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Where to hunt Texas Dall Sheep

The Texas Dall sheep has very little in common with the actual wild Dall sheep that live in the northern mountain ranges of North America. The Texas Dall sheep is a sort of a designer breed, that was obtained by crossing European mouflon ewes with Rambouilet breed ram. The result was a sheep with snow-white color and impressive curling horns that looks very much like a true Dall’s sheep. The Texas part of the name is spot on accurate, as the sheep was designed and hunted on game ranches in Texas, USA.

Price distribution

Texas Dall sheep hunting is considerably more affordable than a trip for the wild Dall sheep in Alaska or Yukon. The prices start at about $2,000 and may go up to $5,000. The price may depend on such factors as the number of days, luxury of accommodation, and with some outfitters also on trophy size.

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Texas Dall sheep hunting belongs to the sheep hunts with prices that are more within the budged for someone on median household income levels. There are even more affordable opportunities out there, providing average hunters with affordable opportunities to hunt mountain game, BookYourHunt.com is designed to help you find the best priced deals on the market, and this blog post will guide you towards the most affordable options.

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When to hunt Texas Dall Sheep?

Being an exotic animal, there’s no definite season for hunting Texas Dall sheep. In fact, hunting opportunities exist year round. It’s not easy to define the best period for hunting Texas Dall sheep, but weather-wise, scheduling the hunt for winter months may be a good idea, as climbing hills in Texas summer heat may feel uncomfortable.


Hunting methods

There are no mountains worthy of the name in Texas, but Texas Dall sheep try to stick to the most broken terrain, the highest hills, and the steepest slopes they can find. This predator avoidance tactic works against humans, too. A hunter may choose between hunting from a blind or high seat, or the classic spot-and-stalk hunt.

Why hunt Texas Dall Sheep?

The stigma that usually follows exotic game hunting should not discourage you from considering a Texas Dall sheep hunt. While it is true the animals were created by humans, the crossing happened many decades ago, and most Texas Dall sheep that are offered on game ranches have been living in the wild for many sheep generations. Those who are afraid the hunt will not be challenging enough may make things easier by choosing spot-and-stalk hunt with short-range weapons, such as a handgun, a muzzleloader, or archery gear. No sheep is easy to stalk within bow range. The hunter will be rewarded not only by long curling horns (Marco Polo-lookalike 2-curls are not infrequent), and beautiful snow-white skin, but also with a few pounds of organic meat with a strong gamey taste.

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Texas Dall Sheep

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