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Where to hunt Kirk's Dik-Dik

Kirk’s Dik-dik, are an easily recognisable small antelope with their elongated snout. Even the literature and experts cannot agree on the number of different Dik-dik species classifications. They prefer more habitats than just the semi-arid regions like most species in this group. They are widely distributed over much of Tanzania excluding the marshlands of Western Tanzania. This species is recognised as a Masailand special.

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They are sometimes hunted during a classic plains game safari as a trophy of opportunity and by pygmy antelope collectors. The government trophy fee for a Kirk’s Dik-dik is $550 and the daily rates vary according to the other species you would like to bag during your safari.

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When to hunt Kirk's Dik-Dik?

The official hunting season in Tanzania opens on July 1 and closes on December 31 and they are best hunted from July to November.


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The fascinating long snout on these Dik-diks is an evolutionary adaptation to control body heat and minimise moisture by cooling blood circulation to the brain. They are primarily nocturnal animals best hunted in the early morning. Carefully walk and stalk through lightly bushed habitats looking for freshly used dung middens. They are water-independent browsers and will remain in the territories unless disturbed. Due to their high metabolic rate, they need to consume more food per kilogram than most other antelope and therefore spend a greater portion of their day feeding.

Why hunt Kirk's Dik-Dik?

The long snout, big eyes and other Dik-dik features are truly unique looking features. These tiny wary animals always make for a challenging hunt. A full mounted specimen on a habitat base is likely to be a conversation piece in anybody’s trophy room.

1x1 10-Day Plains Game Safari

1x1 10-Day Plains Game Safari

Kirk's Dik-dik, Baboon, Black-backed jackal, Burchells zebra, Bushpig...
Trip duration: 12 days
Season: 1 Dec 2023 - 31 Dec 2026
Price from
for 12 days, 1 hunter
7 Day - 1:1 Masai Plains Game Safari

7 Day - 1:1 Masai Plains Game Safari

10 1 review
Kirk's Dik-dik, African wild cat, Black-backed jackal, Boehm's zebra, Bushpig...
Trip duration: 9 days
Season: 1 May 2024 - 31 Dec 2024
Price from
for 9 days, 1 hunter
10 Day Plains Game Safari (1x1) - Reg.

10 Day Plains Game Safari (1x1) - Reg.

9.0 1 review
Kirk's Dik-dik, Black-backed jackal, Boehm's zebra, Bushpig, Cape buffalo...
Trip duration: 12 days
Season: 1 Jan 2024 - 30 Jun 2025
Price from
for 12 days, 1 hunter
Kirk's Dik-Dik

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