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For the hunter seeking a wide variety of game animals, beautiful country, century-old hunting traditions, and the spice of danger, hunting in Africa is an experience unmatched anywhere on Earth. Whether you choose to hunt plains game in southern Africa or take on Cape buffalo and elephant in the wilds of East Africa, a hunt on the African continent will create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. More than a dozen countries in Africa offer hunting in some form. The countries in southern Africa, especially South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, are visited by the largest numbers of hunters. Hunting in these countries is accessible and affordable and provides an outstanding experience, especially for the first-timer. East Africa, especially Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, holds large wilderness areas and good numbers of dangerous-game animals such as lions, buffalo, leopards, and elephants. Safaris in this region are true to the tradition of the luxury tented safaris of the mid-twentieth century. Safaris in western and central Africa appeal to experienced African hunters in search of very challenging game such as bongo and giant eland. Most hunting in Africa is conducted “safari-style,” where hunters drive around the hunting area in open-topped vehicles searching for game or tracks of game. When game is sighted, hunters stalk on foot, or when fresh tracks are spotted, hunters disembark to follow on foot, sometimes for many hours. There are a few exceptions, such as leopard hunting, which is usually conducted from a blind over bait. With such a wide variety of terrain, countries, and game animals to choose from, hunting in Africa holds something for everyone.

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2x1 Cape Eland Package, 2017

2x1 Cape Eland Package, 2017 Namibia

Our Professional Hunters primary goal is to provide you with the finest quality hunting trophies and exceptional personal service in every aspect to ensure that you have a once in a lifetime African hunting safari adventure. The 7 hunting days / 8 nights Cape Eland package includes 4 trophies: 1x Cape Eland, 1x Oryx/Gemsbok, 1x Blue Wildebeest, 1x Impala for $6,200 per hunter. The price is valid in case of the 2 hunters 1 PH basis conducted hunt only. Please CONTACT US for hunting package availability. Package hunts are not available during the month of June, July and August.

Trip duration: 9 days

Trip available on: 1 February 2017 30 November 2017

$6,200 for 1 hunter
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12 Day Buffalo / Nyala / P. Game Hunt'19

12 Day Buffalo / Nyala / P. Game Hunt'19 Zimbabwe

All clients will have their own camps – they are pretty much all of the same standard. They are generally stone under thatch with bathrooms en suite – just different designs with different views. Additional animals can be added to this safari on request.

Trip duration: 12 days

Trip available on: 1 April 2019 30 November 2019

$24,300 for 1 hunter
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Buffalo / Hippo / Croc Hunt '18

Buffalo / Hippo / Croc Hunt '18 Zimbabwe

Buffalo hunting is done in areas with abundant Buffalo. Our focus is sustainable offtake and focusing on Dugga Boys. We will only hunt the herds early in the year when the bulls are with the cows, but come June we avoid applying pressure on the herds where possible. This helps keeping the Buffalo herds in big numbers and is better for protection towards predators like lion and hyena. From June onwards we focus on the Dugga boys. This does make it harder but most certainly more rewarding when that mature bull is taken. We have very seldom failed on a buffalo hunt, by making sure all quotas are sustainable. Hippo are hunted on land and water however in the Zambezi hunting them in strong current is avoided as you will lose your trophy. Hippo Bulls are generally hunted for trophy however, it’s near impossible to judge a Hippo in the water or land. So we focus on Mature Bulls and hope for the best. Crocs are very limited in permits as they are Cities controlled animals and a mature big croc is many years old. Our Crocs are sought after as they reach over 13 feet in Rifa and our biggest taken was 16’2”. Crocodile are hunted over bait and blind but the majority are harvested by stalking when they are digesting food in the sun or resting. Crocs are generally taken by a head or neck shot at ranges from 40-100 yards.

Trip duration: 12 - 16 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2018 30 November 2018

$9,300 for 1 hunter
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