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Where to hunt Tahr

Tahr is a relatively small, but unusual looking mountain ungulate, distantly related to North American Mountain Goat. In its native range in the Himalayas it is endangered, and opportunities to hunt are strictly limited. However, it is possible to hunt introduced populations of Tahr that exist in other countries. Those include Macedonia and Argentina, but, of course, the go-to destination for a Tahr hunting is New Zealand, what with an abundance of Tahr and other game animals, breathtaking views, opportunities for other outdoor pursuit, and affordable prices.

Price distribution

New Zealand offers the most affordable Tahr hunting trips, that start at about $5,000 or so for a basic hunt in areas readily accessible by transport. A longer hunt with helicopter transfer to spike camp will be in the $7,000-$10,000 range. Hunting Tahr in Nepal is most expensive and will set you back $25,000 or more. Hunts in Argentina and Macedonia are somewhere in between.

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New Zealand is by far the most popular destination for Tahr hunters these days, featuring both high densities of the species and affordable rates. But there are more than one reason to come and hunt in this wonderful country. Learn more about New Zealand and its advantages as a hunting destination.

23 Aug 2016 3 reasons to hunt in New Zealand

When to hunt Tahr?

Typically for the ungulates, the rut is the best time to hunt Tahr. In New Zealand it usually occurs from late May to early July. Tahr hunting season in New Zealand is open year round; however, aereal access to some areas could be closed in certain periods. In Nepal Tahr hunting season is open in October-November and March-April.


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Tahr hunting is as challenging and exciting as any other mountain hunt. Tahr are typically found on higher elevations than most other mountain game. It’s common for them to migrate daily, descending to the alpine meadows to feed, and ascending to the mountain tops to rest and chew cud. Old males often “stand guard” above family groups; they are extremely alert and difficult to approach. Interestingly, in some areas of New Zealand, where Tahr are routinely culled from helicopters, they changed their behavior to seek refuge below, rather than above, the alpine meadow line, making them more difficult to spot. Spot and stalk is the go-to method for Tahr hunting.

Why hunt Tahr?

Whether it is the Himalayas or the mountains of New Zealand that offer the most striking landscapes in the world is debatable. What is undeniable is that both ranges belong to the must-visit places. And the little, vary Tahr is a worthy quarry for any mountain hunter. Tahr hunting in the Himalayas, where due to human encroachment and habitat loss Tahr was once heavily endangered, income from trophy hunting plays an important role in conservation programs. By contrast, in New Zealand, where Tahr were released and, without predators but with appropriate natural conditions, multiplied to astounding numbers, the population must now be seriously controlled to protect the indigenous fauna. Thus, in any country across its range, Tahr hunting has a strong conservation subtext.

Free-range Tahr Package

Free-range Tahr Package New Zealand

100% free range/ fair chase Tahr foot hunt – cabin style accommodation in the Southern Alpine mountains at $4,500. Bring an additional hunter for a second Tahr at half price! Southern Alps and includes New Zealand’s best and most exclusive hunting grounds for Himalayan tahr (also called thar) and alpine chamois. Our hunting methods match the level of fitness of individual hunters. We can take a helicopter daily from comfortable lodgings, or do wilderness spike camps. We also utilize private land concessions where access is by 4WD and accommodation is in alpine cabins - some complete with hot showers. Himalayan tahr were transplanted to New Zealand in 1904 and they have thrived in a habitat that is very similar to their native home in the Himalayan mountains. Tahr can be hunted all year round; however their pelts are at their best from May to September. Their rut period is May/June, during this time larger bulls are easier to locate as they join with the nannies. The Himalayan tahr in his full winter glory, with golden mane flowing in the wind, is arguably one of the most impressive game animals in the world. Their habitat makes them one of the most challenging and rewarding trophies to obtain. Hunting tahr is the highlight of many hunters’ visits to New Zealand. Additional management hunt on species of choice for no additional cost. Helicopter access can be arranged to the tahr and chamois hunting areas at an additional $1500-2500 USD p/hour.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 30 Sep 2022

Package price $4,500 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Private Land Tahr 1x1

Private Land Tahr 1x1 New Zealand

We specialize in alpine hunting, and feel very privileged to be able to offer what’s widely regarded as New Zealand’s best private land tahr and chamois hunting. These are truly wild and free ranging animals, and we have vast tracts of private land at our disposal. Our private land tahr hunting is accessed by 4wd and utilizes comfortable on farm accommodation. With a spot and stalk style of hunting we will look over numerous bulls, before selecting a truly mature trophy bull. To access our private land chamois hunting, we take a short scenic helicopter flight, landing at our comfortable alpine cabin accommodation. This is a truly chamois rich environment and in a true alpine setting. Years of experience delivering these style of hunts has given us the knowledge to be able to cater to almost any level of fitness. But make no mistake, a good base level of fitness will make this hunt a lot more enjoyable. Our focus is on delivering a true mountain hunting experience and harvesting only truly mature trophy animals. Please note we also offer exceptional red stag and fallow hunting opportunities for both free range and estate, these can be added on to any hunting package as per our current pricing.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 2 Mar 2021 31 Jul 2021

Package price $6,000 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Tahr hunt for Two! 2 people 2 Bulls!

Tahr hunt for Two! 2 people 2 Bulls! New Zealand

Two hunters one Bull Tahr each package deal. Come on down and chase Bull Tahr here in New Zealand for the ultimate mountain hunting experience. This package includes 4 nights accommodation and 5 days hunting all food provided. No hidden costs, Fly into Christchurch airport and I will sort the rest from here. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AND ADD-ONS TO CONSIDER: Feral Goat - $700.00 White Tail Buck - $6,500.00 Arapawa Ram - $800.00 Fallow Buck - $4,000.00 Fallow Buck XXL - $6,000.00 Helicopter hire - $1,600.00 (per hour) Wapiti / Elk - from $10,000

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 1 Dec 2020 31 Dec 2026

Package price $7,000 for 4 days, 2 hunters, 1 guest

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