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Moose hunting in Alaska ({{totalToursString}})


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Moose hunting in Alaska

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13 days

2022 Moose hunt Alaska, United States

This is a 12 day trip, with 10 full days of hunting, September 5th – 16th. On top of the large moose in our exclusive area, wolf and wolverine harvest are at NO charge as long as the required permits through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are purchased prior to the hunt and the seasons are open. Hunt options: We have a base camp/spike camp option for moose hunting. Our camps are all accessed via bush plane on wheels or floats, located in a prime glassing spot overlooking meadows, lakes and ponds. Hunters should fly into Anchorage on September 3rd and to King Salmon the morning of September 4th. Transportation into the field will occur on September 5th for the start legal hunting on September 6th. Transportation out of the field will be on September 16th, or before if animal is harvested. All weather depending. Commercial flights from King Salmon to Anchorage should be scheduled with a refundable ticket for the morning of September 18th. All guides have CPR and First Aid training and advanced courses in medical training (example – wilderness first responder or wilderness first aid). All guides will have and carry with them into the field each day: satellite phones, personal locator beacons, and GPS to provide a very safe hunt. Lodging in the field: One 10 x 10 sleep tent and a 8 x 8 cook tent will be used(or similar). Tents will be of the highest quality and include Alaska Tent and Tarp Arctic Ovens, Bombshelter tents, Cabela’s Outfitter tents or a combination. Meals will consist of fresh cooked and freeze dried meals. Modifications can be made upon request.

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Alaska yukon moose

Package Trip Gun Rental Transfer
2022 Moose hunt 2022 Moose hunt 2022 Moose hunt 2022 Moose hunt 2022 Moose hunt
Package price
for 13 days, 1 hunter

6 reviews

Hunting season: 5 Sep 2022 16 Sep 2022

11 days

Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Alaska, United States

Hunting is spot and stalk, with an emphasis on calling. A great deal of time is spent calling. Done properly and with the right conditions, myself or one of my guides can effectively “blind call” moose from 2 miles or more, often times bringing him all the way to the glassing hill. Like all hunting, finding a large bull requires patience. Nothing can compare to watching a large old bull come in to a call! The trip starts with you flying into King Salmon, where I will meet you on arrival, and pick up your registration permit, license and tags if you have not already done so online. From there we will fly into my hunt area via float plane, landing at one of the many lakes. We will set up a small yet comfortable spike camp, consisting of a 4 person Bomb Shelter tent for the client, complete with cots and lantern, and a small 3 man VE-25 tent for myself and my Assistant Guide, along with an extra tent for meal preparation. From this location we will start our hunt, climbing to a high point each morning and glassing for moose. We utilize a small Zodiak style raft to travel the lakes and creeks, and then hike to an observation point. This gives us great mobility, allowing us to easily move several miles in a day with little effort. More importantly, it allows us to go after moose that would otherwise impossible to reach, much less pack back to camp. When we harvest the moose we skin it, pack the meat bone in back to camp, followed by hide and antlers, then prepare for the plane to come and get us. This marks the end of your hunt. Tag: $800 for non-residents, $1,000 for non resident aliens Charter fee: $2000 payable to the Air Charter company in King Salmon + additional $1,000 after harvest Hunters may take wolf at no charge: Tag: $60 for non-residents, $100 for non-resident Aliens Arrive King Salmon September 8 Depart King Salmon September 22

Rifle Hunting Stalking

Alaska yukon moose

Package Trip Transfer
Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Alaska Moose Hunt 2022
Package price
for 11 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 10 Sep 2022 20 Sep 2022

8 days

Southwest Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Alaska, United States

We use both calling and spot and stalk methods while hunting moose. All open season dates are just as the bulls are beginning the rut or are active during the rut. We work hard to get each harvested moose out quickly and by any possible means such as raft, jet boat, canoe, or by foot. As you can imagine, each moose provides a great amount of meat, and we will steadily continue packing out all of the meat from the field. We have moose hunting camps in some of the best habitat located in Southwest Alaska, the Alaska Interior, and on the Alaska Peninsula. Our hunts are conducted in September each year and after arrival into base camp you will continue on your hunt by either jet boat, canoe, and raft. Our average trophy moose taken are between 55 and 70 inches, with our past hunting seasons harvesting up to 77 inch moose and the current #4 Boone and Crockett Alaska moose. We focus on harvesting older mature bulls and a moose hunt also provides a great opportunity to hunt Grizzly as well in areas where the seasons coincide. Trophy fees are not included in the package price. Obtaining Tags and License please visit the State of Alaska Website ( for the needed tags and license(s). Trophy fees are to be paid one month prior to trip to the US office or Outfitter where they will be held until completion of the hunt and either kept by Outfitter for successful harvest of animals or returned to client within 10 days for any non-harvest of an animal. All species hunted or potentially hunted should be confirmed and paid for prior to arrival at camp to our US office.

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Alaska yukon moose

Package Trip Fishing Gun Rental
Southwest Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Southwest Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Southwest Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Southwest Alaska Moose Hunt 2022 Southwest Alaska Moose Hunt 2022
Package price
for 8 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 6 Sep 2022 13 Sep 2022