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Where to hunt Karakul Ram

In many parts of the world humans, voluntarily or involuntarily, allowed their domesticated animals to escape into the wilderness. If they manage to adapt to new environments and begin to reproduce, they soon start to behave as if they'd never been domesticated. One such animals is the Karakul ram, a variety of sheep that is valued for both meat, milk, wool and pelts. It has become an object of hunting in countries like Argentina.

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In Argentina Karakul ram is usually offered as an extra, or a part of a big-game hunting package that may cost up to $20,000, depending on what other species (water buffalo, blackbuck, red deer, etc.) are included in the offer. To be more precise, expect to pay about $400-$500 a day in daily rates, and the shooting fee for a Karakul ram is typically in the neighborhood of $1,500.

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When to hunt Karakul Ram?

Karakul ram is a feral species and there's no closed season on it. This allows the hunter to schedule the hunt in synch with hunting for other, more expensive species that are found in the area. The prime time for big-game hunting in Argentina is March-May, especially when the red stags have their "roar" (rut).


Why hunt Karakul Ram?

Karakul sheep are mostly known for the distinctive pelts of newborn lambs and fetuses, that is used to make traditional hats or collars in many countries of the sheep's original range, and in hi-end fashion in Europe and North America. Hunters, however, pursue feral Karakul rams for their massive, loosely curling to half-moon shape somewhat like Ibex, horns. Hunting feral animals may not be anyone’s cup of tea, appearing not much more difficult than a computer game. But most people who try actually hunting one usually discover that just a few generations in the wild, especially with some hunting pressure, the creatures offer quite a challenging pursuit.

Big Game Hunt in Argentina

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La Pampa, Argentina
Karakul ram, Axis deer, Blackbuck, Dall sheep, Dove...
Trip duration: 4 - 7 days
Season: 1 Feb 2024 - 31 Aug 2024
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Karakul Ram

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