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Where to hunt Muskox

Muskox is the creature of the Extreme North, and if you want to hunt it you’ll have to travel far into the most remote and desolate areas left on this planet. muskox hunting seasons are open in certain areas of Alaska, a number of Canadian provinces including Nunavut, and Greenland. In the second part of the XX century muskox were reintroduced to Russia and can now be hunted there as well.

Price distribution

Muskox habitat is found far away from civilization, and the biggest part of the hunt’s price is travel and camping. Don’t forget that outfitters have to fly in everything from tents to guns and ammo. The most affordable muskox hunts are found in Russia, where if you go with a few friends, the hunt may cost about $3,000 per person. Hunting in Greenland is usually priced at a bit over $5,000. Muskox hunt can often be combined with a Caribou hunt for almost the same money.

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When to hunt Muskox?

Muskox hunting seasons usually start in August and finish in October. There may be an additional season in the spring. The best time for muskox hunting is probably in September, when, on the one hand, the mosquitos are already gone but winter colds, snows and polar night not yet in, and, on the other hand, the breeding season usually reaches its peak.


Hunting methods

Muskox hunting may seem like a simple spot-and-stalk deal, but it is full of unexpected challenges you’ll wish you knew about before the trip. One is age and sex identification. Both sexes carry horns of roughly the same size; look for a well-developed boss to know a bull. Another is shot placement. The fur of muskox is so long, that if you habitually aim just above the lower border of the body you may only shave a few hairs off the bull’s belly! The center of the shoulder, which is the recommended aiming point, is almost in the middle of the body. Finally, muskox young tend to hide behind the adults; watch carefully for a set of extra legs showing under the animal, to avoid unintentional killing of a calf.

Why hunt Muskox?

Humans hunted muskox ever since the first hunter gatherers colonized the Arctic, and probably never ceased to be amazed by the adaptations of the species to the harsh climate of the tundra. The length of the muskox hair has to be seen to be believed; as one explorer put it, you have a goat-sized animal in a bull-sized cloud of fur. Muskox are herd animals who react to danger by “circling the wagons”, with calves in the middle, and the rest of the herd with their backs to them, and sharp horns directed to the predator. This strategy works well against polar wolves, made muskox extra vulnerable to meat hunters, and presents a challenge to trophy hunters – how on earth are you going to separate the big bull you’re after? Mature bulls feature a great, well-developed boss, that can be as intimidating to behold as any Cape Buffalo. These horns will be a long-lasting symbol of a journey to the wild and beautiful Arctic.

October Muskox Hunt with Dog Sledge '22

October Muskox Hunt with Dog Sledge '22 Greenland

This is a 6 day Muskox hunt package with 4 full hunting days and 1 trophy Muskox license included to the price. The hunt is still mainly traditional hunt on foot, but with the dog sledge for transport of meat and trophy back to camp. So you still have to walk a lot, but without the heavy work of carrying meat and trophy back. Depending on the terrain, we can use dog sledge as personal transport, with no guarantee because it depends of snow conditions, but even with no snow the dogs can still pull the meat and trophy back to camp. Transport from Kangerlussuaq is with car the first 20 km until we are at the big lake, from here we sail all stuff over the lake to the camp. If there is heavy wind it might be nescessary to walk around the lake to the camp. October hunts are a bit colder, down to -15 C, but with still long days and not really cold weather as it is just the start of winter. Compound bow hunting is possible only on 1x1 basis (8195 euro per package), crossbow hunting is not allowed. We take max 4 hunters per group on this hunt. Availability 2022: Oct 6-11 - 4 openings Oct 13-18 - 4 openings Oct 20-25 - 4 openings Oct 27-Nov 1 - 4 openings

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 6 Oct 2022 1 Nov 2022

Package price $7,955 for 6 days, 1 hunter
Helicopter Muskox & Caribou Hunt 2021

Helicopter Muskox & Caribou Hunt 2021 Greenland

All our autumn hunts can be arranged as helicopter hunts, where we fly out to the hunting area far away from Kangerlussuaq. But due to the temperature, both for comfort and storage of trophies we recommend hunting from mid-August to mid-September. Please notice, there have to be minimum 4 hunters on a hunt due to the price of the helicopter. The price pr hunter at 4 hunters is 11.000 euro If there are 6 hunters the price pr hunter is 9.500 euro. For each hunter 1 musk-ox + 1 caribou is included. And after that if there is time, small game hunt on ptharmigans, snowhare, arctic fox and raven. There can be 4-6 hunters per tour. More expensive with just 4 hunters, but then its possible to buy an extra animal for each hunter, which is not possible with 6 hunters because the weight capacity of the helicopter is fully used at the return flight. Contact us if you are a single hunter and wish to join a group. There is 6 full huntingdays Day 0. Arrival at Kangerlussuaq. (please notice you arrive the day before we fly out on the hunt) Day 1. We fly out and set up camp, and prepare everything. Days 2-7. Hunting Day 8 We pack everything down, and fly back to town. Day 9 We recommend a resting day in town (a tour to the icecap can be arranged) Day 10 Hunters fly back home. Each hunter can bring 20 kg of luggage. (We can bring 300 kg extra stuff on the flight out to the camp for all 4 hunters). Hunters should bring personal equipment, clothes and hiking boots, rain clothes, head lamp, sleeping bag, camo shoes and sunglases. Availability 2021: We take max. 4-6 hunters per group. August 20 to 25 - 4-6 openings August 29 to Sept. 3 - 4-6 openings Sept. 7 to 12 - 4-6 openings Sept. 16 to 21 - 4-6 openings Sept. 25 to 30 - 4-6 openings

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 20 Aug 2021 30 Sep 2021

Package price $13,369 for 6 days, 4 hunters
Muskox Summer Hunt '21

Muskox Summer Hunt '21 Greenland

We hunt the muskox on the arctic tundra by the magnificent Robinson River were we have exclusive trophy hunt concession on more than 25.000 ha (62.500 acres) in one of the best region for muskox. This is a hunting adventure in the worlds ''Last Frontier'', where you stay in a hunting camp in the center of muskox land, with a remarkable view over our hunt range. We go by foot in tundra and mountain terrain; therefor your physical health must be good. As well, as you must be able to carry your trophy (20-40 kg) sometimes long distance. There will normally be opportunity to find support for the rifle on rocks or small hills when shooting and approaching the lonely bull or family group. We transport you to the hunting range on ATV and boats. You will be hunting the exclusive MuskOx on the arctic tundra, and we offers near to 100% success on strong Musk Ox bulls with good trophy or old bulls with strong boss. It is possible to hunt small game after the muskox hunt or combine the muskox hunt with a caribou hunt. In the camp kitchen we cook the game we shoot. On a hunt in august you will also experience that it never gets dark, and it will actually be possible to hunt in good light during the night. If you want to combine your muskox hunt with caribou hunt in Aug. Sep. Oct. extra cost are 1900 euro for 1 extra days. If you want bow hunting extra cost are 1900 euro for 1 extra day Program: Day 1: - Arrival to Kangerlussuaq - Outfitter receives you at airport. - Quick switch of clothes. - Transport to hunting camp. - Musk ox hunt. - Overnight stay at hunting camp. Day 2-3: - Spot and stalk musk ox hunt. - Hunt for caribou, polar fox, polar hare and Ptarmigan. - Overnight stay at hunting camp. Day 4: - Hunt in the morning. - Return to Kangerlussuaq. - Overnight accommodation at hotel. Day 5: - Departure from Kangerlussuaq.

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 6 Jul 2021 30 Sep 2021

Package price $5,550 for 4 days, 1 hunter

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