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Why Greenland

Hunting in Greenland: Warm-Weather Muskox Hunts

Warm-Weather Muskox Hunts

Muskox can be hunted in the summer and fall in Greenland, often in pleasant 60-degree temperatures. Winter hunts are also available for a more traditional experience

Hunting in Greenland: Large, Abundant Caribou

Large, Abundant Caribou

Greenland is home to many large caribou (also called reindeer), with most scoring in the 300- to 350-inch range and sometimes larger—one that scored 458 SCI points was taken here in 2015

Hunting in Greenland: Stunning Scenery

Stunning Scenery

Greenland is a beautiful country to explore, with plenty of post-hunt activities such as sightseeing, photography, and fishing for Arctic char

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About hunting in Greenland

Greenland is the world’s largest island and its most sparsely populated country. It is part of the Danish Commonwealth; its government is mostly autonomous although Denmark oversees certain aspects such as the military and foreign affairs. Greenland has an excellent system of wildlife management, and its wildlife is thriving. Muskox and caribou/reindeer are the main draws for hunters. Trophy quality for muskox is outstanding, with many older bulls qualifying for the Boone and Crockett record book. Hunters will typically see many muskox during the course of a hunting day. In addition, there are plenty of caribou on the island, including many large-antlered, mature bulls.

What you need to know

  • 1. Planning your trip
  • 2. Upon arrival
  • 3. Hunting
  • 4. After the hunt

Planning your trip


No visa is required for citizens of the United States or Canada who are visiting as tourists for a stay up to 90 days. For more information on visa requirements, see


Hunts may be done with rifles or archery equipment, and bringing your own gun or bow into Greenland is not a problem. Most outfitters recommend .30-caliber rifles with shot distances averaging 50 to 150 yards for muskox and 100 to 300 yards for caribou. Hunters may be required to present a valid hunting license and/or proof of hunting certification from their home country. Check with your outfitter for specifics, or apply in advance for a firearm permit here.

Upon arrival

Flights into Greenland generally connect through Iceland; hunters arrive in Narsarsuaq, Greenland. Your outfitter should arrange for someone to meet you and assist with firearms permits and transport to the hunting area or a hotel. Most native Inuits in Greenland speak Kalaallisut and Danish, but many speak English as well.


Summer muskox hunts in southern Greenland occur during the months of July, August and September. Caribou/reindeer are generally not hunted until after August 1. Hunts may be conducted on foot from inland camps, but others are done by cruising the shoreline in a 30- to 40-foot boat until game is spotted. Then, hunters go ashore with a guide in a small, open boat to evaluate and stalk the animal. Because muskox are generally found close to shore, very little physical effort is required on these hunts. Caribou hunts, as well as inland muskox hunts, require a lot more climbing and hiking, especially early in the season. In the north and west of Greenland, more traditional winter muskox and caribou hunts are offered, with transportation via snowmobile, ATV, or dogsled.

After the hunt

Typically trophies are skinned and caped and then frozen until the end of the hunting season, usually in October. At that time, they are shipped to Denmark, where the skulls are cleaned and the hides are prepared for export to the hunter’s home country.

Price distribution

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October Muskox Hunt with Dog Sledge '22

October Muskox Hunt with Dog Sledge '22 Greenland

This is a 6 day Muskox hunt package with 4 full hunting days and 1 trophy Muskox license included to the price. The hunt is still mainly traditional hunt on foot, but with the dog sledge for transport of meat and trophy back to camp. So you still have to walk a lot, but without the heavy work of carrying meat and trophy back. Depending on the terrain, we can use dog sledge as personal transport, with no guarantee because it depends of snow conditions, but even with no snow the dogs can still pull the meat and trophy back to camp. Transport from Kangerlussuaq is with car the first 20 km until we are at the big lake, from here we sail all stuff over the lake to the camp. If there is heavy wind it might be nescessary to walk around the lake to the camp. October hunts are a bit colder, down to -15 C, but with still long days and not really cold weather as it is just the start of winter. Compound bow hunting is possible only on 1x1 basis (8195 euro per package), crossbow hunting is not allowed. We take max 4 hunters per group on this hunt. Availability 2022: Oct 6-11 - 4 openings Oct 13-18 - 4 openings Oct 20-25 - 4 openings Oct 27-Nov 1 - 4 openings

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 6 Oct 2022 1 Nov 2022

Package price $7,624 for 6 days, 1 hunter
Summer Muskox Hunt 2020

Summer Muskox Hunt 2020 Greenland

This is a 6 day Muskox hunt package with 4 full hunting days and 1 trophy Muskox license included to the price. This type of hunting is very different from the other trophy hunting companies: on our autumn hunts the hunter participates not only in the ordinary camp work, but also with carrying camp equipment, and food, etc. to the camp, carrying trophy and meat down from the mountain, and carrying camp equipment back to the road after the hunt. So the hunt is held in a very authentic and traditional manner, and is sometimes a hard work, so in the better condition you are, the more you will get out of the trip. So there are no carriers and additional hunting guides to take care of everything. The hunt is done on foot. So you have to be in a fairly good condition, so you can walk 5 km out, and 5 km back with 30 kg on your back in varied terrain. But the longer you can walk, the better are the chances for big animals. It's possible to pay the guides for carrying your trophy for you, the cost is 10 euro per kg, and is not included in the tip. Please note that we hunt one animal at a time, and when all meat and trophy is back at camp, then we can start hunting the next animal. Furthermore, if we can’t carry all down the same day, then we bring down meat first, and trophy is stored in a tent to be carried down the next day. You need to bring a sleeping bag for this hunt. Compound bow hunting is possible only on 1x1 basis (5950 euro per package), crossbow hunting is not allowed. Availability 2020: Max 2 hunters per tour. July 15 to 20 - 2 openings July 23 to 28 - 2 openings July 31 to August 5 - sold out August 7 to 12 - sold out

Trip duration: 6 days

Hunting season: 15 Jul 2020 12 Aug 2021

Package price $5,184 for 6 days, 1 hunter
Muskox Winter Hunt "The Arctic Five" '21

Muskox Winter Hunt "The Arctic Five" '21 Greenland

This hunt is for adventure hunters who want to experince the arctic winter. The hunting bring us into the remote arctic winter wilderness. It is hunting in extreme conditions with temperatures from around 0 to - 40 C. It is an adventure in the world's “last frontier”. We will start hunting for Musk Ox, and we will hunt by ATV/snowmobile and on foot on a spot and stalk hunt. Depending on conditions, we use ATVs or snowmobile to bring us into the area, and after spotting the animal, we will start a stalk on foot. You will often be close to big arctic Musk Ox during the hunt. The last part of the hunt is exciting in ways that sometimes it tests the hunter’s nerve system! We are hunting under extreme arctic winter conditions; therefore your physical health has to be good. We will be able to take the vehicle to the dead animal to pick up meat and trophy. After approaching a lonely bull or a family group, there will normally be an opportunity to find support for the rifle on rocks or small hills when you are shooting. After a succesful Muskox hunting, we start hunting Caribou, polar fox, polar hare and ptarmigan. If you succeed with all of the five species you have shot what we call ''The Arctic Five''! To be mentioned: the Polar Fox can’t be exported due to rabies risk and the Caribou is not a big trophy at this time of year – but still ''The Arctic Five'' is ''The Arctic Five''! Program: Day 1: - Arrival to Kangerlussuaq - Outfitter receives you at airport. - Quick switch of clothes. - Transport to hunting camp. - Musk ox hunt. - Overnight stay at hunting camp. Day 2-3: - Spot and stalk musk ox hunt. - Hunt for caribou, polar fox, polar hare and Ptarmigan. - Overnight stay at hunting camp. Day 4: - Hunt in the morning. - Return to Kangerlussuaq. - Overnight accommodation at hotel. Day 5: - Departure from Kangerlussuaq. Available dates in 2021: 1-5 March 2021 7-11 March 2021 13-17 March 2021 19-23 March 2021 25-29 March 2021

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 30 Apr 2021

Package price $5,550 for 4 days, 1 hunter

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