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Many hunters choose to hunt with archery equipment because of the additional challenge it creates, as well as to take advantage of archery-only hunting seasons that are often longer or occur earlier in the year than rifle seasons in many regions. Bow hunters must restrict their shots to a range of 45 yards or less in most cases, depending on the hunter’s ability and equipment. Because of this limitation, bow hunters are often treated to close-range interactions with the animals they pursue, which makes this type of hunting especially interesting and exciting. Bow hunters sometimes stalk or still-hunt, but in the majority of cases they hunt from a natural or man-made ground blind or tree stand, usually waiting near an animal’s known travel route. Calling and rattling is often an effective technique for species such as deer and elk in the rut. In the United States, deer and elk are the most popular species pursued by bow hunters, followed by black bears. Bow hunting equipment runs the gamut from traditional longbows and recurve bows to modern compound bows, which use a system of cams and pulleys to allow an archer to hold the bow at full draw for a longer period of time. Crossbows are also used in some areas. Different jurisdictions vary widely on what types of archery equipment are allowed for hunting, so it’s important to consult local regulations. A bow with a draw weight of 35 pounds is usually considered the minimum for bow hunting big game, and larger game such as elk or kudu may require a hunter to use a bow with 50 pounds or more of draw weight.

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8 Days x 14 Trophies Hunt

8 Days x 14 Trophies Hunt South Africa

The package includes 8 days of hunting and accomodation for 2 hunters as well as 14 trophies (hunters decide on how they share the trophies)

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2019 30 November 2019

$15,000 for 2 hunters
Mule Deer Hunt 2x1 '19

Mule Deer Hunt 2x1 '19 Canada

This is a 4 point buck hunt. Accommodations can be motel, camper trailer or wall tent depending on the activity of the deer and the weather. We start this hunt early with a great breakfast and make a plan for the style of hunting we will be doing. We decide whether we will be hunting from ground blinds, tree stands or spot and stalk. We have also been successful at silently walking through high populated deer bedding areas and bumping them up from their beds, giving them an opportunity to look back and see what spooked them. Usually you will have just enough time to judge the animal and make a shot. We will pack lunches, so we can get the most hunting time out of our day. This hunt is when the rut takes place and the bucks are moving. We will hunt from quads, UTV's and pickups. An enjoyable supper and good stories will end the night. Mule deer hunt can be combined with white-tailed deer.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 10 December 2019

$6,500 for 2 hunters
2019 Mule Deer Alpine Camp 2 on 1 Hunt

2019 Mule Deer Alpine Camp 2 on 1 Hunt Canada

Mule deer are hunted from September through November with rifle, muzzleloader, or bow. Bow only season is the first 10 days of December. Trophy mule deer hunts are six days of hunting with one travel day before and after. Early season Mule Deer are hunted from our alpine camps where the hunters will stay at our cabin and hunt deer on horse and on foot. Hunters also have the choice of spike camping if the weather is good and you want to look over some untouched country. This early season hunt can be combined with Mountain Goat, Black Bear or Moose or a combination of all species. This time of year is a great time to spend in the Coastal Mountains pursuing BC's large game animals. Late season trophy Mule Deer are hunted from the main ranch. 4x4 trucks and atv's are used to cover ground, and glassing and stalking are the most common ways of hunting. Accessing ranches to find the trophy bucks and hiking the deer's wintering grounds are sure ways of finding the big bucks that are chasing does around during the rut. We are offering Moose, Mule Deer and Trophy Black Bear hunts to wheelchair bound hunters an now has added the ability to hunt Cougar and Lynx to the list of to do's for avid disabled hunters.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 15 October 2019

$5,200 for 1 hunter
Bow Hunting

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