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Mule deer hunting in United States ({{ totalTours }})

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Mule deer hunting in United States 112 hunts

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5 days

Mule Deer Rifle, 2020, MS Montana, United States

Rifle Mule Deer Hunts, General License required, Hunts available from 10-24-2020 through 11-24-2020. These are 5 full day hunts and we offer 2x1 hunts ($4250. per hunter) and 1x1 hunts ($5250.). With a wide variety of habitat we will usually employ several different hunting methods each week. The hunting method for each day will vary depending on the time of year (pre-rut, rut, post rut), weather conditions and physical condition of the hunter. A typical day of hunting would be spent glassing agricultural areas from elevated points hoping to catch animals moving to and from feeding and bedding areas in the morning and evening. The remainder of the day is spent still hunting, spot and stalking, making organized drives, and rattling and calling. This is an exciting hunt with clients having the opportunity to see many deer per day! Many consider the mule deer to be the big game icon of the western states and our high success rate only adds to the excitement!! I walk you through the entire application process from start to finish taking the worry out of it for you!! Draw odds are: 1st year 80%, 2nd year 95%. The length of the average shot will be from 150 to 250 yards with every attempt to find a solid rest. You should practice shooting prone, sitting, and kneeling while bracing your rifle on a solid object such as a rock, fence post, or tree. Recommended rifle size is .25 caliber up to whatever you feel comfortable shooting and should be sighted in 2"- 3" high at a 100 yards depending on the caliber of your rifle and bullet selection.

Rifle Hunting Stalking

Mule deer

Package Trip Gun Rental
Mule Deer Rifle, 2020, MS Mule Deer Rifle, 2020, MS Mule Deer Rifle, 2020, MS Mule Deer Rifle, 2020, MS Mule Deer Rifle, 2020, MS
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

6 reviews

Hunting season: 24 Oct 2020 29 Nov 2020

7 days

Wilderness Mule Deer & Elk Hunt DropCamp Idaho, United States

The ultimate western adventure and an iconic American experience. This is not your average wall tent hunt. Wilderness Mule Outfitting offers only the very finest in accommodations, animals, and equipment. We take the traditional “Drop Camp” to the next level. Choose from our unique and professional services in order to fine tune your perfect outfitter experience. Our hunting season runs September 15 - November 18th and we can offer guaranteed outfitter allocated elk tags as well an unlimited late season mule deer draw. Arrive at our trailhead and we will take it from there. Our experienced guides will load your gear onto mules and take you into camp via horseback. Once at camp, the guide will take the time to look over provided maps of the area and get you pointed in the right direction to maximize success. At the end of your hunt, we will be there with the mules and horses necessary to bring you and your harvest back home safely. See below for additional options to fine tune your drop camp. We do not setup additional camps that compete with our guided hunts, we simply offer our camps as first come first serve for guided or unguided hunters. All hunts are 7 days. 5 Mule Pack String & 4 Saddle Horses with Guide to take you to and from camp Premium Canvas Wall Tents (12x15 Sleep Tents & 15x21 Kitchen/Dining Tent) Deluxe Camp Kitchen (Stove, grill, griddle, oven, smoker, and everything you need for cooking and dining) Deluxe Outhouse & Shower Tents Cots & Pads Lanterns Propane Tables & Chairs Wood Stoves & Water Heater Coolers Garmin InReach Satellite Device First Aid Supplies Detailed Maps of the Area

Bow Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Mule deer Elk

Package Trip
Wilderness Mule Deer & Elk Hunt DropCamp Wilderness Mule Deer & Elk Hunt DropCamp Wilderness Mule Deer & Elk Hunt DropCamp Wilderness Mule Deer & Elk Hunt DropCamp Wilderness Mule Deer & Elk Hunt DropCamp
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 15 Sep 2020 18 Nov 2020

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