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About Small Game hunting

The division between small game and big game is not so straightforward. Usually, the ‘big game’ are ungulates and the bigger predators (from about the bobcat and coyote upwards), while ‘small game’ are birds and rodents (such as squirrels, rabbits and hares). Some kinds of small game hunting - for example, wild pheasant hunting in the American Midwest, partridge hunting in Spain and dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina, attracts hunters from far away, and may cost thousands of dollars. But usually when we’re talking about small game, we mean something that is common, abundant, and close to home. Small game is often a beginner’s hunt. Traditionally, young hunters began their hunting careers with game like squirrels and rabbits, and once they have sharpened their teeth on them, ‘progress’ to big-game animals. Small game is the great educator. With large numbers, you can count on numerous encounters, and with small relative price of mistake, small game birds and animals are good objects for trial and error. Many hunters become so absorbed in the education, that they continue to prefer small game to pursuit of bigger animals. Small game hunting opportunities exist almost everywhere, and the game birds and animals of this class don’t usually require special licenses and permits to hunt. You can see small game hunting can be seen as a quick and easy way to harvest dinner, a diversion from a big-game hunt, or an introduction to the wonderful world of hunting. But in any case, you shouldn’t look down on it.

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5-Day Tailor-made Safari (2x1)

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Small Game

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