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Plains Game Hunt

Plains Game Hunt Южно-Африканская Республика

PLAINS GAME/ DANGEROUS GAME HUNT Come experience a professional and well-organised hunt with us, as we have been in the hunting industry since 1990. If you don’t have your own rifle we have a selection for hire. Walk and stalk, use our blinds or shoot from the vehicle. As a hunter the choice is yours.

Длительность тура: 2 - 10 дней

Сезон охоты: 1 янв 2020 31 дек 2020

$505 за 1 охотника
Classic Upland Bird Hunt Arizona/

Classic Upland Bird Hunt Arizona/ Соединённые Штаты Америки

Seasons: Wild Hunts-Arizona is October - February, Nevada is October - January   Limits:      Arizona - Gambel Quail - 15 Daily      Nevada - Gambel Quail - 10 Daily      Nevada - Chukars - 6 Daily (or 3 Chukars & 3 Huns)      Nevada - Huns - 6 Daily (or 3 Chukars & 3 Huns) Hunting may take place across the entire state of Nevada and Arizona depending on bird populations and the particular species that you wish to target. Usually it is necessary to concentrate on a single species each day.  Generally speaking, Northern Nevada is made up of 80% Chukars & 20% mixture of Huns & California Quail. Southern Nevada is usually split between 70% Gambel Qual & 30% Chukars. Arizona hunting is for Gambel Quail, Scaled, & Mearns Quail. 10,000 acre ranch in southern Arizona that has 3 species of quail Make your interests known prior to the hunt so our scouting can concentrate on your choice of species. Programs will require some driving throughout the hunting territories. Lodging is provided in quality facilities, including three daily meals and airport transfers. Overnight trips at the following airports; Elko, NV - Reno, NV, Tucson, AZ, and may require a small increase for fuel due to high fuel costs.

Длительность тура: 3 дня

Сезон охоты: 1 окт 2019 28 фев 2020

$2,600 за 1 охотника

DOVES + DUCKS Close to BUENOS AIRES! Аргентина

A perfect opportunity for wingshooting not far from Buenos Aires! The area is located just 3 hour´s drive from the international airport. A very close area from town that allow you to spend a few days of good bird shooting. From May till August is possible to combine with DUCKS and able to combine with partridge (March - April - May) that run with dogs.

Длительность тура: 2 дня

Сезон охоты: 2 май 2019 27 дек 2020

$960 за 1 охотника и 1 гость
Охота с дробовиком

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