Hunting in Lubusz

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Lubusz Voivodeship is situated in the western part of Poland, bordering Germany. It's neighbored by the West Pomeranian Voivodeship to the north, Greater Poland Voivodeship to the east, and Lower Silesian Voivodeship to the south.

About hunting in Lubusz

The Lubusz Voivodeship is located in western Poland and is known for its unspoiled natural landscapes and historical sites. Read more...

The Lubusz Voivodeship (Województwo lubuskie) is characterized by its expansive forests, making it one of the greenest areas in Poland. Notably, it includes significant parts of the Lubusz Forest (Puszcza Lubuska). The forests are predominantly pine, but also include oak, beech, and birch, providing vital habitat for a diverse range of species. The landscape is relatively flat, interspersed with gentle hills and large tracts of agricultural land. A combination of food on the fields and shelter in the forest is a prerequisite for flourishing populations of such game animals as roe deer and wild boar. To the variety of wildlife that the region supports also belong red deer, foxes, and smaller mammals like badgers and otters. The diversity extends to bird species. Lubusz also features numerous lakes, rivers, and canals, with the Oder (Odra) River being one of the major waterways, contributing to the region’s rich aquatic ecosystems, home to numerous fish species, making the region popular among anglers. With its vast forests and serene waterways, the Lubusz Voivodeship offers a unique experience of hunting and fishing among Poland's rich heritage and unspoiled landscapes. Hide details

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