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Any hunter who dreams of wide-open spaces and herds of plentiful big game will find that their hunting dreams lead to Wyoming. The state is a huge, high plateau broken by many wild, remote mountain ranges. Elk, mule deer, grizzlies, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep inhabit the high country of mountain ranges such as the Wind River and Teton ranges in the west, the Big Horns in the northcentral, and the Snowy Range in the south. The sweeping high plains of Wyoming are covered with cattle and cowboys, and the productive rangeland is shared with impressive herds of pronghorn antelope, deer, and elk. Wyoming’s most sought-after game animals are pronghorn, elk, moose, mule deer, and white-tailed deer. The state also offers hunts for bighorn sheep, bison, black bears, mountain lions, wolves, mountain goats, turkeys, and upland birds. Elk are plentiful on public and private lands in both mountains and plains regions. Mule deer are found throughout the state, both on the plains and in the mountains, while whitetails are plentiful in the Black Hills region in northeastern Wyoming and in many farming areas and creek bottoms around the state. But Wyoming is best known for its pronghorn—more commonly called “antelope.” Wyoming has more pronghorn antelope than anywhere else on the North American continent, and success rates for hunters exceed 85 percent. Most Wyoming hunting is managed via a limited quota system, which means there are a set number of licenses for each hunting area, and hunters have to apply for licenses well in advance of the season. That means planning ahead is a must if you want to hunt in Wyoming. To hunt in Wyoming, you also need a conservation stamp and proof of completing a hunter safety course. Wyoming also requires big-game hunters to wear at least one item of fluorescent orange while hunting. Wyoming has more than 30 million acres of public land, making it a hunter’s paradise. Some of these areas are federally designated wilderness areas, and Wyoming law stipulates that nonresident big game hunters are required to use the services of a professional outfitter or resident guide when hunting in wilderness areas. All outfitters must be licensed by the Wyoming Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides. The Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association,, is a great source of information on guides and outfitters in Wyoming. For more information on hunting in Wyoming and to apply for a license, contact the Wyoming Game & Fish Department:

Elk Wyoming - Bush TV

There's not much more exciting than being in the woods during the elk rut. Being in the presence of bugling bull elk will get any hunter's heart pumping.

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3 Day Rifle Antelope Hunt

3 Day Rifle Antelope Hunt United States

Our antelope hunts are 3 days fully guided hunts that take place on a game rich private ranch. You can expect to see a large number of unpressured animals with the beautiful mountains as your backdrop. The topography on the ranch is gentler terrain suitable for most physical abilities. You will be able to look over multiple bucks during your hunt. Spot and stalk tactics will be used for most antelope hunts. This hunt is a high success hunt with good drawing odds. Around 60% of applicants have drawn a buck tag with 0 preference points with 100% drawing with just 1 preference point for Wyoming antelope unit 103 where the hunts will be conducted.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 19 Sep 2021 31 Oct 2022

Package price $2,200 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Prairie Dog 2021

Prairie Dog 2021 United States

Prairie dog hunting is really just a whole lot of shooting and is $500 per person per day no matter the size of the group. Wyoming allows year-round killing of the rodent without requiring a license. The Wyoming Department of Agriculture has classified prairie dogs as a pest. No license is needed to hunt prairie dogs in Wyoming, nor is there a bag limit. Please inquire for available dates.

Trip duration: 1 - 4 days

Hunting season: 15 May 2021 15 Sep 2021

Price from $500 for 1 day, 1 hunter
Late Seas.Cow Elk

Late Seas.Cow Elk United States

Fully guided 3-day hunt on private land. Lodging and meals are not included. Expect to see elk every day. Hunt area is 106 type 4 or 7. Hunters have over a 90% chance of drawing tags for this hunt. Season is November 1- December 31. Combo hunts available inquire about pricing

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Nov 2022 31 Dec 2022

Package price $1,500 for 3 days, 1 hunter

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