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Many hunters choose to hunt with archery equipment because of the additional challenge it creates, as well as to take advantage of archery-only hunting seasons that are often longer or occur earlier in the year than rifle seasons in many regions. Bow hunters must restrict their shots to a range of 45 yards or less in most cases, depending on the hunter’s ability and equipment. Because of this limitation, bow hunters are often treated to close-range interactions with the animals they pursue, which makes this type of hunting especially interesting and exciting. Bow hunters sometimes stalk or still-hunt, but in the majority of cases they hunt from a natural or man-made ground blind or tree stand, usually waiting near an animal’s known travel route. Calling and rattling is often an effective technique for species such as deer and elk in the rut. In the United States, deer and elk are the most popular species pursued by bow hunters, followed by black bears. Bow hunting equipment runs the gamut from traditional longbows and recurve bows to modern compound bows, which use a system of cams and pulleys to allow an archer to hold the bow at full draw for a longer period of time. Crossbows are also used in some areas. Different jurisdictions vary widely on what types of archery equipment are allowed for hunting, so it’s important to consult local regulations. A bow with a draw weight of 35 pounds is usually considered the minimum for bow hunting big game, and larger game such as elk or kudu may require a hunter to use a bow with 50 pounds or more of draw weight.

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Lynx hunt 7 days

Lynx hunt 7 days Canada

This Lynx hunt is located out of our main base camp (home). The Lynx season runs from November 15th through February 15th. A typical day starts out well before daylight, cruising the roads in a pickup looking for Lynx tracks. Once a fresh track is located we turn the dogs out on the track and hope we get a cat in a tree not too far from the road. At the end of the day we head back home for a great meal and relax until morning. We have very high success and only take 3-6 Lynx hunters per season.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 Dec 2020 22 Jan 2021

$6,650 for 2 hunters and 1 guest
Wilderness Chamois Hunt  1x1

Wilderness Chamois Hunt 1x1 New Zealand

Alpine Chamois/Gemse (Rupicapra rupicapra) Chamois are often seen as a ‘lesser’ trophy than the Tahr in New Zealand but they are equally challenging to hunt.They are attractive in both their tussock colored summer coats and their black winter coats, making them a great animal to hunt regardless of the season. Chamois are an extremely agile and fast-moving animal and they can inhabit some serious mountain terrain, making for some truly exciting hunting. The Chamois rut generally overlaps with Tahr rut, May to June but they can be hunted year-round. Summer coats are best in January-March. A male/buck and female/doe Chamois look almost identical but the buck’s horns have a ‘heavier’ appearance and a more defined ‘hook’. Our wilderness hunts are helicopter drop-off with tent camps. A good level of fitness is essential on these hunts to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.We focus on finding mature bucks over 9 inches but on the odd occasion we do shoot very old and barren does. Chamois hunts run 90-100% each year with our average buck 9 inches. Chamois hunts can be combined with Tahr in our wilderness areas.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 20 Jul 2021

$5,500 for 1 hunter
Spring Baited Black Bear Hunt 2020

Spring Baited Black Bear Hunt 2020 Canada

We take great pride when guiding his hunters and always gives them a successful hunt leaving them with a hunting experience they can carry with them forever. We can assure you that your experience with us will be a memorable one and one that will make you want to come back year after year. So if you want to experience a New Brunswick black bear or moose hunt with 5 star accommodations. Licence for bear is 180.00 (1st tag). Hunter has the option of purchasing a second tag when first one is filled at 750.00.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 16 Apr 2020 30 Jun 2020

$1,950 for 1 hunter
Bow Hunting

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