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Where to hunt Four-Horned Ram

The uncommon looking four-horned sheep originated among domestic sheep many centuries ago. Their precise origin is unknown; different four-horned sheep are found in Iceland, the Hebrides, Spain, and the British Isles. Valued for lean meat, sturdiness and resistance to disease, but above all for their strange appearance, four-horned rams were introduced to many countries, where escapees formed wild feral populations. Four-horned ram hunting is offered in such countries as Argentina, Ireland and limited to a few game ranches in South Africa.

Price distribution

The most affordable four-horned ram hunting options are found in South Africa, where the daily rates can be as low as $250, and the shooting fee - $1,000. On the average, however, expect to pay $400 a day in daily rates and $1,500 as the shooting fee. In included Argentina four-horned ram hunting can be a part of a package deal that may cost up to $20,000, depending on what other species (water buffalo, red deer, etc.) are included in the offer.

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When to hunt Four-Horned Ram?

As a feral/exotic animal the four-horned ram can be hunted all year, and the best time for hunting is dictated by factors such as weather, and seasons for other animals that the hunter is after. In Ireland, for instance, the stag season runs from September to December, and the hind season from November to February. The prime time to visit Argentina is the red stag rut that proceeds from the end of March to the middle of April. In South Africa these four-horned sheep can be hunted year round.


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The most common method of hunting four-horned ram is spot and stalk. Often, the spotting part is opportunistic – if the hunter and the guide notice a suitable trophy ram during an unsuccessful hunt for other species, the hunter may choose to take the opportunity and hunt this animal. Then the hunters make a careful approach to the ram, taking into account the direction of the wind, available cover, and millions of other details. For an extra challenge, choose a short-range weapon, such as a muzzleloader, a handgun, a crossbow or a bow.

Why hunt Four-Horned Ram?

All four-horned sheep were not bred selectively, that is, in most cases the animals were left to themselves for reproduction. They retained much of their original wilderness, and even on estates where they are kept as ornamental animals are usually highly suspicious of humans and may even be aggressive to them. A few generations in the wild, and they are as difficult to harvest as any wild sheep. Four-horned ram hunting can be a good introduction to sheep hunting in proper habitat. When selecting a trophy, focus on symmetry rather than length, and an unusual and striking “devil sheep” trophy will never fail to attract attention.

6 Days 9 Animals Package '25

9.6 9 reviews
La Pampa, Argentina
Four-horned ram, Blackbuck, Fallow deer, Mouflon, Red deer...
Trip duration: 6 days
Season: 1 Mar 2025 - 31 Jul 2025
Package price
for 6 days, 1 hunter
Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia

Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia

10 2 reviews
Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Four-horned ram, Axis deer, Blackbuck, Brown brocket deer, Capybara...
Trip duration: 5 - 10 days
Season: 1 Mar 2025 - 30 Jun 2025
Price from
for 5 days, 1 hunter
Build Your Own Big Game Package!

Build Your Own Big Game Package!

San Luis Province, Argentina
Four-horned ram, Axis deer, Blackbuck, Fallow deer, Mouflon...
Trip duration: 3 - 14 days
Season: 1 Mar 2024 - 15 Sep 2024
Price from
for 3 days, 2 hunters
Four-Horned Ram

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