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3 Day Antelope Hunt 2x1

3 Day Antelope Hunt 2x1 Соединённые Штаты Америки

Whether you have decided to chase antelope with a bow or with a rifle, you are going to have a great time hunting one of Wyoming's signature animals! Our archery antelope hunts are mainly based out of ground blinds and our rifle hunts are generally spot and stalk. Unless you would like to try something different, we are willing to try to accommodate your wants and needs! The hunt includes accommodations and transportation during your hunt, with meals, trophy and meat care also included. Your hunt price is for one guide for two hunters, one on one hunts can be arranged in advance. Seasons: Archery Antelope - August 15-31st Antelope Rifle - October 1st-31st Please note that this hunt requires draw license in Wyoming, please contact for exact drawing odds.

Trip duration: 3 день

Сезон охоты: 15 авг 2020 31 окт 2020

$2,600 за 1 охотника
Охота на гусей на Камчатке

Охота на гусей на Камчатке Россия

Охота на гуменника и белолобого гуся на западном побережье Камчатки в устье реки Воямполка. Уникальное место, высокая плотность гусей. ВАЖНО!!! Минимальная группа 4 охотника, максимальная группа 6 охотников. Группы из 3 охотников обсуждаются индивидуально! Оплата может варьироваться в зависимости от количества охотников в группе!

Trip duration: 10 день

Сезон охоты: 1 май 2020 15 май 2020

$2,500 за 1 охотника
Missouri Spring Unguided Turkey Hunt

Missouri Spring Unguided Turkey Hunt Соединённые Штаты Америки

With thick-bearded gobblers canvasing across lush agricultural land, Missouri is one of the top 3 turkey hunting locations in the United States. Prepare your self for some of the most intense turkey hunting you may have ever experienced. With a healthy population of Eastern Turkey, We are nestled amongst some of the best hunting land in Missouri. Northern Missouri toms can be bruisers, comparable to turkeys found in neighboring Iowa. From flocks canvasing across the river bottoms to birds roosting in nearby wooded areas. We have a wide variety of turkey hunting setups for our clients. But the most impressive aside from the scenery - is that we boast a 100% success rate on our turkey hunts for our 3 day guided turkey hunters. Missouri Bird Limits: 1 bird the first week 2 birds the second and third week One bird per day

Trip duration: 3 день

Сезон охоты: 15 апр 2020 5 май 2020

$750 за 1 охотника
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