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About Hunting From a Blind

Hunting from a blind A blind is a temporary or permanent structure built with the purpose of hiding a hunter from the senses of game animals. Temporary blinds may be built out of bits of the local environment (branches, grass, rocks, etc); there are also portable blinds, tent-like structures that hunters bring along. A good blind doesn’t only prevent the game from seeing you, but somewhat hinder the spread of your smell and the noise you produce. Unlike a tree stand or a high seat, blinds are usually constructed at ground level. Blinds for hunting waterfowl may be at water level, or slightly above to compensate for the fall and rise of the water levels. A hunter who arrives at a guided or outfitted hunt seldom has to be involved in the construction of the blind(s), but it doesn’t hurt to know what makes a good one. The main rule is that a blind is supposed to look as if it is just a part of the local landscape. For example, using branches of trees that do not grow in this location, or are seasonally incorrect (bright green in the fall, or dry yellow in the summer) may spook your quarry. Some animals, like black grouse on leks, will be suspicious of a change in the environment, and shy away from the blind for a couple of days. With others, especially those that are new to the neighborhood, such as migrating waterfowl, you can hunt from a blind as soon as you put it up. A blind is constructed near a place where an animal is likely to visit - near a waterhole, a food source, a place where it may hope to find a sexual partner, etc. Often, these attractants are added by the hunters - as in artificial bait, decoys, and calling. The blind design depends on the quarry and the type of hunting, as well as the number of hunters. A blind for a rifle hunter that knows precisely where the game will appear may be very compact, with only a small opening for observation and the weapon. Blind for bird hunters, by contrast, must be open from the top, and spacious enough to allow movement for swinging a shotgun. Read more...

The biggest faults in blind design are usually the result of being human-centric - paying more attention to what’s happening at our eye level, and ignoring what’s below and behind. A blind built this way may be counterproductive: it impales the field of vision and impedes with your movements, but the game will see you very easily, because, when there is not enough cover below and behind, your silhouette will show prominently, especially with the rising or setting sun at your back! When in the blind, the rule of thumb is never to assume the game can’t see you, but to behave as if you were sitting in plain open view. Especially when you see or hear the animal approaching, don’t make any nervous movements “to get ready” - move slowly and calmly, and wait until it’s in the right position and distance for a shot. Stay calm and pretend you aren’t there even if there’s nothing in sight. Some hunters prefer walk and stalk hunts to hunting from a blind, saying that the latter is “boring”. Tastes differ, but hunting from a blind is only boring if you don’t have the right mindset. Hidden from the acute senses of local wildlife, a hunter may be privy to the most intimate scenes of nature. Birds and animals, fish and insects (except the bloodsucking kind) all provide entertainment, and will give lasting memories. Hide details

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3 Plus Hunters: Bushveld PG Hunt

3 Plus Hunters: Bushveld PG Hunt South Africa

MINIMUM 3 OR MORE HUNTERS ADVERTISED PRICE IS PER HUNTER The average shot with a rifle on Plainsgame would be about 100 yards and at the top end maybe 250 yards. If you are comfortable taking longer shots, that is OK as well, but please practice shooting from sticks and standing up, as this is the scenario most of the time. If Bow Hunting, most of blinds are set up for 20-35 yards shots. Bow Hunting can be done out of various hides on the concessions or on foot by means of walking and stalking. Most shots will be between 20-30 yards, as our bow hides are all strategically placed to ensure the highest possible success rate. Any bow set up that you use for big game hunting back home, for example deer, is sufficient for our plainsgame . We prefer someone to use a bow that they are used to and very familiar with, than go out and get themselves a heavier set up, that they are not familiar with. Success is greater if you are familiar with your bow and used to using it. Fixed blade broad heads are recommended but a well-placed mechanical broad head is also deadly. Additionally for plainsgame we recommend an arrow of at least 400 grains and up and for dangerous game an arrow of at least 750 grains is recommended with a well constructed two blade cut on contact broadhead. NOTE: Although not our intention, all prices are subject to change without notice due to foreign currency fluctuations between the time of the quotation and commencement of the hunt.

Trip duration: 3 - 30 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 30 Nov 2021

Daily rate fee $870 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Special Hunt - Arctic Fox

Special Hunt - Arctic Fox Greenland

Arctic fox hunts can be arranged all year round. We do hunt arctic fox on our normal hunts, but these hunts are for the hunter with focus on this little smart fox. Its just about the same size as the snowhare. There are both white and brown Arctic fox, and both change to a thinner summer fur with more greyish colors, but are also very beautifull. If you want a completely single colour white or brown, then it's best to come from the start november until the end of april. Young foxes from the summer are full size in november, but can have slight grey hair in the fur. Ravens are part of the package, and are also available all year round. From August through early September Canada geese can also be hunted. Snowhare appear 1/8 through 30/4, ptarmigans from 1/9 through 30/4, and great northern singer and a few other birds from 1/9 to mid september. Before you arrive we will prepare the hunting spots with baits, and depending on time of year the hunting transport will be car/boat/snowmobile/walking. Arctic foxes are smart and easy to scare, so its almost not possible to sneak up on them, so the best hunt is vaiting in hiding for them at feeding places, and along the coastline where they patrol every morning and evening, and also in night during summer. We shoot them at around 100 meters with a cal.17 with bipod, and full metal jacket ammo, and we usually only get one chance pr fox. So it is recommended if you bring your own small rifle that you know and can hit precise with. If you can hit a 5 cm target at 100 meters, then its pefect. All hunts are arranged specially for each coming group, depending on the time of year, hunting method, lodging etc. On arrival day we depart to the hunting area, and start the hunt same evening, thereafter there are 3 full hunting days, we return to the town in the evening of the last day.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 31 Dec 2024

Package price $2,911 for 3 days, 1 hunter
2:1 Exclusive Plains Game Bow Hunt

2:1 Exclusive Plains Game Bow Hunt South Africa

EXCLUSIVE BOWHUNTING AREA We are one of the elite bow hunting outfitters in all of Africa. We are 30” Nyala owned and operated by bow hunters with over 40 years of experience bowhunting the Dark Continent. Our properties are owned & operated exclusively for archery only! In South Africa & Botswana the majority of hunting is done from pit blinds around naturally occurring waterholes with an average shot of only 18 yards! The way these blinds have been designed and built decrease your scent factor and reduce the amount of sound leaving the blind. Simply put, our blinds put you in the best position possible to take home the trophies of your dreams. In other countries, we operate most bow hunting is done by walk and stalk, ambush, or temporary brush hides. The hunting is challenging but extremely rewarding. Most of these areas are more suited for clients that have a safari or two under the belt and are moving on to the more challenging and unique African species. These are all custom safaris tailor-made for your unique needs. Equipment is very specific for areas and specie(s) being hunted. The best option is to speak directly to one of our staff and we can set you up with the exact equipment to match your safari. Using the equipment we have tested can be the difference between a great bow hunt and a frustrating hunt. With a full-service bow shop, 24-hour shooting range, and guides who have a vast knowledge of bowhunting, we can handle any situation that may arise during your hunt. RIFLE HUNTERS Are accommodated on our alternative rifle hunting properties and concessions.

Trip duration: 7 - 21 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 31 Dec 2021

Daily rate fee $1,800 for 7 days, 1 hunter
Hunting From a Blind

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