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Where to hunt Cape Eland

Eland, the largest antelope in sub-Saharan Africa, of which the Cape Eland is a subspecies that is widely distributed and can be hunted throughout South Africa. Originally a migrating species which moved from the mountains to the lower lying areas during the winter months and vice versa in the wet summer months. Now only found in national parks and on high fenced properties, the Cape Eland prefers the drier areas of northern, western and southern South Africa as well as the mountainous regions of central and eastern regions.

Price distribution

Cape Eland are often included in “Spiral Horn“ and plains game hunting packages so check for any package deals. Alternatively, in many cases you can buy a package and add an Eland to the deal at the advertised trophy fee. The trophy fee for a Cape Eland ranges from $1,600 - $2,200. Daily rates for a plains game hunt range from $350 - $450 a day. Most hunters travelling as far as South Africa would normally include other antelope species in their hunt and normally book for a period of 7 – 10days.

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When to hunt Cape Eland?

Cape Eland may be hunted year round In South Africa on an enclosed territory. However the recommended time to hunt an Eland is during the winter and spring months when food and water is scarce. This forces the animals to roam and forage, giving you a good opportunity of bumping into your prey during your hunt. Eland are in their best condition at the end of summer when their coats are in great condition. If you are hunting for meat, then plan for a spring hunt.


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Cape Eland can cover ground at incredible speeds. Once they are aware of a hunter’s presence, these animals are likely to take off at a trot which can continue for miles. Spend some time glassing from high ground if available or spotting from a vehicle. The classic spot-and-stalk approach is normally used to approach these antelope until you are well positioned for a shot. They respond well to slat licks and will seek water during the day where they can be ambushed from a hide.

Why hunt Cape Eland?

Not only are Cape Eland the biggest antelope South Africa but they can also jump amazingly high. Researchers are always amazed how their leg bone structure can take the force of a jumping Eland without breaking. Being one of the spiral horned antelopes, Eland are always treasured by hunters and their meat is rated as some of the finest in Africa. Old bulls turn blue/grey in colour with a massive dewlap and brush of hair on their foreheads, often with brimmed off horns giving each individual so much character. Due to their sheer bulk, a shoulder mounted trophy is always eye catching.

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Cape Eland

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