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White Rhino Package

White Rhino Package Южно-Африканская Республика

3 x hunting days included US $ 25 000/€ 22 000

Длительность тура: 3 дня

Сезон охоты: 1 мар 2021 30 ноя 2021

Цена пакетного тура $25,000 за 3 дня, 1 охотник
Eastern Cape Hunting Experience 2x1

Eastern Cape Hunting Experience 2x1 Южно-Африканская Республика

We believe that each hunter has his/her own idea and dream of hunting Africa. For this reason we offer our South African hunts on an exclusive daily rate basis, allowing each individual to tailor make their very own safari. We have access to three million acres of privately owned land and game reserves, including over seven hundred thousand acres of free ranging areas stretching from the coastal forests along the Indian Ocean, to the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Karoo, and the breath-taking mountains of the north - hunting the game in their natural environment and habitat where they are naturally of better quality. With over forty different species available to our hunters, from the tiniest Blue Duiker to the largest antelope in Africa, the Cape Eland, all occurring in a variety of habitats, we have found the need to establish camps within the moister southern and drier northern regions of the East Cape. This often allows our hunters to enjoy the variety of a single/multi-area hunt on the same safari, while ensuring we achieve the very best in trophy quality. Make the most of our traditional 7/10/14 Day Hunts in the East Cape. Our hunts are offered at a daily rate basis, allowing you to tailor-make your very own safari as per your specie choices or preferences. Please choose the days you wish to spend and the desired species from the trophy list.

Длительность тура: 7 дней

Сезон охоты: 1 мар 2021 30 сен 2021

Цена от $11,125 за 7 дней, 1 охотник
6 Night 5 Day White Rhino Hunt <20"

6 Night 5 Day White Rhino Hunt <20" Южно-Африканская Республика

This is a great opportunity to hunt a White Rhino at a fair price! The outfitter has put together a great package to hunt a trophy white rhinoceros that is exportable. The concession that this hunt will take place is located in South Africa. The hunting concession is 18500 acres and high fenced with plenty opportunities. Please consult with the outfitter for more detail regarding this hunt. Due to security reasons the exact location of the farm and hunting area will not be available at this time.

Длительность тура: 5 дней

Сезон охоты: 30 окт 2019 31 дек 2020

Цена пакетного тура $23,000 за 5 дней, 1 охотник, 1 гость

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