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Hunting from a blind A blind is a temporary or permanent structure built with the purpose of hiding a hunter from the senses of game animals. Temporary blinds may be built out of bits of the local environment (branches, grass, rocks, etc); there are also portable blinds, tent-like structures that hunters bring along. A good blind doesn’t only prevent the game from seeing you, but somewhat hinder the spread of your smell and the noise you produce. Unlike a tree stand or a high seat, blinds are usually constructed at ground level. Blinds for hunting waterfowl may be at water level, or slightly above to compensate for the fall and rise of the water levels. A hunter who arrives at a guided or outfitted hunt seldom has to be involved in the construction of the blind(s), but it doesn’t hurt to know what makes a good one. The main rule is that a blind is supposed to look as if it is just a part of the local landscape. For example, using branches of trees that do not grow in this location, or are seasonally incorrect (bright green in the fall, or dry yellow in the summer) may spook your quarry. Some animals, like black grouse on leks, will be suspicious of a change in the environment, and shy away from the blind for a couple of days. With others, especially those that are new to the neighborhood, such as migrating waterfowl, you can hunt from a blind as soon as you put it up. A blind is constructed near a place where an animal is likely to visit - near a waterhole, a food source, a place where it may hope to find a sexual partner, etc. Often, these attractants are added by the hunters - as in artificial bait, decoys, and calling. The blind design depends on the quarry and the type of hunting, as well as the number of hunters. A blind for a rifle hunter that knows precisely where the game will appear may be very compact, with only a small opening for observation and the weapon. Blind for bird hunters, by contrast, must be open from the top, and spacious enough to allow movement for swinging a shotgun. Read more...

The biggest faults in blind design are usually the result of being human-centric - paying more attention to what’s happening at our eye level, and ignoring what’s below and behind. A blind built this way may be counterproductive: it impales the field of vision and impedes with your movements, but the game will see you very easily, because, when there is not enough cover below and behind, your silhouette will show prominently, especially with the rising or setting sun at your back! When in the blind, the rule of thumb is never to assume the game can’t see you, but to behave as if you were sitting in plain open view. Especially when you see or hear the animal approaching, don’t make any nervous movements “to get ready” - move slowly and calmly, and wait until it’s in the right position and distance for a shot. Stay calm and pretend you aren’t there even if there’s nothing in sight. Some hunters prefer walk and stalk hunts to hunting from a blind, saying that the latter is “boring”. Tastes differ, but hunting from a blind is only boring if you don’t have the right mindset. Hidden from the acute senses of local wildlife, a hunter may be privy to the most intimate scenes of nature. Birds and animals, fish and insects (except the bloodsucking kind) all provide entertainment, and will give lasting memories. Hide details

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3 Day Antelope Hunt 2x1

3 Day Antelope Hunt 2x1 United States

Whether you have decided to chase antelope with a bow or with a rifle, you are going to have a great time hunting one of Wyoming's signature animals! Our archery antelope hunts are mainly based out of ground blinds and our rifle hunts are generally spot and stalk. Unless you would like to try something different, we are willing to try to accommodate your wants and needs! The hunt includes accommodations and transportation during your hunt, with meals, trophy and meat care also included. Your hunt price is for one guide for two hunters, one on one hunts can be arranged in advance. Seasons: Archery Antelope - August 15-31st Antelope Rifle - October 1st-31st Please note that this hunt requires draw license in Wyoming, please contact for exact drawing odds.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 15 Aug 2022 31 Oct 2022

Package price $2,600 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Impala & Warthog - Hunting Package

Impala & Warthog - Hunting Package South Africa

IMPALA & WARTHOG - HUNTING PACKAGE INCLUDES DURATION: 5 days, 4 x nights accommodation, 3 x full hunting days and 2 x travel days HUNTER(S): 1 Hunter x 1 Professional Hunter TROPHIES: 1 x Impala & 1 x Warthog ADDITIONAL ANIMALS: Available at the regular rate To maximize your hunt of a lifetime in Africa, our rifle hunting is mostly done on foot or by means of spot and stalk, depending on the client’s ability and the animal being hunted. .30 Caliber or bigger is a good all-rounder for plains game (with at least 60 cartridges) but a minimum of .375 is necessary for Cape buffalo etc. Bow hunting is done by sitting in a hide/blind. We also offer wingshooting @ $350 per session

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 2 Feb 2021 30 Jul 2021

Package price $2,168 for 5 days, 1 hunter
Full on Hunting

Full on Hunting Portugal

This is a truly great package, one that aim to showcase nature at is best. This hunting opportunity its a true wild experience, there is no fences and the Hard work will tend to pay off . We are offering you a hunt in the October/December Months to stalk for Red, Fallow in the mornings, walk up for Partridge & Quail over pointers in the afternoon, come night and if you still have the legs and the will, you can wait for the Wild boar in the evening. We want to offer you the best Nature as to offer and we will only take the surplus, Hunting is the best tool to monitor Nature and making sure is in balance. 5 Full Days Hunting 6 Nights. 3 days Stalks 2 Day Hunting with Pointers 2/3 evenings on Boar. We can ad extra days for tourists or meet any other requirements. Portugal is a amazing country and the interior of the country do appreciate your visit to hunt and relax alone or as a family. In this package we are offering is to show you the best Rural Portugal as to offer . Get in touch, there are no trophy fees, no hidden costs we need to assure a good stock for the future so we manage number properly. Meat can be purchased at going rate.

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2021 31 Dec 2021

Package price $3,851 for 6 days, 1 hunter
Hunting From a Blind

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