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There are many members of the Capra family that could go by the name of “mountain goat”. But this page is dedicated to the mountain goat, or Rocky Mountain goat, that inhabits the North-Western mountain ridges of North America, with its natural range stretching from Washington, Idaho and Montana, through British Columbia and Alberta to Yukon and Alaska. Introduced populations of mountain goat exist in other Western states, such as Utah, as well. Ironically, it’s not even a true goat, but goat or “goat-antelope”, the Rocky Mountain goat is an iconic and highly desirable trophy.

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Mountain goats are relatively rare, and dwell in remote mountain wilderness areas. Travel to and from the destination makes up a great portion of the price of the hunt. Hunting opportunities in the Lower 48 start at about $4,000, and hunts in British Columbia and Alaska may go for up to $10,000. Mountain goat hunts often come as a package deal with other species, and due to savings on the travel, a combination hunt is usually a better bargain.

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Warning: mountain hunting is highly addictive. It is not only about the excitement of the chase, and the physical effort and hardships that adds extra value to the trophy. Mountain game takes you to remote corners of the world where you get to know exciting new local cultures and traditions. Read how this all worked for a few Americans in Tajikistan.

15 Mar 2018 To the Roots of Mountain Hunting: Americans in the mountains of Tajikistan

When to hunt Mountain Goat?

Most mountain goat seasons run from September to November or December. The longer into the year, the more demanding and challenging the hunt is, due to rough weather conditions of mountain goat’s typical habitat – but on the other hand, the greater are your chances to harvest a billy goat in prime winter fur.


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Mountain goats seldom descend below the alpine meadow altitude, and the hunt for them is usually spot-and-stalk. Spotting a goat is not so difficult, as their snow-white fur is visible from long distance on the background of rocks and meadows. It’s the stalk part that is the problem. Mountain goats contend seriously for the title of the most alert and wary game animal, and open ground that they frequent doesn’t make stalking any easier.

Why hunt Mountain Goat?

Both male (billy) and female (nanny) mountain goats carry long, straight horns, with annual rings that help estimate the age of the animal. Even more impressive than the horns is the skin of these animals, with fine dense wool undercoat covered by longer, and hollow, hair of the overcoat. But a hunter who wants to harvest this trophy should be prepared for quite a challenge, it’s a hard hunt in a hard terrain. Seriously, even if you can secure a tag for a DIY mountain goat hunt, you should never go alone. In mountain goat habitat the smallest mistake may mean a slow and painful death at the bottom of some ravine. Add to this the problem of getting to their habitat – most mountain goat hunts are done out of spike tent camps way out in arctic mountains - and you’ll see why few hunters could boast of a mountain goat trophy. Neither the skin nor the horns are worth the investment – but the experience of hunting for them is worth every penny!

Remote Mountain Goat 1:1 Premium '22

Remote Mountain Goat 1:1 Premium '22 Canada

Our season is quite long from August 6th to October 6th but short hair in early August and bad weather in October places most of our mountain goat hunts into September. The weather is usually stable and the goats’ coats are getting nice as fall sets in and provides us with the first frosty nights. Our premium camps are farther removed from people and therefore reduces the chance of running into resident hunters. These camps are also placed in areas where the approach is easier than your standard ten day backpack goat hunt. The Skeena and Omineca Mountains of British Columbia are well known for producing record book quality mountain goats. Our goats range in size from 9” to 11” with an average of 9 ½” and our success is usually 100%. The reason for our great success on mountain goat hunts is the terrain. The mountains are generally sloped on one side with easy walking and steep cliffs on the other where goats go to be safe. The mountains are usually 5,000 and 6,000 feet in elevation making for comfortable walking and hunting.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 5 Aug 2022 6 Oct 2022

Package price $15,000 for 10 days, 1 hunter
Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat Canada

The border has re-opened $8000 CAD for a seven day 1 by 1 hunt with a PH. Goats live in the mountains. That's why they are called Mountain Goats ha ha. Please be prepared for steep ascents, and what goes up must come down:) Horses may be used on some hunts.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 3 Oct 2021 17 Oct 2021

Package price $8,000 for 7 days, 1 hunter
Mountain Goat 1x1 Hunt 2022

Mountain Goat 1x1 Hunt 2022 Canada

Mountain Goat hunting with us is the ultimate spot and stalk adventure. Due to the color and nature of Mountain Goats, finding goats isn’t the challenge but getting to them can be. This factor is what sets us apart from other outfitters. There are not many places that support goats that isn’t rugged and steep, but in this area the forces of nature have made it much easier to get close to them. Backpack hunts for mountain goats are nine (9) day hunts based out of the main camp, spotting is done while hiking or from a vehicle. During this hunt hunters can expect to spike out for a night or two after spotting a billy or just to put themselves into an area that has proven itself in the past. For hunters that are in good physical condition and prefer the independence of not caring for horses then this hunt is the right choice.

Trip duration: 9 days

Hunting season: 15 Aug 2022 15 Oct 2022

Package price $11,500 for 9 days, 1 hunter
Mountain Goat

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