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The fourth-largest state in the United States, Montana is a hunter’s and outdoorsman’s paradise. Covering 147,000 square miles, Montana is split into distinct eastern and western regions by the Continental Divide. Most of the major mountain ranges (there are at least 100) are in the west. About 60 percent of the state, most of the eastern section, is prairie, but there are a number of isolated peaks and ranges that interrupt the prairie landscape. Huntable species in Montana include black bears, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain elk, Shiras moose, mountain goats, mountain lions, bighorn sheep, turkeys, wolves, and bison. There is also excellent hunting for upland birds and waterfowl in most of the state. Montana’s wildlife is well managed, with excellent trophies of nearly every big-game species being taken in the state every year. Some of the largest bighorn sheep in the world come from Montana, especially the Missouri Breaks region; however, drawing odds are extremely low. Hunting in Montana is conducted on both public and private land, and permission is required to hunt on private land. Outfitters and guides must by licensed by the Department of Labor and Industry. To hunt in Montana, you need a general big-game or species license as well as, in some cases, a permit entitling you to hunt in a specific area or type of animal. A Conservation License is also required. Consult with your outfitter and be certain that he or she is able to either provide the needed licenses and tags or instruct you on how to purchase them. Many of Montana’s hunting opportunities are only available through a draw system, which requires planning ahead. In some cases, however, licenses are available for purchase over the counter or outfitters have tags available for nonresident hunters. Big-game animals must be properly tagged before the carcass is removed from the kill site or before the hunter leaves the kill site. Montana requires that all hunters and guides must wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange visible above the waist. The rule does not apply to archery hunters hunting during the archery-only season, but it does apply to bowhunters hunting during the general big-game firearm seasons. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Montana’s hunting regulations before you begin your hunt, even if you are hunting with an outfitter. Rules surrounding season dates and hunt area boundaries can be complex, and because rules often differ from species to species and region to region, be sure to read up on specific regulations for you particular hunt. Find information at Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks ( and specific hunting regulations here:

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Antelope Rifle Hunts, 2020, EK

Antelope Rifle Hunts, 2020, EK United States

THE TIME TO START PLANNING A FANTASTIC RIFLE ANTELOPE HUNT IN MONTANA IS NOW. THERE ARE THINGS WE CAN DO TODAY THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE TO DRAW AN ANTELOPE LICENSE IN THE FUTURE. I WILL HELP YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE APPLICATION PROCESS STARTING TODAY! THIS IS A SPECTACULAR HUNT THAT REQUIRES JUST A LITTLE ADVANCED PLANNING..........START TODAY!! Rifle Antelope, 700-20 permit required. Hunt dates from 10-10-2020 through 11-8-2020. We offer 2x1 hunts ($2100. per hunter) and 1x1 hunts ($2500.) Montana has a four week long rifle antelope season. Hunting for antelope here is almost all purely spot and stalk with an excellent chance of taking one of the most beautiful and exotic animals in North America. This hunt is perfect for the most experienced hunter, couples or parent/child as it is not unusual to see over 100 antelope per day insuring nonstop action and hunting excitement. The area we outfit in has great trophy buck potential!! Hunters should expect to draw this sought after rifle antelope permit in 1-3 years as all antelope permits in Montana are done via a drawing. Drawing odds are: 1st year 45%, 2nd year 60%, 3rd year need to start planning now as this hunt is well worth the effort!! Nonresident License Information: Antelope license cost is around $230. and these are on a limited draw basis.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 10 Oct 2020 8 Nov 2020

$2,100 for 1 hunter
SPECIAL! Montana Archery Elk Hunt

SPECIAL! Montana Archery Elk Hunt United States

April 1 deadline to apply for licenses online for Montana... Elk hunts take place on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest Lands as well as some bordering private ranches. The terrain varies from rolling hills, grasslands, creek bottoms to heavy timbered mountains with semi open parks. Hunting is done with the aid of 4×4 trucks, 4 wheelers and hiking. Archery elk season is in September with heavy timber, good populations of elk and the rut, high opportunities and success are available. 270-320 class bulls. Hunt conducted from tree stands and ground blinds along game trails and water holes. Elk come down from mountain to feed on agricultural fields in the valley like whitetails do. Hunts are not real physically demanding. NO horses. Use Polaris rangers to access stands and blinds. This is a general tag area, application deadline before March 15. No special permit, only bow and arrow license, plus the proper hunting license is required. To purchase a Montana bow and arrow license, a hunter must: provide a certificate of completing the National Bowhunter Education Foundation course or provide any prior years bow hunting/archery stamp, tag, permit or license from any state or province. This 6 day hunting / 7 nights package price per hunter: $4,950. <----special price is $3,950 per person!!

Trip duration: 8 days

Hunting season: 12 Sep 2020 17 Sep 2020

$3,950 for 1 hunter
Mountain Lion Hunt 1x1 2020

Mountain Lion Hunt 1x1 2020 United States

Our hunts are five full hunting days beginning on December 1st with a maximum of one client per week. Snow is a very big factor and if clients can come on call or be flexible with their schedule the odds of harvest is increased greatly. If needed a day or two can be added on at the pro-rated cost. We start early in the morning driving roads in the dark looking for tracks. Once a track has been located we continue trying to freshen up and shorten the track. If we find a track then at daybreak we can put the hounds on the track and the fun begins! We utilize a custom build hound truck, snow mobiles, four-wheelers, and side by sides to get as close as we can to the treed cat. Please note, there is always some walking involved in a mountain lion hunt.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 30 Nov 2020 22 Dec 2020

$5,500 for 1 hunter

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