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Where to hunt Scottish Blackface Ram

The Scottish Blackface was originally a breed of domestic sheep, noted for ability to endure the harshest conditions of the Highlands of Scotlands and moors all over the British Isles. As Europeans settled in the Americas, they took their domestic animals with them. Once in a while the animals escaped, and, adapting to the new habitat, became wild. As anyone who has any experience with feral animals will testify, they are often more difficult to approach than real "wild" animals, and can be quite challenging to hunt. Scottish Blackface hunts are offered by a number of outfitters in Argentina.

Price distribution

The shooting fee for a Scottish Blackface ram is usually in the neighborhood of $1,200-$1,300. Add to this the daily rates, which in Argentina may run around $500. Few people would undertake a journey to Argentina for a feral ram, and so Scottish Blackface hunts are usually offered as a part of a package hunt that includes other animals such as Red Stag or Blackbuck. The price for such packages may run well over $10,000.

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When to hunt Scottish Blackface Ram?

Like other feral or exotic animals, hunting opportunities for a Blackface exist all year round. This could mean an opportunity to hunt when most other seasons are closed, however, most hunters will prefer to choose the best time for hunting according to other species that may have definite seasons or more desirable hunting periods. For instance, most big game hunts in Argentina are timed to the red stag rut that usually starts in March and may continue to early May.


Hunting methods

The most common method of hunting Scottish Blackface sheep is the classic spot and stalk. Often, the spotting part is opportunistic – if the hunter and the guide notice a suitable trophy ram during a hunt for other species, and the hunter prefers to shift the attention towards the sheep. Then the hunters make a careful approach to the ram, taking into account the direction of the wind, available cover, and millions of other details. For an extra challenge, consider hunting with a bow or another short-range weapon.

Why hunt Scottish Blackface Ram?

Scottish Blackface Rams carry long, curling horns that resemble in shape those of the Marco Polo, and often do two full curls. The horns have traditionally been valued by artisans who used them to make things like shepherds' crooks. If you're worried about the feral status of the ram, bear in mind that “wild” mouflon, the classic object of hunting the islands of the Mediterranean, as modern research found out, did not naturally occur on the islands until the Neolithic times, and it is believed to be a domestic sheep that went feral many centuries ago. A Scottish Blackface ram in Argentina today is a perfectly wild animal which is far from easy to harvest, especially with a bow.

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Scottish Blackface Ram

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