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Why Poland

Hunting in Poland: True Wilderness

True Wilderness

With large areas of unbroken forest and sparsely populated rural areas, a hunt in Poland is a wilderness adventure

Hunting in Poland: Bison Hunting

Bison Hunting

Poland has the largest population of European bison outside of Russia

Hunting in Poland: Variety of Species

Variety of Species

In addition to bison, thriving populations of roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, and wild boar draw hunters from around the world

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About hunting in Poland

The largest country in Eastern Europe, Poland has large forested areas and plenty of agricultural land, making it ideal habitat for roe deer, red deer, and fallow deer, European mouflon, European bison, and wild boar. Red stag hunting here rarely produces enormous trophies but is more reasonably priced than in many other countries and provides an excellent hunting experience. Poland has some of the largest herds of European bison outside of Russia and is still home to wolves in the Carpathian Mountains. Roebuck hunting here is outstanding, and driven deer and boar hunts are extremely popular and successful.

What you need to know

  • 1. Planning your trip
  • 2. Upon arrival
  • 3. Hunting
  • 4. After the hunt

Planning your trip

Poland is part of the Schengen agreement, so citizens of most EU countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days. You’ll want to plan ahead and work with your outfitter to supply details of any firearms and ammunition you are bringing so the temporary import permit can be prepared ahead of time.

Upon arrival

When arriving in the country, hunters must declare their guns and show a temporary import permit, which the outfitter can arrange in advance. It should include the hunter’s name, passport number, and details of the gun(s), including caliber and serial number. The hunter will also be required to show a valid hunting license from his or her home country, as well as a gun permit or U.S. Customs 4457 form.


Poland still has large, wild, forested areas and sparsely populated rural farming areas, so wildlife is abundant. Hunting methods vary, depending on species and location, and you may use more than one method during any hunt so it may be necessary to have clothing appropriate for both walking and standing. Driven hunts are common for many species, particularly wild boar; if you will be taking part in a driven hunt, fast-handling rifles with low-power scopes are generally recommended.

After the hunt

Trophy export

Upon request, the outfitter should be able to arrange most documents required for trophy export, and in many cases the cleaned and dried horns and skins can be taken home immediately by the hunter.

Price distribution

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Mouflon Hunting in Walbrzych

Mouflon Hunting in Walbrzych Poland

Mouflon live in Poland in very few herds under natural conditions. They are available at small areas on the slopes of the mountains. Mouflon feed on herbaceous plants, leaves, shrubs and fruit. In winter satisfied with dry leaves, bark of trees, twigs and lichen. Mouflon usually come out to feeding at the dusk, but where it is not disturbed, mouflon can be also met during the day. Rut happens in October or November. Mouflon male season: 01.10 - 28.02 Mouflon female and kid season: 01.10 - 15.01 Observers are welcome, though we strongly recommend for them to enjoy hotel facilites rather than participate in the hunt as that would increase the hunter's chances for a successful hunt. Package include 5 days / 4 night and 3 days hunting (6 outings) or more.

Trip duration: 5 - 8 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2020 28 Feb 2021

$867 for 1 hunter
Roe deer & wild boar near Wroclaw

Roe deer & wild boar near Wroclaw Poland

An exciting hunt in a wonderful area of over 11 000 hectares. Experienced and professional guides with 4x4 cars. Our friendly and professional staff will make sure that you have an adventure of a lifetime. The hunt will be mostly focused on roe deer bucks as it always guarantees good results. Boars usually become active very late at night but there is a good chance to see them during the hunts for bucks. No outings on the date of arrival. 6 outings in total: 1st day after arrival morning &evening, 2nd morning &evening, 3rd morning &evening.

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 6 Jun 2020 31 Aug 2020

$938 for 1 hunter
Red Deer Hunting in Olsztyn

Red Deer Hunting in Olsztyn Poland

We are pleased to invite you to a unique deer hunting. During the rut the deer are less vigilant, because they are bewildered female pheromones so that we provide a unique hunting experience. Evidenced by the fact that many of our customers come to visit this regularly every season. We offer most beautiful places for red deer hunting from Polish National Forest state areas to hunting clubs to private areas. This long range option gives us an opprotunity to match your needs. In Poland you can shoot red stag up to 11kg depending on the area, thats why most common places that we offer is central Poland. Average trophy size 8kg+ (last year 7 medal trophy – the biggest 10,87kg) Red deer stag season: 21.08.-28.02 Red deer hind season: 01.10.-15.01 Red deer calf season: 01.10.-28.02 Observers are welcome, though we strongly recommend for them to enjoy hotel facilites rather than participate in the hunt as that would increase the hunter's chances for a successful hunt. Package include 5 days / 4 night and 3 days hunting (6 outings) or more.

Trip duration: 5 - 8 days

Hunting season: 21 Aug 2020 31 Oct 2020

$866 for 1 hunter

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