Beisa Oryx hunting

Also known as East African Oryx, Beisa
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Where to hunt Beisa Oryx

Beisa Oryx is also known as East African Oryx. They are one of four Oryx species living in the Middle East and Africa. The three other species are Arabian Oryx, Scimitar-horned Oryx and the more commonly known Gemsbuck. Beisa Oryx are a more faun coloured version of the Gemsbuck and is geographically separated as a species. They are found in the steppe and semi-desert regions throughout the horn of Africa and can only be hunted in the lowlands of Ethiopia.

Price distribution

Beisa Oryx trophy fees range between $2000-30000 and daily rates are around $2000 per day. Keep in mind that these fees do not include any other incidental costs.

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When to hunt Beisa Oryx?

Ethiopia has no fixed hunting season but the best time to hunt Beisa Oryx is between October and June. The lowland region has variable hot and humid temperatures. During the wet season, they move to higher ground, avoiding tall grass and saturated soils.


Hunting methods

These semi-arid dry savanna grasslands, scrublands and Acacia woodland inhabitants are a water independent nocturnal species. Like all Oryx’s they feed at night to absorb enough moisture to sustain themselves from the dew droplets formed on the plants. Oryx are also able to regulate their body temperatures avoiding perspiration and therefore minimising their water intake requirements. They are best hunted in the early morning and late evening whilst searching for their favourite foods. Spot and stalking hunting whilst using a vehicle to cover ground is the most common way of hunting these animals.

Why hunt Beisa Oryx?

Beisa Oryx, like all Oryx, have incredible eyesight and make for a challenging hunt. These impressive animals with their masked faces and sabre-sharp horns are the true epitome of a desert hunting experience. A shoulder mounted specimen hanging on your wall will bring back many good hunting memories of your safari.

Lowland Plains Game Hunting Safari

Lowland Plains Game Hunting Safari

Beisa oryx, Abyssinian bushbuck, African wild cat, Black-backed jackal, Caracal...
Trip duration: 21 days
Season: 1 Oct 2024 - 30 Jun 2025
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for 21 days, 1 hunter
Lowland and Mountain Plains Game Combo

Lowland and Mountain Plains Game Combo

Beisa oryx, Abyssinian bushbuck, African wild cat, Black-and-white colobus, Black-backed jackal...
Trip duration: 26 days
Season: 1 Oct 2024 - 30 Jun 2025
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for 26 days, 1 hunter
Beisa Oryx

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