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The province of Alberta, in western Canada, is one of North America’s premier hunting regions. Covering 250,000 square miles, its geography is diverse, with open prairies in the south, aspen parklands in the central regions, boreal forestland in the far north, and the magnificent peaks of the Canadian Rockies along its western border. Alberta has at least ten huntable big-game species: pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, black bears, cougars, Rocky Mountain elk, Canada moose, mule deer, white-tailed deer, bison, and wolves. Alberta’s prairie regions also boast outstanding waterfowl and upland bird hunting. Alberta’s outfitters are issued big-game allocations on an annual basis, so there is no need for hunters to apply for or draw tags, and this makes it easy to book a hunt in the province. Alberta’s hunting industry traces its roots to 1881, when Tom Wilson joined a survey of what is now the Stoney Indian Reserve near Banff. After learning the lay of the land and how to pack a horse, he became the first known hunting outfitter in Alberta. During the 1920s and 1930s, outfitted hunting evolved into big business, and famous names, including American outdoor writer Jack O’Connor, hunted in both Alberta and British Columbia. Alberta is known for outstanding record-book trophies, especially when it comes to bighorn sheep. The world-record bighorn was taken by Guinn Crousen in 2000, and the ram it eclipsed, now number two, was also from Alberta. In fact, five of the top ten rams listed in the Boone and Crockett records came from Alberta. So did the number-one non-typical mule deer, the Broder Buck. Hunters can bring their own rifles and shotguns for a hunt in Alberta; a simple one-page form must be filled out to obtain a temporary Canadian Firearms permit. This form (CAFC 909) can be downloaded from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canadian Firearms Program, Follow the links for visitors/non-residents and then download the “Non-Resident Firearms Declaration” (CAFC 909). Hunters may bring up to 200 rounds of ammunition into Alberta, and it’s easy to purchase ammo for most common calibers and gauges at sporting-goods stores in most areas. The Alberta Professional Outfitter’s Society (APOS) is a good source of information about hunting in Alberta. See

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The wolf can be one of the hardest animals to harvest in North America. After having great success ourselves over the years on our trap line, trying different tactics , calling , baiting and covering a lot of ground spotting I have learned a lot about these illusive animals and truly feel I have them figured out and can provide a high quality , high % hunt of a lifetime. There are no quotas on this hunt , you may harvest as many wolves as cross our path. Numbers have never been higher and the opportunity never better.I promise this hunt will not disappoint. We are not restricted to units on this hunt , we can hunt anywhere in the province but we choose to hunt the northern Boreal Forest where we feel our success will be the greatest. Package price per hunter is $3000.00 usd .

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 24 Feb 2020 20 Mar 2020

$3,000 for 1 hunter
Antelope Archery Hunt

Antelope Archery Hunt Canada

We specialize in harvesting trophy class antelope. By trophy class we mean we set a minimum goal of 75" Boone and Crockett, which means the antelope buck you take with us will compare favorably with antelope anywhere in North America. Of the 20 plus antelope hunters we guide annually, most will harvest bucks in the high 70" to low 80" range. Southern Alberta is one of the archery world's best kept secrets. In addition to outstanding trophy antelope, both deer species occur in good numbers and are very accessible to the serious trophy hunter. This allows us to offer unique multiple species archery hunts. These hunts take place in September. Our strategies include ground blinds at water holes, decoying and spot and stalk. The odds of your getting a quality shot at a pronghorn buck scoring well into the Pope and Young record book are almost 100%. Though we can tailor our hunts to suit anyone's physical ability, a client should be prepared to do a fair bit of hiking to give him or herself the best chance for success. * NOTE TO ARCHERY HUNTERS* Single pin, adjustable sights are not practical for the style of hunting required on our spot and stalk archery hunts and are not permitted. Upon receipt of your deposit we will issue a Hunt Contract.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 3 Sep 2020 27 Sep 2020

$3,750 for 1 hunter
Spring Black Bear / Wolf Combo

Spring Black Bear / Wolf Combo Canada

The mountain black bear / wolf combination hunts are one on one hunts run out of tent camps in the mountains. This hunting trip is held during the second week of May just after the bears start coming out of their mountain dens. At this time of year their fur is in excellent shape. If you have an adventurous attitude, this hunting trip is for you.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 6 May 2020 20 May 2020

$3,500 for 1 hunter

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