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Warthog bow hunting trips

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8 days

8 Day - Luxury Package Combo Hunt Limpopo, South Africa

LUXURY COMBO HUNT PACKAGE INCLUDES HUNTER: 1 x Hunter guided by 1 x Professional Hunter NON-HUNTERS: 1 x Observer DURATION: 8 days - 7 x nights luxury tented accommodation, 6 x full hunting days, 1 x arrival day and 1 x departure day TROPHY FEES: 5 animals 1 x Kudu 1 x Gemsbuck 1 x Waterbuck 1 x Impala 1 x Warthog OPTIONAL: 1 x night's fly camping, a "True African Bush Experience" We guarantee an unforgettable hunting safari on 17 000 acres of pure African bush. The hunting package is customized to the preferences of the hunter, whether it is by bow or rifle, on foot or from a vehicle. Apart from Buffalo, We also offer trophy Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck, Gemsbuck and Sable. The exclusivity of one hunter only at any given time is guaranteed. A qualified professional hunter and tracker will be provided. Experienced skinners and administrative personnel will provide further support with the trophies. ADDITIONAL DAYS: May be booked at the standard rate of $ 330 per hunter and $ 235 per Observer. BOOKINGS: We prefer Sunday to Sunday bookings as we do not allow hunting on Sundays. Sundays can be taken as rest days at Observer rates ($180 per person) or alternatively we can arrange a sightseeing or game viewing trip for you to Pilanesberg National Park (a "Big 5" game reserve) and/or Sun City Casino and Resort or other venues of your choice at your cost.

Bow Hunting High Seat Hunting From A Blind Muzzleloader Rifle Hunting Stalking

Warthog Burchells zebra Gemsbuck Impala Kudu Nyala Red hartebeest Roan Sable Waterbuck

Family Friendly Disabled friendly Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
8 Day - Luxury Package Combo Hunt 8 Day - Luxury Package Combo Hunt 8 Day - Luxury Package Combo Hunt 8 Day - Luxury Package Combo Hunt 8 Day - Luxury Package Combo Hunt
Price from
for 8 days, 1 hunter,
1 guest

5 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 31 Dec 2021

5 - 16 days

Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021 Namibia

We offer you guided hunting safaris on our exquisite game ranch just south of Windhoek, Namibia. There are 25 species of plains game on 60 000 acres of privately owned land, making this game ranch the perfect location for plains game hunting. To ensure the ultimate hunting experience combined with appreciating the unique Namibian environment we recommend planning your hunting trip to last around 10 to 12 days (hunting season starts on 1 February and ends on 30 November). Our policy of not taking double bookings can make your dream come true of being the only hunter/group on 94 square miles / 243 square km free range. Together with a success rate of 90% of the hunting trophies acquired on the ranch qualifying for gold medals according to the Namibian quality control system hunters are guaranteed of a successful hunting safari. A typical hunting day will start bright and early before sunrise with a hearty breakfast buffet. The hunting method employed is spotting and stalking. (recommended rifles - .270 thru to .300). Depending on the success of the hunt, lunch will be served either at the lodge or on the plains as not to interrupt the progress made on the hunting safari. Hunting will continue into the afternoon if so desired by the guests or visit the cheetahs and attend a cheetah feeding. For Leopard and Cheetah hunt minimum of 14 hunting days required. There is no minimum hunting days requirement but we recommend 7 hunting days. 50% discount on daily rates on any safari booked in March, April, October and November! This promo is valid only if the booking takes place in the mentioned months. Please inquire for available days!

Bow Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Warthog African wild cat Baboon Black impala Black springbok Black wildebeest Black-backed jackal Blue wildebeest Burchells zebra Caracal Cheetah Chobe bushbuck Common blesbuck Copper springbok Damaraland dik-dik Eland Golden gemsbuck Grey duiker Impala Kalahari springbok Klipspringer Mountain zebra Nyala Oryx Ostrich Red hartebeest Red lechwe Roan Sable Southern greater kudu Steenbok Tsessebe Waterbuck White blesbuck White springbok

Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game Small Game Predators
Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021 Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021 Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021 Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021 Promo Namibian Plains Game 1x1 '2021
Price from
for 5 days, 1 hunter

10 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2021 30 Nov 2021

3 - 14 days

1:1 Magudu Plains Game Hunt KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

HUNTING Hunting and conservation has always been at the heart of the family ethos and heritage since the family settled in the area almost one hundred years ago. For more than forty years we have offered a wide variety of animals to hunt. Whether you are a trophy hunter or a meat hunter you are sure to find what you are looking for. The elusive kudu, the diminutive red duiker, and the majestic giraffe are but a few of the iconic African species that roam freely in this bushveld paradise. Blue wildebeest, zebra, nyala, impala, bushbuck, warthog and grey duiker, round out the list. ETHOS As dedicated protectors of the wilderness and wildlife we believe in fair chase, walk and stalk hunting. The responsible and sustainable utilization of environmental resources ensures that there will be a legacy for future generations of hunters. As such, we encourage our hunters to use lead-free bullets to minimize the infiltration of this insidious heavy metal into our environment. NOTE Although not our intention we reserve the right to alter any price due to excessive foreign currency exchange fluctuations.

Bow Hunting Management Hunt Rifle Hunting Stalking

Warthog Baboon Blue wildebeest Burchells zebra Bushpig Cape bushbuck Giraffe Grey duiker Impala Kudu Nyala Red duiker

Semi-guided Family Friendly Fishing Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
1:1 Magudu Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Magudu Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Magudu Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Magudu Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Magudu Plains Game Hunt
Price from
for 3 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 1 Nov 2020 15 Dec 2021

5 - 12 days

1:1 Limpopo Bushveld Plains Game Hunt Limpopo, South Africa

We have acquired the hunting rights on several different areas, enabling us to provide each client the opportunity to hunt all the Plains Game and Dangerous Game this magnificent country has to offer. Each Privately Owned Reserve in our concession areas comes with its own individual game managing plan, thereby ensuring an abundance of trophy quality game. The main hunting area is situated in the Limpopo Province’s true African Bushveld (close to Kruger National Park) with grassy plains, an abundance of scattered trees, interspersed with different types of bush and scrub. The nature of the bush assures the hunter (and the hunted) of a fair chase. The only way your hunting trip will happen is if you make it happen. Go ahead; take the first step towards an unforgettable journey in life. Safaris with uncompromised excellence. NOTE: Prices are subject to foreign currency fluctuations between the time of the quotation and the hunting date.

Bow Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Warthog Baboon Black impala Black-backed jackal Blue wildebeest Brown hyena Burchells zebra Bushpig Cape eland Civet cat Common blesbuck Gemsbuck Genet cat Giraffe Golden wildebeest Grey duiker Honey badger Impala Kings wildebeest Klipspringer Kudu Limpopo bushbuck Mountain reedbuck Nyala Ostrich Porcupine Red hartebeest Roan Sable Serval Spotted hyena Steenbok Tsessebe Vervet monkey Waterbuck White blesbuck White-flanked impala

Family Friendly Disabled friendly Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game Small Game
1:1 Limpopo Bushveld Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Limpopo Bushveld Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Limpopo Bushveld Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Limpopo Bushveld Plains Game Hunt 1:1 Limpopo Bushveld Plains Game Hunt
Price from
for 5 days, 1 hunter

1 review

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 30 Nov 2021

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