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Mozambique is a country in south-east Africa, a former Portuguese colony. Mozambique became an independent state since 1975. This beautiful country is located on the Indian Ocean coast, opposite the island of Madagascar. Hunting areas occupy a significant part of the territory of country. After years of civil war and internal strife Mozambique is open for trophy hunters, and other adventurers. Hunting in Mozambique is real adventure: just imagine kilometers of open space and you have to look for a prey, to stalk, to fight. The fauna of the country is very rich. Mozambique is a home for antelopes. It’s worth noting one of the most beautiful trophies of Africa – Sable antelope, it inhabits almost the entire territory of Mozambique. Hunting in Mozambique gives a chance to hunt on animals of the Big Four. Prices for hunting in Mozambique vary; you can choose a hunt that is affordable for you. Hunting trips to Mozambique, the pearl of Africa, are always full of adventures and give you a chance to have stories to tell your friends about your travel to such a colourful country. Elephant, buffalo, leopard, crocodile, hippopotamus – it’s not a full list of animals you can hunt on in Mozambique! Make yourself a gift – a trip to Mozambique! Experience wild power, accept the challenge, fight and win! Hunting in Mozambique is waiting for you!

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Leopard over Hounds TREE & FREE '21

Leopard over Hounds TREE & FREE '21 Mozambique

This package caters to the active hunter that is not satisfied with just treeing 1 Leopard. 10 days of exhilarating tracking, trailing and treeing the elusive solitary Leopard delivers an experience comparable to the life of a full-time hunting guide. Pure adventure as we stay mobile on the tracks of the cats, bouncing from camp to camp. As many Leopard as possible are TREED & FREED over the course of the adventure where memories and photographs replace a physical trophy skin and skull. Group of 3 hunters only.

Trip duration: 14 days

Hunting season: 1 May 2021 31 Oct 2021

Package price $7,950 for 14 days, 1 hunter
5 Day Crocodile Hunt

5 Day Crocodile Hunt Mozambique

The best time to go to Mozambique, for safaris and excursions, is from mid-May to August, because it's the coolest, driest and sunniest. Recall, however, that at high altitudes, above 2,000 metres it's cold and at night there may be slight frosts. This also co-insides well with most hunting seasons for the lion and elephant that you may be wanting to hunt. We get the following things done before your safari: - Hunting license. - Permits - Full rifle details - Make, Type, Calibre, Amount of bullets. Complete this form to ensure nothing is overlooked. - We will send you an Invitation letter for you to apply for your Mozambican visa at your nearest Mozambican Embassy. - All roads at the area have been fixed after rainy season to be ready for the safari season. - Anti-poaching at our area is a 12 month affair and our guys do a good job at keeping poachers out. - Our Chef works year round in the off-season keeping busy at our fishing camp where he keeps up his skills. - We will put you in touch with the trophy export company.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 1 May 2021 31 Oct 2021

Price from $8,900 for 5 days, 1 hunter
Buffalo / Plains Game - Niassa 2022

Buffalo / Plains Game - Niassa 2022 Mozambique

2022 - All Inclusive - Free Range Buffalo hunt in Mozambique's world renowned Niassa Game Reserve. The plains game species available to hunt are unique and endemic to Niassa.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 1 Jul 2022 15 Nov 2022

Price from $18,650 for 10 days, 1 hunter

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