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Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, and the only country it has a land border to is Spain. Portugal is easily accessible from North America and other parts of Europe, with direct flights to Lisbon and Porto. The country enjoys a mild climate year-round, making it an ideal hunting destination in seasons when other European countries may be less hospitable due to weather conditions.

About hunting in Portugal

Located on the south-western tip of Europe, Portugal is better known for its marine and colonial history than as a hunting destination. However, it offers some unique hunting opportunities, including the Iberian red stag, night hunts for wild boar, and the Monteria. Read more...

Portugal is home to a variety of game species that cater to every hunter's preference. Whether you're interested in big game such as red deer, roe deer, and wild boar, or the challenge of hunting small game like rabbit, partridge, and woodcock, Portugal offers exceptional hunting opportunities. The country's diverse ecosystems, from the lush northern forests to the rolling plains of the Alentejo, provide ideal habitats for these species, ensuring a rewarding hunting experience. Portugal boasts some of the most beautiful and well-managed hunting grounds in Europe. The king, as elsewhere in Europe, is the red deer, which belongs to the Iberian subspecies. Montado landscapes in the Alentejo region, characterized by cork oak and holm oak forests, offer spectacular settings for driven hunts and call-and-stalk hunting during the rut. In the north, the dense forests and mountainous terrain are perfect for those seeking solitude and challenge. Wild boar and fallow deer are also abundant and popular. What sets Portugal aside from most other hunting destinations is the Monteria, a traditional hunting method that Portugal shares with Spain. This is a driven big-game hunt on a truly royal scale, with up to 30 hunters and dozens of beaters with packs of hounds, and many animals harvested in a day. The harvest is carefully calculated and controlled, which is why, although Monterias take place in the same locations year after year for decades, the populations of big-game animals flourish. Hunting in Portugal is more than a sport; it's a tradition that dates back centuries and is deeply embedded in the country's culture. This rich heritage is reflected in the respectful and ethical approach to hunting, ensuring sustainable management of game populations and habitats. Portugal also has world-class amenities and services, from luxury hunting lodges to professional hunting guides. Moreover, Portugal's renowned cuisine, featuring game dishes and regional specialties, along with its fine wines, adds a gastronomic delight to your hunting trip. Hide details

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Hunting in Portugal is more affordable than with some other European countries. A 3-day red stag hunt during the rut, with any-size trophy included, may cost you under 3,000 Euro. The prices for Monteria may seem exorbitant, until you realize that they are a grand total for 30 hunters, and come down to under 1,000 Euro a hunter a day, including lodging and catering. Given the number of trophies and the no trophy size limit, this is quite a bargain.

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Red deer hunting is carried out by stalking, and during the rut also by calling. For wild boar, the hunters would wait for the full moon, and ambush or stalk them on the fields, to which the pigs can do considerable damage. And of course both species are the objects of the traditional Monteria driven hunt.

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Rut of the Iberian Stag

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Red deer
Trip duration: 3 days
Season: 1 Sep 2024 - 30 Sep 2024
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Trophy Fallow Hunt in the Rut Portugal

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Fallow deer
Trip duration: 3 days
Season: 22 Sep 2024 - 31 Oct 2024
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for 3 days, 1 hunter

Wild Boar in Portugal

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Wild boar
Trip duration: 4 days
Season: 1 Mar 2024 - 31 Oct 2024
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