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7 days

7 day Archery Moose Hunt 2x1 Alberta, Canada

We offer top quality, 7 days archery moose hunts in Alberta's most remote, untouched wilderness on the edge of the Rocky Mountains with little hunting pressure. If you want a good chance at a 50"+ moose we have the hunt for you. Our all inclusive moose hunts are during the pre-rut in mid September. We hunt by calling the big bulls in close and by glassing large cut blocks in the morning and evening. To have a moose come to a call is one of the most exciting moments you can ever have hunting. The moose in our area can grow to 60" and can be very spectacular with three or four wolf catchers in front. Our local guides and I will have the best hunting spots located and ready to hunt. With constant monitoring and scouting, we are completely devoted to giving our best effort to make your moose hunting trip an unforgettable and successful one. Hunters can combine our moose hunts with other big game hunts. At Timberline Trophy Hunts we take great pride in offering a complete wilderness experience. Hunts may be 2 hunters per guide unless otherwise requested ahead of time. One on one hunts are available for an additional $1750/week and must be requested at time of deposit. The hunting method is spot and stalk. We tend to see a lot of animals this way. In the latter end of the season the moose are in the pre rut so we use calling techniques to bring them within bow range. We also have strategically positioned tree stands over their wallow spots. Hunters are responsible for licences. Additional days may be added for $650/day. $400/day non-hunter coming along for the hunt. $200/day non-hunter wishing to stay back at camp. Package price per hunter is $6500+5% GST.

Bow Hunting Calling High Seat Stalking


Package Trip Fishing Gun Rental Transfer
7 day Archery Moose Hunt 2x1 7 day Archery Moose Hunt 2x1 7 day Archery Moose Hunt 2x1 7 day Archery Moose Hunt 2x1 7 day Archery Moose Hunt 2x1
Package price
for 7 days, 2 hunters

Trip available on: 25 Aug 2018 23 Sep 2018

12 days

Last Minute Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 Alaska, United States

Spring Brown Bear hunts are my personal favorite because of long daylight hours and mild weather. Spring bear hunts can be booked as combination Black Bear and Brown Bear hunts. We normally only book two Brown Bear hunts per spring season, and last year both of our hunters took grand bears within 5 mile of the cabin! We often hunt the favorite spring feeding areas of bears, which include horsetail ferns in open areas between shrub alder clumps and exposed snow slides, which are favorite places for bears to forage for winter-kill mountain goats. In some instances, we may take a stand along game trails and open river bottoms, or we may opt to utilize spot and stalk methods on the mountainsides immediately above camp. Spring bears are generally active throughout all daylight hours, with peak hunting activity in the late evening, often via moonlight, which is legal in Alaska. Being situated at a high vantage point with an electronic predator call and a remote speaker located at a lower elevation promises expanded opportunities to observe and judge predatory spring bears as they travel hundreds of yards to locate the sound of a bear cub in distress, or the plaintive call of a moose calf. One early-season, high-probability, spring hunt takes place where Brown Bears that have just emerged from hibernation walk right past one of my privately-owned cabins while in rout to the first green-up food source of the year. During a portion of any hunt we may use one of five remote hunting cabins, a tent camp, or hunt directly from my 1923 homestead log cabin. Hunters should arrive a day before a hunt starts, and depart a day after it ends.

Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Stalking

Brown bear

Package Trip Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Last Minute Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 Last Minute Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 Last Minute Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 Last Minute Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 Last Minute Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1

Trip available on: 15 Apr 2018 31 May 2018