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British Columbia is a province rich in wildlife and hunting history. The province is almost one million km2 (385,000 miles2) and home to 18 of the North American 30 big game species. Since the mid 1800’s, the world’s hunting fraternity has known that BC was home to some of the world’s most magnificent big game populations. From mountain-tops to valley bottoms, rivers and lakes to grasslands and lush forests, BC has quality habitat for wildlife in which to thrive. This helps produce quality big game populations throughout the province. In BC guide outfitters are licensed with the exclusive rights to guide non-resident big game hunters in their specific territory. Therefore, they have immense knowledge of the wildlife populations where they guide. All outfitters are insured and bonded. Most outfitters are members of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) and follow a Code of Conduct. We hope you “Book Your Hunt” with a GOABC member and your hunting dreams come true.

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Lynx hunt 7 days

Lynx hunt 7 days Canada

This Lynx hunt is located out of our main base camp (home). The Lynx season runs from November 15th through February 15th. A typical day starts out well before daylight, cruising the roads in a pickup looking for Lynx tracks. Once a fresh track is located we turn the dogs out on the track and hope we get a cat in a tree not too far from the road. At the end of the day we head back home for a great meal and relax until morning. We have very high success and only take 3-6 Lynx hunters per season.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 Dec 2021 22 Jan 2022

Package price $6,650 for 7 days, 2 hunters, 1 guest
Black bear hunt (1x1) 2021

Black bear hunt (1x1) 2021 Canada

We can offer you hunting either on horses or on ATV / 4x4. Hunting on horses is the most popular type. Hunting on quiet and cozy horses allows relatively easy hunting. The horses do most of the work; therefore, the hunter saves up his strength. You don’t need to be an experienced rider. You just have to sit in the saddle; the horse will do the rest. We will explain the most necessary details on site. A few basic riding skills learned at the camp will give you the confidence to take along. Depending on where the game has been spotted, it is normal to spend several hours in the saddle. Hunting on horseback takes place in the mountains, and in shallower areas. There are always stops around the area to look around or to stalk. Hunting on ATV / 4x4 is something for individualists. For those who would like to cover great distances each day. Hunting is confined to water holes, small lakes, old trails and logging roads. Stalking outings are always made at one of the many stops.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 1 May 2021 30 Jun 2021

Package price $5,000 for 6 days, 1 hunter
Spring Black Bear Hunt '21

Spring Black Bear Hunt '21 Canada

Our goal is to take six hunters each season on a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 basis. This will keep pressure to a minimum and provides a more personalized hunt with the guide outfitter as your guide. This is a great hunt for excellent bears. The days are long and there are bears of all colours and sizes. The main method for hunting these big bruins is "spot and stalk". Allan has had great success this way and nothing is more exciting than harvesting a bear by this method. We hunt rifle or bow on approximately 3,700 square miles of area, in central British Columbia, Canada, giving us plenty of habitat to find bears. We like to keep our groups small, booking four hunters at a time, but will make exceptions for larger groups, if requested by the hunters. Bowhunters can arrange to have a bowhunting-only camp. Hunts are based on two hunters to one guide. One-on-one hunts or longer hunts are available. Please contact us to discuss your options. 7 day hunt. 1 day in/out, 5 days hunting. This is a fantastic spot and stalk hunt. You cannot go wrong. (Larger groups or non-hunters can be accommodated) Price DOES NOT include:  Hotel accommodation in Williams Lake prior to or after the completion of the hunt.    (This is sometimes necessary and advisable. Due to the remoteness of our camp, we do not pick up clients for afternoon or evening flights.  They will need to overnight in Williams Lake and we will pick them up in the morning and then make the trip out to camp during daylight hours.) $3000, second bear $1000 We would be willing to assess each request to see if we felt capable of fulfilling a disabled hunters needs.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 May 2021 30 Jun 2021

Package price $3,000 for 7 days, 1 hunter
British Columbia

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