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Red River Hogs are often referred to as ‘Bushpig’ but should not be confused with the Bushpig species of Southern and East Africa. Their colours are spectacularly different and they are mostly encountered in the rainforests of the Congo Basin. They may be hunted in the Congo, Central African Republic, Uganda and lesser known Liberia. Currently, BookYourHunt only has listed hunting options in the Cameroon.

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Red River Hog hunts are normally combined with a few other specialist species, like Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo and a number of Forest Duikers. In Cameroon numerous outfitters offer 7-15 day safaris that include these hogs. The daily rates for these safaris range between $1,030-3,825 per day, depending on what other species you hunt during the course of the safari. Trophy fees range between $555 – 1,830.

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When to hunt Red River Hog?

The best time to hunt Red River Hog is the driest time of the year when the riverine and wet swampy areas amongst the huge forest trees that they favour, start to dry out and the Red River Hogs are more concentrated in these areas. The official forest hunting season in Cameroon starts on March 1 and finishes on June 30. No matter what time of the year expect to get wet and muddy.


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Mostly hunted as a trophy of opportunity whilst busy with a walk and stalk hunt for another species. They are noisy feeders and often heard before being seen. As is the case with most pig species their eyesight is very poor but their sense of smell is excellent so always approach from downwind. Red River Hogs may also be hunted from a high stand (machane) overlooking a likely spot where these animals may congregate in a forest glade near a salt lick.

Why hunt Red River Hog?

Even if you are not a pig hunter, these beautifully red coloured Hogs are irresistible and one of the most cherished forest trophies owing to their magnificent colouring. Hunters who hunt in these forests are there due to the fact that they are after something different to the normal African plains game hunts and after the forest specials which will no doubt include a Red River Hog. Normally, not full mounted but still make great shoulder mounts, especially when compared with the other pig species. Skull mounts on a shield and in some cases only the tusks are shield mounted are another taxidermy option.

Lord Derby Eland & Buffalo Safari

Lord Derby Eland & Buffalo Safari

9.4 4 отзыва
Кистеухая свинья, Павиан, Обыкновенный редунка, Бушбок, Дукер кустарниковый...
Длительность тура: 12 дней
Season: 1 янв. 2024 - 31 мая 2024
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за 12 дней, 1 охотник
10 day Buffalo / Roan / Hippo Hunt

10 day Buffalo / Roan / Hippo Hunt

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Кистеухая свинья, Павиан, Обыкновенный редунка, Бушбок, Цивета...
Длительность тура: 10 дней
Season: 1 янв. 2024 - 31 мая 2024
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за 10 дней, 1 охотник
13 Day Bongo & Forest Elephant Safari

13 Day Bongo & Forest Elephant Safari

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Кистеухая свинья, Антилопа-крошка, Дукер черноспинный, Дукер чернолобый, Дукер голубой...
Длительность тура: 15 дней
Season: 1 апр. 2024 - 31 июл. 2024
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за 15 дней, 1 охотник
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