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The modern driven bird hunt traces its heritage to royal ‘shoots’ in Europe of the XVII-XVIII century. The hunters (or ‘guns’ in British lingo) stand in line, while the drivers (‘beaters’) walk towards them, making the birds fly over the shooting line. Driven hunts are usually associated with high densities of game and a lot of shooting - often, the hunters are assisted by ‘loaders’ who help them reload shotguns, and in Europe many shoot pairs of identical shotgun, one being reloaded while the hunter shoots the other. The most common quarry is the pheasant, the grey and red-legged partridge, and the red grouse, but almost every bird can be harvested in a driven hunt. Often, the birds are ‘pen-raised’, that is, artificially reared and released into the hunting grounds before the hunt. However, most many driven hunts are done on wild free-ranging birds, too. In any case, even the expert hunters can’t usually tell whether the pheasants they shoot at a driven hunt are wild or pen-raised. Driven bird hunts are usually associated with Great Britain, but other European countries such as Hungary, Austria, and especially Spain with its legendary partridge shoots, offer fantastic opportunities as well. You can have a decent bird hunt in other places, too, including some exotic birds like francolin, guineafowl, doves and pigeons in Africa. A driven bird hunt is a far greater challenge than some critics would have you believe. Suffice it to say that even the best shots, who can regularly break 23-25 out of 25 at the Sporting Clays range, think they are doing well if they can show one bird for three rounds spent. This refers mostly to the British and Continental ‘shoots’, where the organizers do their best to make sure the birds are as difficult to hit as possible. In any case, shooting in presence of other hunters gives an additional strain to one’s nerves. But, while a lot of ammunition may be wasted, the birds won’t be - as a rule, the game is carefully collected and sold to game markets and restaurants.

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Wing Shooting: Classic Safari 2-4 Guns

Wing Shooting: Classic Safari 2-4 Guns South Africa

2 - 4 HUNTERS Bird shooting – contrasting styles of hunting are deployed depending on which bird species are being targeted Bird Species Include Geese: Spurwing goose & Egyptian goose Ducks: Yellow-billed duck, White-faced whistling duck, Cape teal, Red-billed teal, Hottentot teal, Cape shoveller, Southern pochard, Fulvous duck, White-backed duck & Shell duck Francolin: Swainson’s francolin, Redwing francolin, Grey wing francolin, Natal francolin, Crested francolin Guineafowl: Helmeted guineafowl Pigeons: Rock pigeon, Rameron pigeon & Ringneck doves

Trip duration: 7 - 14 days

Hunting season: 15 Mar 2020 30 Sep 2020

$6,861 for 2 hunters
Driven Pheasant Hunt

Driven Pheasant Hunt Czech Republic

Quality driven bird hunt with many beaters and dogs. All hunters will be a loader who will help during the hunt. Many well organized hunts during the day. The size of the group can be between 6-12 guns. The daily bag is from 200 up to 1000 birds. For making Czech hunting cards we need: a copy of the travel document and a copy of the hunting ticket.

Trip duration: 1 - 2 days

Hunting season: 5 Nov 2020 31 Jan 2021

$220 for 1 hunter
Driven Bird Shooting

Driven Bird Shooting France

On our private estate in the North of France we organize shooting days driven red partridge, pheasant and reeves pheasant. (woodcock and pigeon are also free to shoot) Our CEO Rob and his team of beaters, dogs and picker-ups will do everything to give you a fantastic day. We organize 5 drives per shooting day and we offer our groups an unlimited bag. Transport in the hunting area is provided, as well as breakfast and lunch with accompanying drinks, which will be served in our cozy lodge. Package price for complete groups of 12 guns 11.300 € / group Included: - 1 shooting day at driven birds with 12 guns posted. - Permit & insurance - 2 nights, single room - Breakfast, lunch & drinks in our lodge during the shooting day - Transfers in the area during the shoot. - Guiding & organization by our CEO + 2 game keepers - Beaters, dogs & picker-ups - Unlimited shooting bag

Trip duration: 2 days

Hunting season: 11 Nov 2020 28 Feb 2021

$12,721 for 12 hunters
Driven Bird Hunt

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