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Where to hunt Barren Ground Caribou

Barren ground caribou are also known as the tundra caribou. They inhabit the northmost ranges of caribou, and undertake large-scale seasonal migrations from northern calving grounds and pastures to wintering range in the boreal forests and back. Hunting opportunities are mostly concentrated in Greenland and Alaska, with some options in Canada as well.

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Price distribution

The most affordable barren ground caribou offers are to be found in Greenland, where they get below $5,000. Barren ground caribou hunts in the USA and Canada start at about $7,500 and most are in the 10,000 USD range. As a large part of the price comes from the cost of travel to remote areas, it’s advisable to combine a hunt after caribou with hunting other species such as musk ox or moose. Combination hunts typically are a better value.

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It’s amazing how creatures can adapt to living in the harshest of environments. You’d never thought that something as unappetizing and unnourishing as lichen can support tens of thousands of robust and hard-going deer. Yet, here they are, all over the Northern Hemisphere: known as reindeer in Eurasia and as caribou in North America, the Arctic deer is the source of life for many indigenous peoples, and an irresistible attraction for hunters from the developed countries.

October 4, 2018 Caribou

When to hunt Barren Ground Caribou?

The season in Alaska runs from August to November, but the prime time for hunting is September and October. The same applies to Greenland. In North America success in hunting barren ground caribou often depends on whether the animals migrate to a given area or not. The populations in Greenland hardly ever migrate at all, so hunting is somewhat more predictable there.


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Barren ground caribou hunting in Alaska is typically a combination of spot-and-stalk and ambushing a moving herd, especially during migration. In Greenland many outfitters prefer to cruise along the shoreline in motorboat, scouting for a huntable bull; once such is located, the guide and hunter land ashore and begin the stalk. This method is allowed and practiced in some areas of Alaska as well.

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One person's staple food (clothes, home, tools, and 1001 other use), another person's adventure magnet: the caribou. Like all caribou, barren ground caribou carry large and impressive antlers, that are uniquely shaped and combine palms with points, with a prominent eye guard. But for the true hunter they are only a symbol of the journey into the last frontier, the unique experience of joining the Circle of Life and Death in the rugged and beautiful Arctic, with the sight of thousands of migrating caribou rivalling the famous springbok migrations in Africa.

Backpack Caribou Hunt

Backpack Caribou Hunt Greenland

We offer a 4 days Caribou hunt near Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland. The hunt bring the hunters into the real arctic wilderness, this is a hunting adventure in the worlds “Last Frontier”. Our hunting camp is remote and close to the magnificent Ice Cap. The camp is equipped with all necessary gear and placed in the center of Caribou land. We trek to the caribou herds and spot the strong bucks and then the hunt begins. We trek light and if necessary we put up a flycamp for the night, normally we have time to trek back to the base camp. September Is a good time for Caribou hunting because of the upcoming rutting season and because the Caribou has cleaned velvet off the antlers. Program: Day 1: - Arrival to Kangerlussuaq - Outfitter receives you and makes an introduction to the local area. - Transport to tent camp. - Caribou stalking hunt. - Overnight stay at hunting camp. Day 2-3: - Spot and stalk Caribou hunt. - Overnight stay at hunting camp. - Small game hunting (if possible). Day 4: - Caribou stalking hunt. - Return to Kangerlussuaq. - Overnight accommodation at hotel Day 5: - Departure from Kangerlussuaq.

Trip duration: 4 days

Trip available on: 1 August 2019 30 September 2019

$4,700 for 1 hunter
Caribou 1x1 Hunt

Caribou 1x1 Hunt United States

We hunt Caribou this time of year in our exclusive guiding area in the Ray Mountains, an area well know for its large-bodied Caribou. This is resident herd of Caribou (not a migratory herd), which means that the Caribou will be there, but some hiking is required. This is a 7 day backpack hunt, and can be 1X1 or 2X1, the limit is one Bull per hunter, and Caribou will be in velvet early in the season. Hunters have an excellent chance at harvesting Grizzlies and/or Black Bears on this hunt. A trophy fee will be charged if a hunter elects to harvest a Bear. Access is via company owned light aircraft equipped with tundra tires landing on high ridges. Hunting style is spot and stalk, combined with walking ridges to locate these resident Caribou. This is an excellent value for a fully guided Caribou hunt, with the option to harvest a quality Grizzly bear in the 6.5-8.5 ft range. August 10-16, 17-23, 24-30

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 10 August 2019 30 August 2019

$9,500 for 1 hunter
Combo Arctic Grizzly, Moose & Caribou

Combo Arctic Grizzly, Moose & Caribou United States

Known for the unique variations in their color patterns, Arctic grizzlies are beautiful animals with a fascinating adaptability to their landscape. Smaller than their peninsula cousins, they are nonetheless impressive animals. Caribou are the iconic migrators of Alaska. Remarkable in their versatility and the vast territories they cover in their migration patterns, they truly are remarkable animals to see. In the Brooks Range, we hunt the Porcupine herd, Alaska's largest and strongest caribou herd. The largest deer in North America, moose claim a size and scale that is all their own with an imposing presence that is impressive to see. In Alaska's arctic, we hunt some of the finest examples of this species in Alaska. This hunt is done on 1x1 basis and includes 1 trophy Moose, 1 arctic Grizzly, and 1 Caribou. This is generally a river float hunt.

Trip duration: 15 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 15 September 2019

$30,500 for 1 hunter
Barren Ground Caribou

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