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Where to hunt Brown Brocket Deer

The Brown, or Grey Brocket Deer (Mazama gouazoubira) is a small, vary and solitary creature. It tips the scales at about 50-65 pounds (20-30 kg), and dwells in the forests, woodlands, dry deciduous forests and cerrado (a kind of tropical savannah landscape found in Brazil) habitats in Latin and South America. Brown Brocket Deer hunting is offered by a few outfitters in Argentina.

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The price for a brocket deer hunt in Argentina is made up of the daily rate and the trophy fee. The daily rates are typically priced in the $300-$500 a hunter a day range, and the shooting fees range from $1,500 to $2,500. Most hunters are reluctant to cover the travel expenses to Argentina to hunt just one animal, and prefer a combination hunt for a number of species instead.

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Brown brocket deer is not the only brocket deer found in the Americas. There are many species and subspecies in the Mazama genus, and all are intriguing creatures, with great importance for local peoples as a food source, and figuring prominently in the Maya culture and other indigenous cultures of the region. Little is known, however, about them. Read why is it so, and why the brocket deer can compete with the whitetail as the most widespread and numerous deer in the Americas

7 Jul 2019 Brocket Deer: Americas’ Most Mysterious Deer

When to hunt Brown Brocket Deer?

Brocket deer do not apparently have any fixed mating period: like with many tropical-dwelling deer, a female may be in estrous at almost any month of the year. Some studies, however, indicate a peak of mating activity in March – May and September – November. The former interval is usually considered to be prime time for hunting Argentina, as it is then when the majestic red deer have their "roar".


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Brown brocket deer are diurnal, and tend to avoid dense woods. They prefer scrub and bush type covers, browse on the edge of shrub and bush and open places, and would visit agricultural plantations if any in the area, or fruit trees that are ripe and dropping heavily. Stalking is by far the most popular method of brown brocket deer hunting. All kinds of brocket deer are extremely wary and cautious (small wonder, considering they’ve been hunted non-stop ever since humankind reached the Americas), and approaching it may be quite a challenge, but the routine is not too different from the methods used for hunting other big-game animals in Argentina, most notably the red stag.

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According to many sources, while overall population of brocket deer is stable, some local populations may be heavily pressed and even go locally extinct due to population growth, increasing hunting pressure, and habitat loss to plantations of various crops. In such scenarios, sports and trophy hunting can be an efficient conservation tool. A hunting concession provides a way to generate income out of the wilderness, without the need to convert it to a soy bean farm. Money that the local communities receive from tourism compensate for the loss of subsistence hunting as a food source, and revenues from hunters finance game wardens who enforce game laws. However, this only works if there’s sufficient demand for the species in question. Hunting brocket deer is an unusual experience, and the short straight antlers of the buck will be a long-lasting souvenir of the chase.

Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19

Brown Brocket Deer Hunt '19 Mexico

Brocket deer is very similar to African duiker, weighting an approximate of 60 pounds and point horns that grow up to 9 inches. This animal is very shy and likes to hide, for this reason it is very hard to find and therefore to hunt. It is normally hunted close to the jungle where it can be spotted at distances up to 50 meters, also in places where it normally eats. Red brocket deer is smaller than the Brown, colors range from Maroon to Red, it can weight as much as 40 lbs (18 kg), he shows very sharp straight horns that grow up to 7 inches (15 cm). It is hunted mainly in spotting ranges or feeding places, specially in open areas with tall trees. Your day itinerary will be like the following: - You will wake up around 4-5:00 AM and have a light breakfast (coffee, orange juice, cereal and fruit). - After the morning hunt you will return to camp around 10-11:00 AM and have a complete breakfast, and before leaving camp for the afternoon hunt around 3-4:00 PM you will have snacks and refreshments. - You will return to camp around 7-8:00 PM for a full and relaxing dinner. Additional trophies that can be added to the hunt as extra: Cougar / Puma concolor - $3,000.00 Red brocket deer / Mazama Americana - $4,500.00 Gray brocket deer / Mazama Gauzobira - $3,000.00 Tropical white-tailed deer / Odocoileus virginianus yucatanensis - $3,000.00 Collar pecari / Pecari tajacu- $500.00 Sereque / Dasyprocta punctata - $300.00 Tepezcuincle / Agouti paca - $500.00 Coati / Nasua narica - $400.00 Ocellated turkey / Agriocharis ocellata - $1,000.00 Great curasaw / Crax rubra - $800.00 Crested guan / Penelope purpurascens - $700.00 Mancolon / Colinus nigrogularis - $250.00 Chacalaca / Ortalis vetula - $250.00 Mexican chukar / Crypturellus cinnamomeus - $250.00

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 25 Mar 2020 31 May 2020

$4,850 for 1 hunter
Deer Hunt in Argentina

Deer Hunt in Argentina Argentina

Big game hunting in Argentina is one of the last great frontiers for exciting and challenging big game with rifle, muzzleloader and bowhunting. We have expert guides with many years of experience who know the hunting and fishing zones and the different species of wild game still living in large number in the Argentine territory; a land un-crowded and unspoiled.

Trip duration: 5 - 14 days

Hunting season: 6 Mar 2020 31 Aug 2020

$3,250 for 1 hunter
Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia '20

Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia '20 Argentina

The big hunting ranch is located in the Southeast of La Pampa province, Argentina. Has an extension of 37.500 non-fenced acres, of which 25.000 acres are covered with bush. The hunting days are depend on the species that you choose. Hunting hour for red stag are from early in the morning to midday, and from mid-afternoon until dark. The hunt can take place by stalking and also lying in wait. Wild boars are usually hunted by waiting in a hunting tower at night during full moon. Puma is hunted by lying in wait, stalking or by using dogs to track them through the bushes. For all other species a guide will be ever present to track the animal down in the bushes and instruct the hunter which animal will be a good trophy. Possible program: Day 1: Reception at Ezeiza International airport in Buenos Aires city custom cleaning and transfer to Domestic airport to take a flight to Bahia Blanca city (2 hours flight). Reception at Bahia Blanca airport and transfer to hunting Lodge (2 hours drive). Reception at lodge, distribution of rooms, quick snack and enjoy a half day of Big Game Hunt. Day 2-3-4: Full Big Game Hunt Day 5: Half Big Game Hunting day, lunch and transfer to Bahia Blanca airport. Reception at Domestic airport in Buenos Aires and transfer to Ezeiza International airport. End of our services. Please take the hunting seasons into consideration while choosing species from the trophy list. For Red stag: March 1st to May 31th – Rut season during end of March till middle of April For Puma : February 15th to September 30th For all other species offered : The season is open ALL YEAR ROUND The reception and the assistance in the airport and a bilingual guide included in the price as well.

Trip duration: 5 - 10 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2020 31 Aug 2020

$4,900 for 1 hunter
Brown Brocket Deer

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