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The word Alaska means “The Great Land,” and the state’s nickname is “The Last Frontier.” Both are appropriate monikers for a state containing huge swaths of wild country and uninhabited areas—a true hunter’s paradise, home to North America’s largest and most sought-after game animals. Covering 365,000,000 acres, an area one-fifth the size of the entire United States, Alaska has plenty of room for the adventurous hunter to roam. Alaska has more than a dozen species of big-game animals as well as excellent small game and waterfowl hunting opportunities. Big-game species include bison, caribou, elk, muskox, wolves, black bears, Dall sheep, moose, brown and grizzly bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, and mountain goats. Most hunting in Alaska occurs between August and October, but bears may be taken in either fall or spring in some locations. Alaska requires nonresidents hunting brown/grizzly bears, Dall sheep, or mountain goats to be accompanied by an Alaska-licensed guide or by an Alaska resident at least 19 years of age who is a close relative, defined as within the "second degree of kindred.” Nonresident aliens are required to have a guide to hunt any big-game animal in Alaska. All big-game guides in Alaska must be licensed by the state. For some hunts in Alaska, it is possible to hire a transporter instead of a guide. These are licensed individuals and companies who help hunters get to remote areas by bush plane, boat, horse, ATV, snow machine, etc. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game ( has an excellent website with in-depth information about hunting in the state. Check the site for specific license and tag requirements for each species. The Alaska Professional Hunters Association is another great source of information about Alaska:

Brown bear Alaska - Bush TV

The Alaskan brown bear is the largest land predator on Earth. One reason for the exceptional size of these bruins is the plentiful supply of fat and protein in the form of salmon in Alaska's rivers and streams. Here's an up close and personal look a hunter got of this ritual for survival!

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10 Day Trophy Brown Bear Alaska '21

10 Day Trophy Brown Bear Alaska '21 United States

We hunt private leased native land. No other outfitters are allowed in this area. Includes all lodging, guides (1 guide 1 hunter), food, transportation in the field. Meals This can either be a cabin based hunt, or spike camp depending on bear movement Includes all skinning and transport of bear hide to Anchorage (from Egegik) Not included transportation to Egegik from Anchorage (RT $1,000) tags or license Also wolves can be taken at no extra costs ( no tag required in our area) A non hunting guest can be brought along at $1,000 Our camp is situated in the heart of some of the best brown bear hunting in the world. Due to our location on the coast of southwest Alaska, and the fact the mountain range in which these giant brown bears den for the winter is only 75 miles away, many bears congregate here. The land we hunt is rich in sea life, allowing these Alaskan brown bears to gorge themselves six months out of the year and grow to immense size.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 7 Oct 2021 21 Oct 2021

Package price $20,500 for 10 days, 1 hunter
Alaska Peninsula Fall Brown Bear 2021

Alaska Peninsula Fall Brown Bear 2021 United States

Our Brown Bear hunts take place on the Alaska Peninsula where we have 3 sole guide use areas located in Aniakchak National Preserve, Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge and Becharof National Wildlife Refuge. We are the only ones permitted to guide hunters in these respective guide use areas. We take a limited number of bear hunters each year and make a focused effort to take only the most mature trophy class animals. Most of the bears we harvest are in the 9 foot range, and there is certainly good possibilities to find bears that are 10 foot or better. The Alaska Peninsula is home to some of the largest Brown Bears on earth, and supports very healthy populations of these amazing animals in some of the States most remote hunting areas. Hunting Brown Bear is certainly the pinnacle of North American Hunting, and one of the premier big game species in world. Our brown bear hunts, like ALL the hunts we do, are completely fair chase. Hunting brown bear is all spot and stalk. Our hunts are 11 days and are guided with 1 guide and 1 hunter, or 2 guides and 1 hunter. Your hunt begins with you arrive into our main camp. Once there you will be paired up with a guide, and often a packer as well, and flown to a spike camp. Our spike camps are very comfortable and we eat very well. Normal meals consist of eggs, oatmeal, bagels, hash browns and sausage for breakfasts and fresh salmon, moose meat or burger, pork chops, pasta, vegetables with dinners. You have your own tent for sleeping and your guide will have his own tent, along with a separate tent for meal preparations.

Trip duration: 11 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2021 21 Oct 2021

Package price $22,500 for 11 days, 1 hunter
Spring Black Bear/Grizzly Hunt 2x1 Wk 1

Spring Black Bear/Grizzly Hunt 2x1 Wk 1 United States

Hunt with a friend or family member. With a high density of color phase black bears your chances of harvesting a cinnamon bear are extremely high. We conduct these hunts over bait and it is legal to harvest a grizzly bear over a black bear bait in our area as well as hunt same day airborne for the purposes of bear baiting. We also offer spot and stock 10 day packages. This increases your odds of harvesting an Alaska grizzly. Base hunt cost covers cost of the hunt only and includes 1 black bear, an additional Trophy fee will be due upon harvesting a Grizzly as well as extra black bears. We take pride in our wide selection of quality hunts. All of our hunts are filled with breath taking scenery and adventure. There is no need to rough it. Stay in a nice quiet peaceful cabin along a river in breath taking interior Alaska during your hunt. Consider scheduling a few extra days to go on a deep sea fishing charter in Valdez, AK, or catch the May days airshow and fly in. ADF&G Requires all hunters on a baited bear hunt to successfully pass a test prior to hunting.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 6 May 2021 13 May 2021

Package price $6,500 for 7 days, 1 hunter

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