 generations on this 10,000 acre sheep and cattle station. Accommodation, meals, ect for 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter staying at the luxury of lodge in Fairlie, South Island. A great combination hunt all on private land, the scenery, accommodation, meals and guiding are second to none in the industry. This hunt well be for those looking for a very high quality and professional experience while in New Zealand. Additional days, game, and hunters or non hunters may be added.

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 30 Jun 2021

Package price $5,890 for 4 days, 1 hunter, 1 guest
Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021

Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021 Namibia

We offer you guided hunting safaris on our exquisite game ranch just south of Windhoek, Namibia. There are 25 species of plains game on 60 000 acres of privately owned land, making this game ranch the perfect location for plains game hunting. To ensure the ultimate hunting experience combined with appreciating the unique Namibian environment we recommend planning your hunting trip to last around 10 to 12 days (hunting season starts on 1 February and ends on 30 November). Our policy of not taking double bookings can make your dream come true of being the only hunter/group on 94 square miles / 243 square km free range. Together with a success rate of 90% of the hunting trophies acquired on the ranch qualifying for gold medals according to the Namibian quality control system hunters are guaranteed of a successful hunting safari. A typical hunting day will start bright and early before sunrise with a hearty breakfast buffet. The hunting method employed is spotting and stalking. (recommended rifles - .270 thru to .300). Depending on the success of the hunt, lunch will be served either at the lodge or on the plains as not to interrupt the progress made on the hunting safari. Hunting will continue into the afternoon if so desired by the guests or visit the cheetahs and attend a cheetah feeding. For Leopard and Cheetah hunt minimum of 14 hunting days required. There is no minimum hunting days requirement but we recommend 7 hunting days. 50% discount on daily rates on any safari booked in March, April, October and November! This promo is valid only if the booking takes place in the mentioned months. Please inquire for available days!

Trip duration: 5 - 16 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2021 30 Nov 2021

Daily rate fee $525 for 5 days, 1 hunter

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