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Where to hunt Siberian Ibex

Siberian Ibex has given its name to the whole species (Capra sibirica), but from a mountain hunter’s perspective the name is reserved to the Ibex that dwell in the northmost part of the species distribution. Namely, it is the Altai range; not the world’s highest but one of the most beautiful and difficult to traverse ranges. Thus the other name: Altai Ibex. The Altai mountains are shared between Russia and Kazakhstan, in which two countries the Siberian (Altai) Ibex hunting opportunities exist.

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Siberian Ibex hunting in the Altai mountains of Russia can be one of the most affordable free-range true wilderness mountain hunts. With the ruble at historic lows, the price can be well under $5,000, and many offers are based on the daily rate + trophy fee basis, with a flat fee for any trophy regardless of the size. Calculated per minute of adventure, that may be one of the best mountain hunting bargains.

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Ibex hunting in a different country will be not only an exciting and unusual hunting experience, but often an eye-opener into a different culture, and into the role that modern, regulated hunting plays as a powerful conservation tool. Read the first-hand voices of American hunters and their experience hunting ibex with an outfitter that carries out a community based, trophy hunting funded, conservation program.

15 Mar 2018 To the Roots of Mountain Hunting: Americans in the mountains of Tajikistan

When to hunt Siberian Ibex?

The hunting season for the Siberian (Altai) Ibex in Russia runs from August 1 to November 30. Most mountain hunters believe that the best time for hunting is later in the season, when the animals are found at lower altitudes. However, late season hunts are more demanding because of harsh winter weather, and early season hunts can be combined with maral stag hunting during the rut.


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Siberian (Altai) Ibex hunting is the classical mountain hunt. It starts with getting above the animals and glassing for them, and ends in careful stalk and a long, challenging shot. Local hunters can sometimes call an Ibex in range, but calling works better for meat than for trophy hunts. The Altai mountains are poorly suited for vehicles, but are reasonably well adapted for hunting on horseback, and while riding the small tough local horses can be a challenge, it usually still beats climbing.

Why hunt Siberian Ibex?

Every year the Altai range attracts thousands of people who are looking for the supernatural: spiritual revelations, extraterrestrial activities, legendary hoards, and more. Hunters may be the most rational beings among this crowd, but it can’t be denied that Altai Ibex hunting has a mystical flavor to it. The Siberian Ibex is larger in body than Mid-Asian or Bezoar Ibex, but the horns are usually smaller in length. They can reach 127 sm, but the average trophy size is just over 1 meter, making in thickness what they might lack in length, and are an impressive trophy overall. The horns don’t spread too wide and are covered in knobs, which in the younger animals can be used to estimate the age. With older Ibex the method is not reliable. The challenges of mountain hunting, intensified by difficult terrain, are only adding up to the attraction of Altai Ibex hunting.

Siberian Ibex hunt ARLAN

Siberian Ibex hunt ARLAN

9.6 3 reviews
Siberian ibex
Trip duration: 8 days
Season: 1 Aug 2025 - 30 Nov 2025
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for 8 days, 1 hunter
Siberian Ibex hunt in Altai

Siberian Ibex hunt in Altai

Siberian ibex
Trip duration: 7 days
Season: 1 Aug 2024 - 30 Nov 2024
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter
Maral & Ibex Combo ARLAN

Maral & Ibex Combo ARLAN

9.6 3 reviews
Siberian ibex, Maral Stag
Trip duration: 11 days
Season: 1 Sep 2025 - 15 Oct 2025
Price from
for 11 days, 1 hunter
Siberian Ibex

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