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Why Slovakia

Hunting in Slovakia: Variety of Game

Variety of Game

Slovakia boasts excellent populations of the classic European species: red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon, and wild boar

Hunting in Slovakia: Strong Hunting Tradition

Strong Hunting Tradition

Slovakia has a long and proud hunting tradition dating back to the 1400s, and celebration of its hunting culture continues today with events such as Saint Hubert Days in the village of Antol in central Slovakia

Hunting in Slovakia: Affordable Hunt with a Bohemian Flair

Affordable Hunt with a Bohemian Flair

The thinly populated forest areas and rich agricultural land in Slovakia provides a true European hunting experience at a modest price

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About hunting in Slovakia

Slovakia, located in the heart of Europe, is a small country but its woodlands and fields hold a rich variety of game animals. Hunting in Slovakia has a long and storied tradition, with hunting grounds dating back to the 1400s. The country has excellent wildlife management, and trophy quality, particularly for mouflon, is outstanding. In 1994, a mouflon with a score of 237 CIC points was taken in southern Slovakia. Hunting associations have a long history in Slovakia and have been instrumental in promoting forest maintenance and preventing poaching since 1920. Game trophies harvested in Slovakia have been awarded numerous gold medals in hunting exhibitions since the 1930s. Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains are home to the Tatra chamois, found nowhere else. Bears, wolves, and lynx are also present in the wilder areas of the country.

What you need to know

  • 1. Planning your trip
  • 2. Upon arrival
  • 3. Hunting
  • 4. After the hunt

Planning your trip


American and Canadian citizens as well as citizens of Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries generally do not need an entry visa to visit Slovakia for stays up to 90 days. No vaccinations are necessary.


It is not difficult to bring a firearm to Slovakia, but you must arrange the details with your outfitter at least 45 days in advance. You must obtain a letter of invitation from your outfitter; to receive this you’ll need to provide personal details and all rifle and ammunition details in advance, and have a valid hunting license from your home country.

Upon arrival

When arriving in the country, hunters must declare their guns and show their letter of invitation to hunt, which will be provided by the outfitter. The letter should include the hunter’s name, passport number, and details of the gun(s), including caliber and serial number. The hunter will also be required to show a valid hunting license from his or her home country, and a gun permit or U.S. Customs 4457 form.


Hunting methods vary, depending on species and location, and you may use more than one method during any hunt so it may be necessary to have clothing appropriate for both walking and standing. Most hunting is conducted as a combination of walking, sitting, or as a traditional spot and stalk. Good optics are extremely valuable. Driven hunts are common for many species; if you will be taking part in a driven hunt, fast-handling rifles with low-power scopes are generally recommended.

After the hunt

Upon request, the outfitter should be able to arrange most documents required for trophy export, and in many cases the cleaned and dried horns and skins can be taken home immediately by the hunter.

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Free range - Red Deer - Slovakia

Free range - Red Deer - Slovakia

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Red deer
Trip duration: 4 days
Season: 1 Sep 2024 - 31 Jan 2025
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