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Where to hunt Mule Deer

A true icon of the American West, the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is found throughout North America from western Texas and the Dakotas in the east to Oregon and British Columbia in the West, and from Mexico to Canada and Alaska. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana all have great mule deer hunting potential, and so do the Canadian province of Alberta can be described as mule deer hunter’s heaven.

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Mule deer hunts usually start at about $2,000, and more hunts are offered under $5,500 than over. Some mule deer hunting offers on that go over $10,000, but they are usually a package deal in combination with hunts for elk, antelope, or other species. A hunter must check if an OTC tag is included in the price of the hunt or the offer implies that the hunter has successfully drawn a tag in the lottery.

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Is mule deer hunting mountain hunting? How does time of year, terrain, and weather affect mule deer behavior? What's the most common rookie mistake while mule deer hunting? Will your trusty whitetail deer rifle do the job on a mule deer? How about muck boots? What is more important - scent, sound, or sight control? We asked the outfitters who offer mule deer hunts on a host of mule deer hunting questions - click on the link to learn how they answered.

28 Jun 2020 Eight Questions about Mule Deer Hunting Answered by Guides and Outfitters

When to hunt Mule Deer?

Mule deer season open and close dates vary greatly not just between states and provinces, but often also between different wildlife management area within one state. Typically, the archery season may start as early as in August, and run into December or even the next year, with modern firearms and muzzleloader seasons somewhere in October or November. A lot of hunters believe the rut is the best time to hunt deer; with mule deer, the peak of the rut takes place in November or December, depending on area.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (11)

Most mule deer hunting is spot-and-stalk, with hunters spending long periods glassing likely habitat until a buck is spotted. In some areas hunters may cover their ground on horseback, looking for deer. When a suitable buck is found, a stalk begins, which can be be long and difficult, often covering challenging terrain. An accurate rifle and some practice of long-range shooting are essential. Bowhunters may try to harvest mule deer from trees stands or ground blinds, set usually over a water hole, or near the “scrapes” made by a buck as part of the rut ritual.

Why hunt Mule Deer?

Mule deer are easily distinguished from white-tailed deer by the large ears from which they get their name, as well as their dark forehead and light gray face, white rump patch, and small tail with a black tip. A large buck can weigh more than 250 pounds. Mature mule deer bucks typically have antlers with two forks in each antler; such deer are called 4-points (only the points on one side of the rack, not including the brow tines, are counted). Even though mule deer are fairly widespread in the West, a large, mature mule deer buck is one of the most challenging animals to hunt in North America, and this challenge is the hunter’s greatest rewards.

Archery Mule or Coues Deer Hunt 1x1

Archery Mule or Coues Deer Hunt 1x1 United States

This is a 5- day hunt, expect to stalk on mature coues deer between 85-115" and mature mule deer between 15-180' every day and have opportunities on both between 15-50yds. The hunt is 1 guide to 1 hunter unless requested otherwise by the hunter. Hiking between 2-6 miles daily various terrain and weather conditions depending on the season. Accommodations: canvas wall tent, camper trailer, or hotel upon request. Good food and snacks throughout the hunt, the hunters will be asked to provide a list of favorite food and beverages before coming. Alcohol will not be provided, the hunter can bring or buy when in town whatever they may need in addition to what will be provided. Early Archery: August 20th- September 10th. Late Archery: December 10-31th.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 15 Dec 2020 31 Jan 2021

Package price $3,500 for 5 days, 1 hunter
Colorado 2nd Season Mule Deer

Colorado 2nd Season Mule Deer United States

Specializing in Elk/Mule Deer/ Bear/ Antelope and Turkey there is always something for everyone. Not only can we provide a trophy hunt on a budget but years of experiance to put you in the right spot for an oppritunity to harvest year after year. We have hunts for disability or mobility impaired hunters, Youth hunters, and your DIY guys. Although the majority of our hunts are semi guided feel free to call us and see what best fits for you. Bear can be added onto this hunt for $950.00 National Forest hunt prices differ, please inquire for details if interested.

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 24 Oct 2020 1 Nov 2020

Package price $3,500 for 4 days, 1 hunter
Guided Mule Deer 2x1 New Mexico Hunt

Guided Mule Deer 2x1 New Mexico Hunt United States

Awesome hunts with tons of oppurtunity at great Deer. Ask about coues whitetail in New Mexico and Arizona.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 24 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020

Package price $5,500 for 5 days, 1 hunter
Mule Deer

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