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Where to hunt Wolf

In the USA wolves are considered an endangered species and are protected in most states, excluding Montana and Idaho. However, in most Canadian provinces and Alaska wolves are abundant (some Canadian provinces still pay bounty for wolf harvest). Wolf hunting opportunities also exist in some European countries, including Spain, Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Baltic states, and Belarus, as well as Russia and Kazakhstan.

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Price distribution

The most affordable wolf hunting opportunities are to be found in Canada and Belarus, where they start an about $1,000. Due to difficulty and unpredictability of wolf hunting, there are two kinds of offers. Some outfitters add wolf hunting to a combination hunt offer for the price of a tag. If you insist on having a dedicated wolf hunt with a high probability of success, you will have to be ready to pay $3,000-$5,000 to an outfitter who has sufficient ability and experience.

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Tags, Licenses and Rules

Wolf tags are usually available over the counter, and in the Lower 48 are limited only by quota, with hunters obliged to report their wolf kill immediately. The quota is seldom met, however. Wolves aren’t easy to hunt, so where their numbers are considered to be excessive, very few rules apply.

June 28, 2018 Flagging: A Russian Classic Wolf Hunt

When to hunt Wolf?

The main trophy of wolf hunting being the skin, guided hunts are usually scheduled to periods when the wolf fur is in prime condition, which would naturally be in winter. In the late winter months wolves may be especially vulnerable to hunters due to lack of food, but high snow in typical wolf habitat limits the hunters’ mobility. November and December typically offer the best compromise.


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It takes a lot of work to outsmart such an intelligent predator as the wolf, and all hunting methods are used in various times and locations. A lot of combination hunts are opportunistic, where the hunter and guide just keep their eyes open and if they see a wolf they try and get it. Calling, both by imitating prey animals and doing the wolf howl to make the resident pack think someone intruded into their territory, works well, and so does biting. Last but not the least, driven hunts, with or without dogs, or limiting the animals’ movements with a line of flags on a rope, is highly successful in Europe. Often guides practice a combination of methods, e.g., attracting wolves to the area by bait, locating them by calling, and then put the hunter on a high seat or arrange a drive.

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Why hunt Wolf? All hunts (71)

Similar in size and behavior (being social creatures), humans and wolves have always competed for food and territory. The conflict led to wolves’ extermination in most of the so-called civilized countries, but it wasn’t easy. Harvesting this intelligent predator taxes the hunter’s ability to the maximum, and deeply embedded memories of the age-long conflict make wolf hunting a highly emotional pursuit. This makes a wolf skin – provided you were the person who harvested the animal - much more than just a rug.

2019 Winter Wolf Hunt

2019 Winter Wolf Hunt Canada

Canada is known for its wildlife. This includes the elusive Timber Wolf. We offer the chance of a lifetime to harvest a massive carnivore in the wilds of the north. We hunt over an area with large wolf numbers. With this hunt you may harvest as many wolves as possible in the given time during your hunt. The number 5 below is just an idea of what can be possible. We offer: • High Success Rates • Great Trophy Quality and Size • Combo and Single Species Hunts • Professional Guides • Hunt Transportation • Trophy Care • 100% Fair Chase • Great Food and Better Company • Memories to last a Lifetime

Trip duration: 6 days

Trip available on: 1 December 2018 16 March 2019

$4,500 for 1 hunter
Wolf Hunt 1x1

Wolf Hunt 1x1 Canada

The Grey Wolf, also known as Timberwolf, is the largest wild member of the Canidae Family. The coloration of Wolves varies greatly from snow white to coal black and all the intermediate degrees of cream, grey, and brown. A large male Wolf may measure over 2 m in length and stand almost 1 m high at his shoulders. Their weight can vary from 28 – 80 kg. The largest Wolves are found in Northwestern Canada. Grey Wolves are highly adaptable and have thrived in temperate forest, deserts, mountains, tundra, taiga, and grassland. They have good hearing, a sharp eyesight, and a well developed sense of smell. Timberwolves can be harvested in combination with any of our big game fall hunts. For a true wolf hunting experience book one of our winter wolf hunts where snowmobiles and predator calling techniques will be utilized. We encourage all Hunters to secure a Wolf tag, since there is always the possibility of taking a very nice Trophy.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 1 December 2018 15 February 2019

$5,000 for 1 hunter
LAST ONE! Wolf Hunt 1x1

LAST ONE! Wolf Hunt 1x1 United States

The wolf population in this area of Northwest Montana is growing. And so is the number of hunters who have heard of this unforgettable adventure! We have one hunt remaining in January of 2019 just for you. (One on one, or two on one hunt available also. Call for rates.) Wolf hunting in Montana is all about calling. Wolves are gregarious and respond very well to calling. Typically we’ll cover ground, howling often, in hopes of locating a pack or a solo animal. Once we locate animals, we’ll set up, continue howling, and hope they are curious enough to come closer believing there’s a stranger in their territory. Or, we will often employ predator calls since generally they will not pass up an easy meal and if nothing else, if they hear what they believe is a distressed deer, they will come looking.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 5 January 2019 12 January 2019

$5,200 for 1 hunter

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