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Why France

Hunting in France: Rich Variety of Game

Rich Variety of Game

A wide range of huntable game is available, including red, roe, and fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, Pyrenean and alpine chamois, and world-class bird shooting

Hunting in France: Two-Thousand-Year-Old Hunting Culture

Two-Thousand-Year-Old Hunting Culture

Once the province only of the aristocracy, France’s rich hunting heritage can now be enjoyed by hunters from around the world

Hunting in France: Perfect Post-Hunt Family Vacation

Perfect Post-Hunt Family Vacation

Combine high-quality hunting with a sampling of French food, wine, and culture

About hunting in France

The hunting tradition in France goes back at least two thousand years, and probably more. Cave paintings depicting hunting scenes have been found here that date to prehistoric times, and in more recent history, la chasse was one of the major pastimes of royalty. Today, hunting in France can be enjoyed by sportsmen from around the world. One of the largest countries in Europe, France still has sprawling forested areas, fields, and mountain ranges that are home to red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, alpine chamois, and Pyrenean chamois. As in much of Europe, game is managed by professional gamekeepers, primarily on private estates. In addition to big game, driven pheasant shoots as well as walk-up hunts for pigeons, partridge, and ducks are popular. Good management and habitat improvement has led to an increase in most of France’s game populations in recent years. France is Europe’s primary tourist destination, with plenty to offer in the way of food and wine as well as art and culture, so a hunt in France can easily be combined with a family vacation, wine tasting, or sightseeing.

What you need to know

  • 1. Planning your trip
  • 2. Upon arrival
  • 3. Hunting
  • 4. After the hunt

Planning your trip


Holders of passports from the EU, USA, Canada, and many other countries do not require a visa for a tourist visit to France. All hunters must have a French Hunting Permit and valid insurance covering the duration and territory of the hunt. Most outfitters can organize these in advance of the hunt.

Upon arrival

Hunters may bring their own firearms, up to two per hunter; however, you must apply in advance for a temporary import permit (for hunters from EU countries, and EU Firearms Permit is required). Contact the French consulate in your country to complete the necessary forms, or discuss the procedure with your outfitter upon booking. Be sure to declare your firearm to customs upon arrival to obtain an authorization.


Most big-game hunting is done by spot-and-stalk or from a high seat, although boars and other game are often taken on drives. Most hunters in France use calibers in the .270 Winchester to .300 Winchester class, equipped with a variable-power scope. Shotguns with slugs are often used on drives. Traditional green or brown hunting clothing is preferred. Between November and February, warm, waterproof clothing is required. If a driven hunt is on the agenda, fluorescent vests are required; check with your outfitter to find out if these are provided.

After the hunt


Export documents and veterinary inspections must be conducted on all trophies by a local taxidermist or export agent. Once this is completed, the trophies should be transferred by the taxidermist or outfitter to a customs broker for shipment, and an invoice will be sent to you.

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Pyrenean Hunt: Mouflon

Pyrenean Hunt: Mouflon France

The diversity of territories allows us to welcome quite typical hunters. However, the hunting at the approach of the mouflon stays a hunting of mountain or the lie of the land and the weather conditions are sometimes difficult. The density of animals presents on these territories will allow you to choose the animal which you wish to take without any obligation of shooting. I recommend to you at least 2 days of hunting during which you will be accommodated in half board in guest houses, tables d'hôte or hotels close to territories of hunting. You will discover it the gastronomy and the local products.

Trip duration: 2 - 10 days

Trip available on: 25 September 2019 28 February 2020

$2,330 for 1 hunter
Roe Deer Hunt - Tarn et Garonne

Roe Deer Hunt - Tarn et Garonne France

The roe buck stalking hunt takes place from the 1st of June up to the general opening in the middle of September. You will hunt with professional or local hunter​ about six hours by day in the morning and in the evening​. The other part of the day you can stay at the swimming pool of your guest house, or you can visit the beautiful region Tarn et Garonne where you are accommodated. The trophies are of good quality, average trophy size is 350 gr. Each season we harvest several subjects reaching 500 gr or more, representing about 15% of the brocades drawn.

Trip duration: 1 - 7 days

Trip available on: 1 June 2019 9 September 2019

$1,320 for 3 hunters
Mouflon Hunt with Lodging in Castle

Mouflon Hunt with Lodging in Castle France

This is a guided Mouflon hunt with a possibility to harvest a trophy up to Gold medal. The hunt includes 4 nights accomodation and 3 days hunting. The hunt can be done by stalking or from high seat. Side tours that can be organized include visits to the most prestigious champagne cellars and a meal in one of the best restaurants in the world (5th in the ranking) which owners are our friends.

Trip duration: 4 days

Trip available on: 4 May 2018 1 June 2020

$4,778 for 1 hunter

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