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Where to hunt Muntjac Deer

Muntjac, a.k.a. the barking deer, is the native of India and China. However, hunting opportunities for this small and ancient species in their original range exist today only in Nepal. Muntjac was introduced to Great Britain, where they form a large and stable feral population, and are becoming an increasingly popular hunting quarry.

Price distribution

Muntjac hunting in Great Britain is quite affordable for the country. Cull hunt offers may start as low as $150 a hunter a day, before trophy fees. The trophy fees are in $50 range a head for a female, and up to $700 or so for a record trophy buck. Allow Muntjac hunting in Nepal is usually offered in combination with blue sheep hunts, and is priced accordingly.

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When to hunt Muntjac Deer?

In Great Britain there’s no closed season for muntjac hunting, however, most outfitters time these hunts to the cull/hind season for other kinds of deer, deer, that runs from November 1 to March 31. Muntjac deer does go into heat at any random time, and bucks don’t shed their antlers, so any time within this period is as good as another.


Hunting methods

Small and secretive, the muntjac deer is not so easy to harvest. The peculiar bark of the muntjac deer is a sign of alarm, and can’t be used for calling; they seldom come into the fields to feed, so hunting from blinds or high seats Euro style is not especially promising. Spot-and-stalk is the most popular option. Prepare to rise early, as the best time for hunting is at dawn, and you want to be on the hunting grounds at least an hour before sunrise. Be prepared that the guide will insist to carry your rifle and hand it to you just before the shot – in a country as densely populated as England and Wales, it’s an important safety concern.

Why hunt Muntjac Deer?

The muntjac is believed to be one of the oldest existing species of deer-like creatures. The males carry both short and usually unforking antlers and large canine teeth, giving them a ‘vampire deer’ look. It was introduced to Britain well over a hundred years ago, but for some reason didn’t attract much attention of hunters until recently. One of the most important reasons for hunting muntjac deer is population control. Even though they don’t do as much damage to crops as other kinds of deer, overpopulation may have serious consequences for the forestry, and vehicle collision is also an issue. What could be more important for hunters, however, is that these creatures provide an affordable and challenging big-game hunting opportunity within a short drive from Britain’s biggest cities.

Evening Stalking Hunt

Evening Stalking Hunt United Kingdom

The package includes evening stalking of 1 outing with rifle hire included. All animals fees are to be paid according to the price list. Species by seasons: Muntjac deer - no closed season, do not cull bucks from mid - May though July while they are casting their antlers and then in velvet. Fallow buck open season is 1 August - 30 April Fallow doe open season is 1 November – 31 March Chinese Water Deer open season for bucks and does is 1 November - 31 March. Roe buck open season is 1 April - 31 October. Roe doe open season is 1 November – 31 March. Red stag open season is 1 August – 30 April Red hind open season is 1 November – 31 March.

Trip duration: 1 day

Hunting season: 1 Jun 2020 31 Mar 2021

Price from $559 for 1 day, 1 hunter
Muntjac Deer Hunt

Muntjac Deer Hunt United Kingdom

Although the UK Muntjac Buck season has no 'closed' season they are typically in velvet in the summer months. Therefore we recommend stalking Muntjac from September through to May however we find that the most memorable times are from February to April when they can be called in using a Butallo/Cherrywood call. There are opportunities to hunt for both 'Cull' animals as well as "Representative" and 'Trophy' Muntjac bucks. Daily outing fee Includes morning and evening Sessions starting from 15 minutes before first light (hunting for approx. 4 hours) and then resuming for an evening session and hunting for 4 hours before the dark. Meet at base or collection from a local hotel / guest house can be arranged. For hunters who are travelling with their guns the afternoon can be spent for checking rifles after travelling to check zero etc. For those using estate rifle it is a chance to familiarise yourself with the rifle and equipment. 1st September to 31th October - Roe Buck can be also harvested. 1st September through to May - Fallow Buck can be harvested. 1st November to 31st March - Fallow, Roe and Muntjac Doe / Females

Trip duration: 1 - 5 days

Hunting season: 1 Sep 2020 30 Apr 2021

Price from $666 for 1 day, 1 hunter
Management Hunt 2x1

Management Hunt 2x1 United Kingdom

November is the start of the culling season in the UK, we invite you join us at this experience! All client(s) are required to zero their rifle(s) prior to the hunt. A ‘2x1 management hunt’ is a hunt whereby there are TWO hunters led by ONE guide. A maximum of two hunters are required to book this package hunt.

Trip duration: 1 - 2 days

Hunting season: 1 Nov 2020 15 Mar 2021

Price from $326 for 1 day, 2 hunters
Muntjac Deer

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