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About Sheep & Goat hunting

Sheep and goat domestication marked an important milestone for civilization. Curiously enough, these days sheep and goat hunting is likely to take you to the most remote, uncivilized and inhospitable mountain ranges on the planet. There, you will get up at an anti-social hour to climb up a peak, where you’ll remain immobile for hours, examining the surroundings through binoculars or spotting scope, until you make out a shape of the animal you’re after. A long, slow and painful stalk will follow, and the hunt will be over with a long shot, if you can figure out distances and winds. Varying nutritional conditions and isolation of small populations on different mountain ranges have the result that the size and shape of the horns may also differ dramatically. Consider the variations in basically the ibex of Spain, that exist in the same country and belong to the same species. Trophy record books and slam chasing may not be anyone’s cup of tea, but the desire to visit every mountain range and set your sights on every variant should be familiar and understandable to any hunter. Goats (mostly Ibex) and Sheep are not that different from each other, and there are species (like the Dagestan Tur) that cause controversy among biologists re: whether they should be classified as Capra or Ovi. For some reason, goats such as Ibex are more numerous and widespread, and sheep are rarer and more expensive to hunt. The most iconic species such as Marco Polo Argali and Dall Sheep may cost thousands of dollars. There are, of course, more affordable sheep and goat hunts (mostly after introduced or feral animals) that don’t cost as much and offer reasonable creature comforts. But on the whole, sleeping on clean sheets in a comfortable lodge is an exception. The rule is long bumpy rides in ancient trucks, improvised meals, tiny tents in spike camps put on bare rocks at 30° angle, freezing cold, lack of oxygen, and miles and miles up and down rockslides. Yet, there are people who not only want to go through this, but also pay quite a lot of money for the privilege. Why? Book a sheep or goat hunt and find out for yourself!

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Wild sheep are some of the World's most magnificent and regal creatures. They reside in some of the harshest, most rugged and most beautiful habitat on the planet. For many hunters wild sheep are the pinnacle of their hunting goals. Let BookYourHunt help you book your dream sheep hunt today!

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Sheep & Goat

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