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Weighing between 40-60 pounds, the white-collared peccary a.k.a. javelina is the smallest animal considered big game in the USA. Although they look like pigs, javelina belong to a different family and are unique to the Americas. Interestingly, although the ancestors of the peccary have been thriving in North and South America for many million years, there's no evidence that the javelina existed on the territory of modern US before 1700 a.d. Today Javelina hunting is popular in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, as well as in Mexico, and in fact every country that has them.

Price distribution

Non-guided or semi-guided Javelina hunt prices start at just under $1,000. Expect to pay around $2,000, give or take a few hundred, for a fully guided one-on-one hunt with food and lodging, as well as the use of ATV and other equipment,included. A Javelina hunt is often combined with a predator hunt at the same price.

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When to hunt Javelina?

The opening dates for Javelina hunting seasons vary greatly from state to state and sometimes even from one area within the state to another. Typically, there is a fall season that lasts a few weeks from August to November, and a spring season that may go on until May. Some parts of the season may be archery only. Contact your outfitter for details.


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By far the most popular way of Javelina hunting is stalking. These creatures don't see very well beyond about 100 yards, but that doesn’t make them precisely easy to approach. Javelinas are usually found in groups, where the ears and sense of smell of dozens of animals make up for any shortsightedness. A special challenge is to hunt Javelina with a bow. Many different hunting techniques can be successfully used, including hunting from a blind and calling. A javelina hunter should be concerned about fleas. Apparently, few animals collect more fleas than a peccary.

Why hunt Javelina?

As already mentioned, Javelina is a species that is unique to America. The peccary family, while closely related to pigs, differ from them in many important aspects. Those include to teeth, gestation period, complex stomach, a scent gland on the back, and absence of a tail. The taste of the meat is different too; some people don’t hold it in high esteem, but cooked the right way, javelinas are delicious.The secret seems to be in slow-cooking. A traditional Mexican campstyle way, practiced all over the West, is to bury a field-dressed javelina under a heap of burning coals and leave overnight. While the Javelina may appear humble on the background on other American species, it offers a unique and inimitable hunting experience in its own right.

Javelina Hunt Guided Only

Javelina Hunt Guided Only United States

We love chasing “Stink Pigs” Arizona offers over the counter archery Javelina opportunities in December and January and easy to draw hunts January through March. If you have never done a spot and stalk hunt this is a perfect way to ease into this type of hunting be prepared to glass, hike and have a lot of action. We hunt Javelina from super mountainous terrain to rolling desert flats offering an experience suited for just about anyone. Not interested in a spot and stalk hunt don’t worry we can accommodate those looking to just relax and take in the solitude of being in the wild and set you up in a blind. We have 100% shot opportunity on these hunts often within 20 yards or less providing an unforgettable experience that will have you looking at next years calendar.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 28 Feb 2021

Package price $1,600 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Muzzleloader Javelina Hunt

Muzzleloader Javelina Hunt United States

4 days guided hunt with all accommodations food drinks and full time cook

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 12 Feb 2021 15 Feb 2021

Package price $1,350 for 4 days, 1 hunter
4 Day Arizona Javelina Hunt

4 Day Arizona Javelina Hunt United States

Javelina, Javelina, Javelina, need we say more. We offer the best Javelina hunting in the state of Arizona. We guarantee you won’t find a outfitter that has produced more trophy book Javelina then us. If you just want to come down and chase mountain pigs or if you are looking for that 60# hog, then we are the outfitter for you. At WO our hunters for the past six years have been 100% successful with 90% of the animals making the Arizona record book. If you plan on hunting with us we recommend you call around and join every big pig contest you can find, because chances are one of our hunters is going to win. Hunters can expect to see Javelina every day. The primary means of hunting Javelina include calling, and spot and stalk.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 6 Jun 2020 31 Mar 2021

Package price $2,800 for 5 days, 1 hunter

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