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Where to hunt Ussuri Wild Boar

Rumors about enormous “Hogzilla” wild boars killed in various parts of the USA notwithstanding, officially the biggest wild boars across the species’ native range are found in the Primorski and Khabarovski Krai in Russia, on the country’s Pacific coast. The boar takes its name from the Ussuri river that marks the Sino-Russian border since 1860. Ussury boar hunting is offered by most local outfitters, but mostly as a miscellaneous hunt; if you want to target the species deliberately, use our chat system to contact the outfitters.

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Most outfitters offer Ussuri wild boar hunting as an extra trophy in the course of a hunt for such species as Manchurian wapiti or sika deer, Chinese roe deer, or bear. Ussuri wild boar shooting fee is typically priced in the neighborhood of $500-$700, and the total hunt, with accommodation, transfer, etc., may cost you $2,500-$3,500.

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Primorye, as they usually call the Russian Pacific Coast, is a unique area where the flora and fauna of the boreal forests, such as brown bear, sable and cedar trees, exists side by side with such creatures of the tropics as the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard. Here are seven reasons to explore this wonderful land.

9 Nov 2017 Do Tigers Call Deer? 7 Facts a Hunter Must Know About Primorye.

When to hunt Ussuri Wild Boar?

The general wild boar hunting season in the Russian Pacific Far East usually runs from November to January of the next season. Organized hunting preserves may also have a special summer season that may run from July to September. However, most outfitters recommend to schedule a hunt in Primorye for early September, with better chances for all of the five major big-game animals hunted in the area.


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Local hunters prefer to hunt Ussuri wild boar by drives, with or without dogs. Spot-and-stalk is also possible in the late autumn and early winter, when leaves fall down, and you can see far across the hills. However, the only hunting method legal during the special summer season, when most trophy hunts take place, is from elevated stands. In the case of the Ussuri wild boar, the stands are usually located near food sources.

Why hunt Ussuri Wild Boar? All hunts (4)

As already mentioned, Ussuri wild boar is officially the biggest subspecies of wild boar on this planet. They were recorded to grow as big as 500 kg., and unlike American “Hogzillas”, they are truly wild animals in the species’ native range. It’s not surprising, really, if you consider that hog hunting is a daily occupation for tigers, and piglets and yearlings are their staple food. If you’re a Primorye pig, and don’t want to end as tiger meat, you’ve got to grow big and bad enough, and if we’re talking about a full-sized mature boar with razor-sharp tusks, even the tiger will, all things considered, usually leave him alone. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Chinese roe deer hunting

Chinese roe deer hunting Russia

A smaller roe deer. The summer coat is bright red, including the legs, with the chest yellowish. Belly and inside of hind legs are white. Ears are white inside, black or black and buff on the back. Winter coat is buff-gray to reddish-gray with a conspicuous white rump patch. Antlers are smaller than those of the Siberian roe, somewhat closer together, and less lyrate. The northeastern and central mountainous areas of China, mainly in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, northeastern Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia), Hubei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, southern Gansu, eastern Qinghai, and northern Sichuan. Also in Korea and the Ussuri region of Siberian Russia.

Trip duration: 7 - 8 days

Hunting season: 1 Aug 2020 15 Jan 2021

$2,650 for 1 hunter
Prime time hunting

Prime time hunting Russia

First two weeks of September are considered to be the Prime time for extraordinary hunting for five trophies during the same trip. This combo is allowed for single hunter only.

Trip duration: 12 - 15 days

Hunting season: 1 Sep 2020 15 Sep 2020

$3,600 for 1 hunter
Himalayan bear hunting

Himalayan bear hunting Russia

The Himalayan black bear (Ursus thibetanus laniger) is a subspecies of the Asian black bear found in the Himalayas of India, Tibet, Nepal, China and Pakistan. It is distinguished from U. t. thibetanus by its longer, thicker fur and smaller, whiter chest mark. During the summer, Himalayan black bears can be found in warmer areas in Nepal, China, Russia, and Tibet at altitudes of 10,000 to 12,000 feet up near the timberline. For winter, they descend as low as 5,000 to more tropical forests. On average, they measure from 56 to 65 inches nose to tail and weigh from 200 to 265 pounds, though they may weigh as much as 400 pounds in the fall when they are fattening up for hibernation.

Trip duration: 7 - 8 days

Hunting season: 1 Aug 2020 30 Nov 2020

$2,350 for 1 hunter
Ussuri Wild Boar

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