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Why can a hunt be offered at a reduced price?

Discounted hunts, like all hunts on our online marketplace, come directly from outfitters, with no middle man or extra cost.

Pre-season discounts

Some outfitters offer pre-season discounts to ensure they book enough hunters to cover operating costs, or they offer mid-season discounts after the target number have been met.

Over quota

Sometimes an outfitter sets their price according to the minimum quota they expect to get from regulatory agencies, and if the quota is actually higher than that, it allows them to offer a discount.

Free space

Or they might simply have a spot open they wish to fill or a last minute cancellation.

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Whether you're looking for whitetail deer hunting near home, or the best priced African safari, our discounted trips page is the place where you can usually find the lowest prices for hunting trips.

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In any case, a discounted hunt is a win for the client without any loss of quality. It's important to note that the discounts are provided by outfitters, not by, and are actually part of our Best Price Guarantee.

Colorado Guided Archery Elk Hunt

Colorado Guided Archery Elk Hunt United States

This is an amazing area to chase after bugling bulls. We hunt on a public land permit, with historically low hunter pressure due to the remoteness of our camp and areas that we hunt. Over the last 2 years, 70% of our clients have had at least one shot opportunity with several having multiple chances. We pride ourselves on knowing the area and where to focus your hunt. We do our best to make your hunt the best experience it can be. This hunt is in the Grand Mesa National Forest, under Special Use Permit From USFS. This is a tent camp hunt with awesome accommodations. Colorado Outfitters License #2957 GMU 421-ARCHERY SEASON -- Sept. 2-Sept 30 2-1, Guided Archery Deer hunt can be included for an additional $200, Tags must be acquired through the draw.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 2 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020

$3,500 for 1 hunter
Plains Game  Hunt

Plains Game Hunt South Africa

This hunt is perfect for anyone just looking to come have a fun hunt with some cool animals in a great setting. There is plenty of animals on this property. Great trophies and you will get plenty of opportunities. The hunt consists of 5 full days of hunting. The hunting property is 1200 hectares. We will also hunt in surrounding hunting concessions totalling about 15000 hectares. All meals, and soft drinks are included. Transfers to and from the airport also included. Perfect for friends or a father and son hunt. Really test your stalking skills and have fun doing it.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2020 31 Dec 2020

$2,750 for 1 hunter
Сибирский бурый медведь (на приваде)

Сибирский бурый медведь (на приваде) Russia

6 дней охоты / 8 дней пребывания Горящее предложения (внутренний туризм Весна2020). Сезон для иностранцев переносится на следующий год. Цены указаны в евро, окончательная цена тура согласовывается с аутфиттером. ОСОБЕННОСТИ ОХОТЫ: ● Возможность добыть один из самых больших трофеев - вид сибирского бурого медведя - Ursus arctos collaris (Siberian Brown Bear (англ.)). Сибирский бурый медведь – подвид, промежуточный по размерам между евразийским и камчатским, масса тела до 350 кг. Он больше евразийского бурого медведя, с более массивным скелетом и более крупным. Длина шкуры сибирского бурого медведя (от кончика носа до кончика хвоста) достигает 2,2- 2,4м, реже встречаются экземпляры большего размера. В 2019 году был добыт трофей размером 2,65м. ● Охота ведется с вышек над привадой рано утром и вечером. ● В весенний период температура может варьироваться от +15°С днѐм до -10°С ночью. РАСПИСАНИЕ ТУРА (пример 1 группа): - Прилет в Москву. Встреча в аэропорту. Таможня. Внутренний перелёт до Абакана- 4-5 часов. ДЕНЬ 1 Прилѐт в Абакан. Встреча в аэропорту. Трансфер в базовый лагерь на машине 2-3часа (130км от г.Абакан) ДЕНЬ 2-7 Охота на сибирского бурого медведя (6 дней). ДЕНЬ 8 Трансфер в аэропорт г. Абакан. Вылет в Москву - Прибытие в Москву. Размещение в гостинице, если потребуется. Таможня и проводы в аэропорту.

Trip duration: 8 days

Hunting season: 15 Apr 2020 25 May 2020

$2,266 for 1 hunter

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