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Where to hunt Coastal Black Bear

Coastal Black Bear refers to populations of the American black bear that inhabit the Pacific Coast of the USA and Canada. With an additional food source in the form of salmon runs, black bears of the area often reach impressive size. In addition, Pacific populations are believed to have a higher proportion of color phase animals, with brown, chocolate, cinnamon, red, or blonde, rather than black, skin color. The most famous of them are the Glacier Bear, a rare bluish-gray color phase found in Alaska, and the all-white Kermode Bear that occurs on several islands in coastal British Columbia. It’s Alaska and British Columbia where you book your hunt for the Coastal Black Bear.

Price distribution

The Coastal Black Bear hunts are some of the most expensive black bear hunting propositions. They typically start at $4,000-$5,000, and may go as high as $7,000 for a boat-based hunt in Alaska. Considering the size and unusual colors of the trophies, as well as the expense of running the boat and/or remote hunting camps, as well as the unusual hunting experience, the price doesn’t feel unjustified.

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Baiting is by far the most popular way of hunting black bears. By studying tracks and marks, and checking trail camera images, the outfitter can have a pretty good idea what degree of success their hunters can expect. However, baiting is not as easy as it seems. Whether you’re planning a DIY hunt or hiring an outfitter, you’ll find our blog story on bear baiting useful.

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When to hunt Coastal Black Bear?

As with any black bear hunt, the big question for a Coastal Black Bear hunter is whether to choose to hunt in the spring or the fall season. In Alaska and British Columbia the seasons usually start later than in the mainland. The spring season, that runs in May to June, is well suited for spot-and-stalk hunting. The big males are bolder and more active because it’s rut time and they’re looking for sows, and with short night the bears get to move during sunlight more often. On the other hand, the fall season, that usually starts in August and goes on until the bears den, offers an opportunity to hunt a Coastal Black Bear at a salmon run.


Hunting methods

A wide variety of methods are employed for Black Bear hunting, depending on the terrain of the region and the regulations of the state or province. But Coastal Black Bear hunting in most cases is done by spot-and-stalk. In the spring season hunters glass the open sunny slopes or coastlines where bears forage for food. In the fall season they may use the traditional Brown Bear hunting method of still-hunting along a salmon run river. In some areas the guides cruise the coast on motor boats and skiffs, scanning the area for bears. Once a trophy bear is located, the hunters land and stalk it. The common denominator for these hunts is that, in contrast to many other black bear hunts, you may need to take the shot at long range. Contact your outfitter to inquire about expected shot distances, and choose your weapon accordingly.

Why hunt Coastal Black Bear?

American black bears are typically the smallest of all types of bears, but Coastal Black Bears often reach an impressive size. 7’-7.5’ trophies are not uncommon – we’re talking Brown Bear trophy size here. The hide, especially in an unusual color phase, makes a beautiful rug. A black bear’s sense of smell is excellent. Although its eyesight and hearing are average, they are very intelligent. Harvesting a black bear is quite a challenge, which is perhaps one of the greatest attractions of the hunt. And a Coastal Black Bear hunt, which will take you to the beautiful environment of the Pacific and offer you an active and exciting spot-and-stalk experience, is a black bear hunt second to none!

Boat Based Spring Coastal Black Bear

Boat Based Spring Coastal Black Bear United States

We invite you to gather up your hip boots and a good rifle and come hunt some of the finest black bear country in the world! These bears are fresh out from hibernation. They grow large due to the maritime environment that offers ample salmon, rock crabs, sedges, berries, and sea life. The long days and mild temperatures of Spring makes for easy days afield. Our big boat is base camp and we use 16' skiffs to spot from. It is common to see big boars chasing sows as they come into rut. The grouse are booming in the mountains, steel head are headed up the streams from salt water, the songbirds are back from their trip South. These days afield are the nectar of a new year beginning. A big boar black bear will give you a gorgeous trophy; and if you are game to try, the meat makes wonderful stew meat, swiss steak, and Summer sausage. This is a great trip for both the trophy hunter looking for a book animal and the young hunter desiring a first animal. Bears average 7', we get occasional 7 1/2', the largest are 8'.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 15 Apr 2021 31 May 2021

$8,500 for 1 hunter
Boat Based Fall Coastal Black Bear

Boat Based Fall Coastal Black Bear United States

This trip offers allot of bears, and big bears, while they work on piling on the weight eating salmon. You'll need neoprene or Simms G4 waist or chest waders; as well as good wading shoes that will help you deal with slick stones and logs. The warm, clean, comfort of our big boat as base camp makes Alaska wilderness a joy to partake of. Streams are alive with thousands of pink and chum salmon, as the size of these big bears indicate . Our average bear squares seven foot! This is a fun hunt with lots of action. There is a chance to tag a wolf, and once you get a bear you can fish for halibut, bottomfish, and salmon.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 Sep 2022 15 Oct 2022

$8,500 for 1 hunter
Coastal Black Bear

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